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Alex Week

The Alex Week Expert Advisor trades EURUSD using pending orders only.

Pending orders are placed at the breakthrough of important levels, which are accumulated throughout a trading week.

Upon completion of the trading week, pending orders are deleted.

Expert Advisor monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/sania2010s/seller

Unlike Alex Profit, this EA stores old signals for one week. It is very useful for a sharp change of trend.

Implements control over the amount of accumulated orders, depending on the size of the deposit. 

The EA works on H1. Recommended type of account - ECN, recommended leverage - 1:500 or more.

The Expert Advisor does not require a large deposit and can start working with $50.

Each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit). Trailing Stop is used.

Orders are transferred to breakeven when a minimum profit is made, which allows us to reduce the number of losing trades to a minimum.

Alex Week is fully automatic, does not require trader's interference.

It does not use martingale. It requires a low spread broker and VPS.


  • TP - pending order take profit;
  • SL - pending order stop loss;
  • BBUSize - profit in points, at which the stop loss is moved to the break-even;
  • BBUSizepip - break-even size in points;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • UseTrailing - enable/disable trailing;
  • TrailingStart - profit in points, after which trailing starts;
  • TrailingStep - size of a step, by which the profit should increase in order to move trailing to the next stage;
  • TrailingStop - size of a step, by which the profit should decrease, so that an order is closed;
  • MaxRisk - risk for the deposit per deal;
  • Lots_fixed - fixed lot on/off;
  • Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage for opening an order;
  • CloseDay - the day to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseHour - the hour to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseMinute - the minute to close an delete all orders;
  • NonFarmDay - deleting orders before nonfarm (day);
  • NonFarmHour - deleting orders before nonfarm (hour);
  • NonFarmMinute - deleting orders before nonfarm (minute).
2017.03.27 18:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alexander Alfyorov
2017.03.23 07:32 

Счёт с 5000 до 969. Советник в прошлую недюлю начал открывать около 10 ордеров за раз. Статистика такая - минус 40 а потом несколько ордеров по 2 в плюс. Тестировал 3 месяца.

2016.09.29 16:09 

Don't waste your money until seller makes some updates. Market dynamic has changed for EURUSD and EA is no longer profitable like shown in the previews. Seller is unwilling to update or even bother to respond to basic questions. Like others have said there is potential with this EA however some changes need to be made for that to happen. Spread and slippage really limit it's profitability. Currently using on OctaFX.

Tobias Grosse
2016.08.30 07:25 

Very good EA, good price.

I make profits with settings same as demo signal.

You may also modify some settings for lower DD, e.g.

SL 50







Look for a good broker and VPS!

I can recommend ActivTrades and CNS or MQL5 Virtual Hosting.


Update 2016.04.15

after 6 months I used the EA I can still say: very good! no big DD, good profit. settings is all to talk about.


Update 2016.08.30

I stopped the EA as the spread/slippage problem is unsolved. I get too many losses.

2016.07.11 11:02 

i testet the EA for a half Year, very good EA with good price!!!

2016.04.26 13:19 

Ok, i bought it and took standard settings on eurusd, it doesn't do as well as the demo signal elsewhere on mql5 signals, i monitored them next to eachother, i then found out that the signal is manually intervened, i was so upset to learn about that. Then started backtesting on nzdusd and gbpusd that works even better, since this week i modified my settings to breakeven at earlier stage, preventing losses as soon as possible, this may mean that it takes out my trade with small profit an then take of in the direction of the original trade, three stars, vendor does not correspond

Nauris Mucenieks
2016.03.05 16:18 

It need some simple updates, a few extras - that would make this EA extremely volatile, since it has a lot of potential (and i'm using it the best way i can).

A VPS is a must, keep your spread/slippage low.

consulted with Mr. T Grosse, used the settings for a while - they're good - but i came up with the average of both default and Mr. T Grosse's settings :

TP 250

SL 125

BBUSize 21

BBUSizePip 8

TrailingStart 85

TrailingStep 77

TrailingStop 54

Risk Setting 10 % - 15 %


never got too fond of the seller, he doesn't seem too eager to even reply to my messages, so my rating for the EA is 4/5, for support it's 2,5/5.

2016.02.22 17:34 

3 week review on 2 brokers, 3 live accounts.

Been trading for some time now. In the past only manual trader. Now my health stops me putting in the screen time needed for manual trading. This is a good EA but you need to analyse and understand how it trades & make a few mods to the set file to get a good result with your broker. Knowing how to do good back tests and how this EA does it's business is essential to developing a good set file for your broker. Then need fast & close coupled VPS, broker with very tight spread, good liquidity and very low commission.

Prefer to pay a small commission and get a ultra tight spread, which enables the EA to almost always get out with a profit on each trade than to pay no commission and suffer a much wider spread that may mean I miss closing the trade in profit. Can say my broker and set file eliminated the last 2 losing trades on the demo account that uses no commission but suffers a wider spread as a result. Bottom line is you always pay commission, either from a wider spread or upfront and get a much tighter spread.

Should add the current set file is ok for a no commission broker with moderate spread but is not what I would use on a commission broker with ultra tight spreads.

Alex Week works well.

Xiaoyang Sun
2015.12.06 05:39   

Very good .

Habibo Mucuna
2015.06.29 14:18 

Very Good

2015.06.19 12:46 

Make big lost with small profit on real account.Anyone bought this EA. You must close EA and all pending orders before NEWS.

Plamen Ivanov
2015.05.04 14:19 

This expert has the potential to be more profitable than Alex Profit because of the more orders that the open per week. I'll share some results soon. As always great support from Alex! :)

2015.04.07 00:32 

This EA is similar to Alex Profit. Some of their trades are similar too. I happened to buy both of them before realizing this. But unlike Alex Profit, this EA stores old thresholds for one week, and this is very useful for a sharp change of trend. I have backtested it using 99.9% tick data for the period 2012.1.15 to 2015.3.31, and the balance increases from a deposit of $3000 to about $138,000. The drawdown was 33%. The EA uses "sell stop" and "buy stop" to open positions, just like Alex Profit.

--- If you are interested in reading my reviews about other EA and signals on MQL5.com, please refer to my profile page. ---

gunal sen
2015.02.06 20:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 4.1 - 2017.03.27
Updated the operation algorithm
Version 4.0 - 2015.03.18
- a comment to an order;
- fixed re-setting of the Take Profit level.
Version 3.0 - 2014.12.09
- Enhanced signal search.
- Improved trailing stop.