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Stochastic Average

The indicator is a good tool for scalping.

The entry points are defined using auxiliary indicators, such as Stochastic and Simple Moving Average. The indicator is represented by arrows showing the likely market direction. The signal appears right after the current candle close.

Recommended parameters:

  • Currency pair - any;
  • Timeframe - no less than М5.


  1. Size of the indicator labe - graphical label size;
  2. The position of the indicator label (in points) - label position relative to the current price (in points);
  3. Alert - alert;
  4. Number of history bars - number of bars for plotting graphical labels (0 - all available bars);
  5. Number of bars for calculation - number of bars to analyze a trend;
  6. Moving Parameters - moving average parameters;
  7. Stochastic Parameters - stochastic parameters;

Genius is simplicity! Good luck!

Roy W
2017.12.06 19:22 

Пять баллов!

Aleksandr Tamonin
2017.10.12 23:25 

Отличный фильтр!

2017.09.25 16:47