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BG Unda

The BG Unda trading Expert Advisor uses the standard Bollinger Bands indicator in its operation.

The default settings are intended for trading on the M15 timeframe. With these settings the Expert Advisor operates in the classic night scalper mode.

It is possible to use other timeframes, as well as utilize averaging orders, lot increments.

Highly customizable settings of the EA make it versatile and usable in completely different ways in experienced hands. Depending on preferences, any trader can use this EA as an aggressive scalper on M1 or M5, as well as a long-term expert for trading on H4 or D1.

By default, the EA is configured for trading the EURCHF on the M15 timeframe.

The settings for trading the GBPCAD, GBPUSD, USDCAD and USDCHF currency pairs are provided in the Comments section. That is, the EA is designed for use on 5 symbols, with the EURCHF included.

The screenshots shows the backtests for the last five years for each individual currency pair, and also the backtest for the five currency pairs combined: GBPCAD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURCHF.

NOTE! The default settings and proposed set files are designed for brokers working according to Eastern European Time (EET), thus covering most well-known brokers. If your broker has another terminal time, change the EA operation time manually.

The default parameters are configured for optimal trading as a night scalper on the EURCHF currency pair on the M15 timeframe. The settings are specified for five digit quotes. Preferred account type: NDD, ECN.

Main Settings

  • TIMER - time period, within which the EA looks for entry opportunities:
  • Use_Timing - if true, the EA trades at a certain time. I recommend that you do not disable this parameter for fully automated trading;
  • Start_Hour - operation start time (terminal time is used);
  • Stop_Hour - stop searching for entry opportunities;
  • BBands - settings of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • TRADE - main trade settings;
  • Long Position - allow buying;
  • Short Position - allow selling;
  • BB_Zdvig - the delta between the border line of the Bollinger Bands indicator and the price during the market entry;
  • Min BB_channel - the minimum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for five digit quotes, at which the EA is allowed to trade (all other settings in points are calculated for four digit quotes by default);
  • Lots - trading lot size for opening orders;
  • MaxOrdersAVR - used for trading using averaging orders. Limits their number. The default value is ZERO, that is - disabled;
  • LotExponent - lot size increment function when using averaging. The default value is ZERO, that is - disabled;
  • PipStep - the minimum distance in points when the averaging function is disabled;
  • DepoStep - auto lot. Example: if Lots = 0.01, and DepoStep = 100, the initial order has the volume of 0.01 per each $100. In case the deposit is $100, the EA opens orders of 0.1 lots. If 0, the EA trades a fixed lot set in Lots;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Max BB_channel - the maximum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Magic - unique EA index allowing it to distinguish its orders;
  • SL - stop loss;
  • TP - take profit.
burak bahadir
2017.03.18 02:43   


Krystof Walter
2017.02.20 00:03 

After 2 weeks i must say just Amazing! Stable profit every night and low risk.

This EA is definitely one of my favorite ones. Very satisfied for now, 5 starts for the results and support!

2017.01.13 23:06 

Very good and profitable EA. Tested on ICMarkets (ECN), Tickmill-UK (ECN) and LMAX (MTF).

update #1:

Results you can find on comments tab:



update #2:


2017.01.13 11:29   

Very good EA, it works profitable on a live Account. It`s very safety and the Seller is very helpful by any questions.

Yaotang Liu
2017.01.08 17:22 

Great EA.

So far so good and BG got nice support to his products.

Version 1.2 - 2017.04.14
In version 1.2, added the ability to start trading on Monday at a certain time.

Using this parameter will help cautious traders who do not trade in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Added the ability to change the comment to the EA's orders.

Added news filter. Works using a separate indicator.

Allows avoiding possible losses during high-impact news and high market volatility.
Version 1.1 - 2017.02.02
Added the parameter to close orders opened on Friday at a certain time. It is also possible to disable trading on Friday.
The new potions allows to avoid possible losses during gaps at the opening of the market on Monday.