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Night Raven Martin

Scalping Expert Advisor

Requirements: This Expert Advisor requires a low spread (1 is recommended) and minimal slippage in order to operate!

The EA is a scalper that trades the signals generated by following indicators: Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and Moving Average.

The EA works from 00:05 to 08:00, terminal time. By default, all orders are closed at 09:00 (can be modified).

Optimal settings:

  • Slow MA period for Buy - 180.
  • Fast MA period for Buy - 130.
  • Slow MA period for Sell - 250.
  • Fast MA period for Sell - 170.


  • Long - enable/disable buys.
  • Short - enable/disable sells.
  • MartinOrder - enable/disable Martingale. The martingale in this EA is non-standard - a compensating order is opened only for one losing trade. In other words, the EA does not build an order grid.
  • Dynamic lot - enable/disable lot auto calculation while your deposit is growing.
  • MaxLot - if true, the EA opens a trade with the volume exceeding the one specified in the maxlot parameter (below).
  • StopAllOn - if true, the EA closes all trades by market, as soon as the time set in StopAll (below) comes.
  • StopMartinOn - same as above relative to compensating orders opened by martingale.
  • Use spread - consider a spread. The EA opens orders according to Bollinger readings. For example, when Bid exceeds the channel's upper borders, selling starts. If Use spread = true, Bid should be above the upper border + spread to sell.
  • Replace Stochastic with RSI - Stochastic is used by default to confirm a signal. If the function is enabled, RSI is used instead of Stochastic.
  • Lots - take the specified lot and compare it with the next parameter.
  • Start deposit - for example, if Lots is 1, while Start deposit is 1000, and there is 5000 on the account, the EA opens the first order with the volume of 5.
  • maxlot - maximum allowed lot.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • StartTime - EA trading start.
  • StopTime - time when the EA stops opening orders.
  • StopAll - time when the EA closes all orders at a market price, if StopAllOn (above) is true.
  • StopMartin - time when the EA closes all compensating orders (opened according to martingale) at a market price, if StopMartinOn (above) is true.
  • Period MA - MA (moving average) settings. Their signals are used by the EA for trading.
  • Parameters Stochastic - Stochastic parameters used for trading.
  • Parameters RSI - RSI parameters used for trading.
  • Parameters Bollinger Bands - Bollinger Band parameters used for trading.

If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at any time.

Two screenshots are provided:

  1. NightRaven with the dynamic lot disabled.
  2. NightRaven with the dynamic lot enabled.

In addition to all of the above, there is an option to enable or disable the Martingale function.

Texan Cowboy
2018.02.12 11:00 

only testing with IC Markets, so far everything is okay.

Mikhail Ryzhachenko
2017.12.06 01:41 

В итоге я разочарован, автор не смог помочь мне настроить и депозит таит на глазах... три звезды за попытку...

Louis Du Toit
2017.12.01 04:28 

Like many at first I was a doubting Thomas of the product which only seemed to work on FXPrivate. My journey with the product and Maksim began after the results of two signals he had provided were to good to be ignored. I have a signal running on FXprivate for the last seven weeks after extensive backtesting: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/355853

After further testing and identifying a small mistake in coding for 4 and 5 digit brokers, which Maksim fixed really promptly, I have further signals running on live accounts with different brokers e.g. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/364819.

One thing the author is right about is using a low spread / commission broker. Traded lot sizes can grow quite substantially and the spread needs to be kept tight for profitability. The product is "customisable" with its parameters and optimisation is recommended to match your broker trading conditions. Besides FXCC, I am also running the product on Alpari and Tickmill.

2017.11.10 02:01   

大家不要购买 此EA,根本就不交易,在同一个经纪商也不开仓,作者调试也是如此,很垃圾的EA,不要购买

Kevin Cherry
2017.10.23 19:52 

I have had mixed results with the ea. For me it started to work on eurusd for two weeks, I am now using different pairs and results have been up and down. Not exactly what I expected from the result. Author has been there to answer my questions and said he can only guarantee his result on his broker which I cannot use. So I trying to optimize on other pairs with my ecn broker.

2017.10.21 10:39 

bad ea

Mohamed Alghedefe
2017.10.20 09:25 

scam broker and scam ea

you cant ever make profit with this ea

2017.10.14 15:21 

Excellent product, highly recommended.one of the best EA in the Market. Its very very good EA its make great profit. the Authors of the product is Very great person. always ready for support. excellent developer.

2017.10.12 20:00 

Bought the ea for 500 usd, author is changing price constantly from 500 to 200 to grab buyers. This is not an honest sell marketing.

Also have to say that my trades does not match the trades from the author signals. My trades are much worse. I use regulated Australian forex brokers.

The broker author uses in his signal is not regulated and doesnt have good reputation. Even with the set files provided from author the EA does not perform well.

Version 1.4 - 2017.11.16
1. Added the ability to change the magic number.
2. Fixed a bug with the "Gap" parameter.
3. Added the ability to select trading days.

And most importantly - the EA now works well with many other brokers!
Version 1.2 - 2017.10.27
Changed trade execution algorithm to make the EA more versatile (suitable for most brokers).