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BG Night Serenade

Expert Advisor for night scalping. It works at the end of the American and at the beginning of the Asian sessions. Working time frame - M15 and M5.

The EA features a news filter, which uses a news indicator.

NOTE: The settings in the proposed set files are designed for brokers working according to Eastern European Time and New York trading time. When using with a broker that works according to a different time, it is necessary to manually adjust the EA operation time in the input parameters.

NDD (ECN and STP) accounts are recommended.

Set files provided in the Comments section for the traded currency pairs. Post #185 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/26212#

Main Settings

  • TIMER - time period, within which the EA looks for entry opportunities:
  • Use_Timing - if true, the EA trades at a certain time. I recommend that you do not disable this parameter for fully automated trading;
  • Start_Hour_Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) - operation start time by days of the week (terminal time is used);
  • Stop_Hour - stop searching for entry opportunities;
  • HourCloseAll - set the time to close all open orders;
  • Use_NewsFilter - if true, enables the news filter;
  • MinsBeforeNews - time in minutes before high-impact news for the EA to stop operation;
  • MinsAfterNews – time in minutes after high-impact news, during which the EA does not work;
  • Ad_Sym1 - additional symbol 1 that is not part of the traded currency pair but can have strong news, which may affect the quotes of the symbols that make up the traded currency pair;
  • Ad_Sym2 - additional symbol 2 that is not part of the traded currency pair but can have strong news, which may affect the quotes of the symbols that make up the traded currency pair;
  • BBands_Period - period of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • BBands_Deviation - setting the deviation level of Bollinger Bands;
  • ATR_Period_tp - ATR period;
  • ATR_tp - dynamic take profit based on ATR;
  • ATR_Period_sl - ATR period for stop loss;
  • ATR_sl - dynamic stop loss based on ATR;
  • TRADE - main trading settings;
  • Long Position - allow buy orders;
  • Short Position - allow sell orders;
  • Min BB_channel - the minimum width of the channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • Max BB_channel - the maximum width of the channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • MaxSpreadOpen - the maximum spread in five-digit quotes, at which the EA is allowed to open new positions (all other values in points are calculated for four-digit quotes by default);
  • Lots - trading lot value for the orders;
  • MaxOrdSymMagic - the maximum number of open orders with the same magic numbers, including other currency pairs;
  • DepoStep - auto lot. Example: if Lots = 0.01, and DepoStep = 100, the initial order will have a volume of 0.01 per each $100. In case the deposit is $1000, the EA opens orders of 0.1 lots. If 0, the EA trades a fixed lot set in Lots;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Magic - unique EA index allowing it to distinguish its orders;
  • Ordcom - comment to open orders;
  • SL - stop loss.
Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2018.05.24 18:21 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alexey Frolov
Alexey Frolov 2018.04.19 13:12 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy 2018.03.07 19:19 

Mediocre.. -1.34% from Jan. 2018 to Oct. 2018

Aussie_Trader 2018.02.07 10:57 

Like most night scalpers needs 8+ wins to make up for one loss. Badly needs a time filter - at 04:00 hrs if open position in profit move SL to break even, if open position is in loss then close position i.e do not wait for SL to be hit. Will upgrade to 5 stars if this time filter option is made available for those that want to use it.

Update 7/2/18: With recent upgrade some improvements. Will go to 5* if dynamic stop loss is implemented to cut down on the big losers. If Support & Resistance level is broken super wide far away SL becomes highly vulnerable. Better to cut losses than hang about waiting for an opposing signal to close.

enriiqu3 2018.02.02 16:29 

Good support from the author, but the EA are not profitable

Guntis Grants
Guntis Grants 2018.01.17 16:20 

Now it is one month since I have BG Night Serenade on a live account. All I can say, it is excellent, it earns me good money. If it continues like that, it will become my best EA. Author is kind and helpful.

Евгений Свечников
Евгений Свечников 2017.11.25 08:32 

Продавец Отзывчив! Сов Удачный!

Version 2.0 2018.11.06
The settings of the Bollinger Bands indicator are displayed in the parameters.
Version 1.21 2018.03.06
Added the ability to set a dynamic stop loss based on the ATR indicator.
Version 1.1 2018.02.02
Added the HourCloseAll parameter. It sets the time to close all open orders.