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BG Robonight

BG Robonight is an Expert Advisor that works at the junction of the American and Pacific sessions.

The default settings are designed for trading on the M15 timeframe. With these settings, the EA operates in the classic night scalper mode.

The initial objective of the EA was to enable multicurrency trading with the same settings for all pairs.

By default, the EA is recommended for use on the following currency pairs:


The EA features a news filter, which uses a news indicator.

NOTE! The default settings and proposed set files are designed for brokers working according to Eastern European Time and New York trading time, thus covering most well-known brokers. If your broker has another terminal time, change the EA operation time manually.

Recommended account type - NDD, ECN.


  • TIMER - time period, within which the EA looks for entry opportunities:
  • Use_Timing - if true, the EA trades at a certain time;
  • Start_Hour - operation start time (terminal time is used);
  • Stop_Hour - stop searching for entry opportunities;
  • Start_Minutes - operation start time in minutes;
  • Stop_Minutes - operation stop time in minutes;
  • UseTradeFriday - if false the EA does not trade on Fridays;
  • CloseFriday - parameter works in conjunction with FridayEndTime, it allows selecting the time to force close all trades on Friday. To activate it, the CloseFriday parameter must be set to true;
  • MondayStartTime - time to start operation on Mondays;
  • Use_NewsFilter - true - enable the news filter. It works only with a separate indicator and only in online mode. This feature is not used in the tester;
  • MinsBeforeNews - minutes before the news release (only three star news are taken into account) to prohibit opening new orders;
  • MinsAfterNews - minutes after the news release to allow opening new orders;
  • DopSym_1, DopSym_2 - parameters that allows adding additional symbols to the total list of symbols to be processed by the news indicator;
  • BBands - settings of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • ATR_Period - period of the ATR indicator, which is used for the dynamic take profit;
  • ATR_tp - coefficient of the dynamic take profit. If set to "0", the EA will use either the indicator signals or the value of TP for taking the profit;
  • TRADE - main trading settings;
  • Long Position - allow buy orders;
  • Short Position - allow sell orders;
  • BB_Shift - the delta between the outer band of Bollinger Bands and the price when entering the market;
  • Min BB_chanel - the minimum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread in five-digit quotes, at which the EA is allowed to trade (all other values in points are calculated for four-digit quotes by default);
  • Lots - trading lot value for the orders;
  • MaxOrdersAVR - used for trading with averaging orders. Limits their number. The default value is ZERO - not used;
  • LotExponent - lot increase when using averaging. The default value is ZERO - not used;
  • PipStep - minimum distance in points, if the averaging function is enabled;
  • DepoStep - auto lot. Example: if Lots = 0.01, and DepoStep = 100, the initial order will have a volume of 0.01 per each $100. In case the deposit is $100, the EA opens orders of 0.1 lots. If 0, the EA trades a fixed lot set in Lots;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Max BB_chanel - the maximum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Magic - unique EA index allowing it to distinguish its orders;
  • SL - stop loss;
  • TP - take profit.
Giulio Franceschini
Giulio Franceschini 2017.08.16 09:35 

Well done expert, just find a broker that in the hours that the system operates ie the night, apply acceptable spreads, I work with three brokers that I consider valid but those hours on the couples in question, at least triple the usual spreads so the results Will be unfortunately disappointing. This unfortunately does not depend on the author who has done a great job anyway.