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PZ Goldfinch Scalper EA

The PZ Goldfinch Expert Advisor is a pure mathematical scalper that trades tick data aggressively. It implements a simple and universal trading strategy which can be applied to any instrument. However, it is recommended to trade only low-spread and liquid forex pairs.

  • It trades EURUSD, GBPUSD or USDJPY and most forex pairs!
  • It has four input parameters (Signal, SL, TS and TP).
  • The EA works better with tight trading parameters.
  • It makes around 85% winning trades.
  • The average profit factor is above 2.5.
  • Minimal drawdown.


Tick scalpers are dangerous because many factors can ruin the payoff. Variable spreads and slippage decrease the mathematical expectancy of the trade, a low tick density from the broker can cause phantom trades, the stop level undermines your ability to secure profits and network lag means requotes. Caution is advised. In order to trade this EA, you need the following.

  • A good broker, with low spreads and stop levels.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A lot of stamina.


The Expert Advisor uses tick data. Please backtest the M15 timeframe in "every tick" mode and play to find the best parameters.

It is recommended to backtest this Expert Advisor on the MetaQuotes demo account.

If your broker can handle a tight trailing stop, the performance will increase.


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

2018.01.23 10:52   

I tested EA on the strategy tester, where the results were amazing. I then tested it on a demo account and the results are absolutely different in the wrong sense. How do I get my money back and my seller can not sell this EA?

Paolo Ronchetti
2016.06.30 00:55 

with the release of the latest version is much improved , it is best to optimize quality modeling of 99.9 %

Federico Jose
2016.04.25 09:27 

Goldfinch Scalper, will destroy your account!!!!

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.04.14 08:55 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Francis Dogbe
2016.04.06 23:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sebastian Felix
2016.01.30 19:14 

Another Backtest Grail. You waste my money, you waste my effort, you waste my time... karma will get you back tenfold to what you've done to me and the others who share the same fate.

2016.01.12 19:42 

Wonderful backtest results but terrible if this EA is running real.

Almarshad Saleh
2015.11.29 15:14   


Andrey Palchevskyy
2015.11.25 18:01 

Сливает советник

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2015.11.19 06:30 

Funcionou bem no passado, hoje até mesmo otmizando resultados são ruins.

cyril tredici
2015.10.30 23:12   

j expérimente se robot avec une optimisation personnel sur 1 ans et meme 2 ans je le teste en mode demo avec un bon broker

ecn avec faible spread 0.8 pips eur usd voila le lien de mon my fx book :)


Stanislav Kuchinskiy
2015.09.03 17:48 

У автора очень много похожих советников ! На тестере - отличный результат , на реальном счету - убытки !

Он просто программист, но не трейдер ! Мониторинга у него в myfxbook.com нет !

2015.08.25 12:34   

Very sorry but the back testing will give you results you can only dream of but when you come to put it into live trading it is useless.

PZ should remove this file as its clearly a false expectation of how the EA should perform.

Very sorry don't waste your time with this

Sergey Genikhov
2015.07.02 22:11 

not recommended, only for tester

Andrey Aleksandrov
2015.06.26 18:30 

пусть даже и сливает. это человеческий труд, и его надо уважать!

5+, советник торгует идеально!

развивайте проект дальше!

Andrey Semenov
2015.06.11 20:42 

Broker - Roboforex. It was showing magical results in tester, but suckes on real account. Earn 1-2$ and lose 20-30$ at the same time at 5$ lots. EUR/USD spread = 17.

2015.04.24 15:09 

I've ran this ea for about 3 months; don't even think about using it, even martingale is better. It must perform some kind of magic on the back-test because it is full on shit in practice.

2015.04.10 10:34 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Arthur Mouksinov
2015.03.13 19:23   

Полное ...оно!

Потерял неделю на тестах, в том числе и реальных ($-70)

Параметры можете даже не тестировать, это просто пустые строчки для оболванивания населения, они никак не связаны с кодом и при изменении - ничего не меняют в результатах тестов.

Работают только 2 параметра при тестах, трейд-сигнал в настройках и ручная смена спреда в тестере - больше ни на что не реагирует советник, в том числе и на смену таймфрейма!

Одно слово: мошенник автор, только не понятно мне - зачем это ему понадобилось?!

Ronaldo Araujo de Farias
2015.02.16 15:50 

This is great EA, but using default is loser.

Set the parameter Trade Signal above 4.0.

John Worhsat
2015.02.03 11:30 


Istvan Hideg
2014.11.15 09:07 

If You backtest this EA you will see magical results and extremly low drawdown, but when You start test it forward You will see mixed results tending into a stable loss day by day. I think this EA works only in a highly theoretical and 100 % optimal environment(constant low spread, zero slippage and enough data thickness) that doesn't exist with any broker.

Just start thinking people !! if this EA were so nice, it wouldn't be FREE.

However I really appreciate Mr Lopez's effort to give this product to us, but noone should use this on a live account.

Thomas Kjelvik
2014.10.21 09:08 

Backtest looks good. Have some Nice trades on realaccount so far. The problem is that in the current marketconditions the price is too choppy, without big moves one way. In a market With higer volatility I think it will perform much better. I will continue to test it on 8 pairs on a small liveaccount

2014.08.23 20:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Frank Smit
2014.08.15 18:19 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

seyedmajid masharian
2014.07.27 16:56   


2014.07.04 00:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Vadim Strelkov
2014.03.20 08:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Maxim Maslov
2014.02.23 12:55 

На ECN не учтена комиссия. Неделю торговал на демке - слив. На стандарте не гонял.

Если разработчик выпустит новую версию с учётом комиссии, возможно будет 0, но пока слив!!!

2014.02.21 06:34   

albina555 вы на каких счетах испытывали?

Albina Minniakhmetova
2014.02.15 20:02 

Сливает советник

Version 5.0 - 2016.06.20
- Spread control bugs fixed
Version 4.0 - 2016.06.09
- Added trading hours limitations
- Added manual stop loss value
- Added breakeven in pips
- Added trailing step in pips
- Added maximum spread to trade input
- Added stealth exit if SL/TP settings fail
- Added slippage and execution time log entries
Version 3.5 - 2015.08.24
- Added stealth take-profit and stop-loss exit in the EA. If the order modification trying to set SL and TP fails, the stealth mode takes over trade management.

- The EA auto-calculates its stoploss now. Stoploss parameter gone.
Version 3.0 - 2015.08.21
- Baselined the trade trigger to spread and stoplevel
- Added execution and slippage analysis (expert tab)
- Improved trailing stop function
- Improved stop loss function
- Improved break-even function