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BG Grid

The BG Grid is a new generation grid EA.

It can also be used for trading single orders without a grid and lot increase.

It is most efficient on cross pairs on the М30 and Н1 timeframes. AUDCAD M30, GBPCAD M30, NZDCAD H1, GBPCHF H1.

This is a counter-trend EA and it enters the market at the time of a possible correction of the trend. Entries are based on the standard MT4 indicators.

As any other grid EA, during a drawdown, the BG Grid places an order grid and eventually closes it in net profit by total take profit.

But unlike most grid experts, the BG Grid allows to place an individual increase ratio for each traded lot size of every new order.

It also includes a dynamic order grid step size. This property allows for operating the EA in a comfortable mode, without overloading the deposit.

Another novelty is used in the EA is a changeable take profit level, based on the number of open orders.

All these features make the EA unique, very flexible to adjustments and allows both the beginners and professionals work with it.

These features have been confirmed by testing on history data over the last five years.

Testing was performed with 99,9% modeling quality with an increased spread, which is common for cent accounts.

The report on the combined backtest on four currency pairs is also provided.

The EA is recommended for multi-currency trading on the currency pairs presented above.

The default settings of the ea should not be used for trading or testing.

The files with the settings for each currency pair are provided in the first post in the "comments" section.

For simultaneous operation on all four currency pairs, a deposit of no less than $1000-1500 or cents are recommended with the initial lot of 0.01 lot.

At the same time for the AUDCAD, GBPCAD, NZDCAD currency pairs I recommend to use a deposit of $800-1000 with an initial lot of 0.01, the minimum deposit for the GBPCHF currency pair is 1000-1500$ with an initial lot of 0.01.

That is, for trading the minimum initial volume of 0.01 lot on all four currency pairs at once, a total deposit of $1000-1500 is sufficient.

The EA can work in the single trade mode. For best results on such strategy, a trailing stop is provided. A stop loss can be used to reduce the potential losses.

The EA has quite complex custom settings, therefore only the main parameters are described:

  • Timer : true – enabled, false – disabled. When set to «true», the EA searches for the entry opportunities only at the user-defined time. This mode is recommended for trading single orders. When set to «false», the EA trades at any time when the market is open;
  • RSI: the RSI settings can be specified here;
  • MA filter: the settings for two moving average indicators, that are used for filtering the false entries. At the value 'true' the filter is enabled, at the value 'false' the filter is disabled;
  • Parameters steps Trailing Stop: trailing stop settings;
  • Trade Parameters: the parameters such as the take profit and stop loss levels, grid step, the distance to the first order of the grid, the grid step change ratio. Important parameters: lots – the traded volume in lots per certain amount of the deposit, which is specified in the next parameter. At the value «0» trading will be performed by a fixed lot set in «lots» parameter;
  • Average lots koeff: the initial lot change ratio for each step of the grid. The ratios are bound to the very first order, and not to every subsequent one, as in standard grid experts;
  • Average TP: the individual take profit size for each level of the grid (basket) of orders;
  • Auto_4_digits: the value 'true' is used for five-digit quotes, the value 'false' - for four-digit quotes;
  • OpenPlay: new order open alert window;
  • Magic: unique number of the EA orders.
Evgenii Golovan
Evgenii Golovan 2018.05.08 23:00 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

ozzyno76 2018.04.17 16:34 

Excellent expert and excellent support, I recommend it!

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2017.05.29 02:15 

This is not like regular marginal/grid EA. It is a lot more stable and well controlled. I will be honest though, his recommended starting amount is too low. I attempted this EA with 2,000 in the demo and the account was blown. I was going to place 3 stars, however the author also did notice the EA when into drawdown for him (though it blew my account), and has made changes to address all pairs to prevent it from happening again. So with that, I give extra star because he continues to support the EA. Highly recommended you buy this EA because one of the best and safest grid strategies I ever purchased, and I say this because I have purchased many others from MQL that are far worse

Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.04.24 11:00 

This is a very good grid EA.

It's flexible and can be optimize for many pairs.

Reliable and profitable.

Frank B
Frank B 2016.08.15 17:20 

First impression after some weeks looks good

Pat Butler
Pat Butler 2016.07.28 14:16 

BG Grid has good possibilities but does need new parameters or it can quickly get out of control. Use the stop loss etc.

Ivan Sousa
Ivan Sousa 2016.05.24 14:28 

Good Product. The vendor help on settings. for now 5 Stars

da_lan_izz 2016.03.04 09:17 

The seller is very helpful and professional and offer me a refund:) I did not get this grid to work for me, my broker only had one pair, but it seams to be working good.

Version 2.0 - 2017.05.16
Added possibility to close a grid of orders upon MA crossing.
Version 1.1 - 2016.05.17
Removed part of user settings, which were not necessary.