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BOSS Tester

BOSSTESTER (Binary Option Super System Tester) indicator is a simple tester for BOSS binary options trading system.

Its objective is constructing a balance line on history data during CALL and PUT transactions performed by BOSS trading system.

The tester requires at least 50 bars in history.


  1. Initial Balance - initial balance.
  2. Investment Rate - investment rate.
  3. Losses Cover Ratio - loss coverage ratio.
  4. Payout - payout in %.
  5. Loss - loss in %.
  6. Trading Style - trading style:
    • Super_Conservative - superconservative.
    • Medium_Conservative - moderately conservative.
    • Low_Conservative - slightly conservative.
    • Medium - medium.
    • Low_Agressive - slightly aggressive.
    • Medium_Agressive - moderately aggressive.
    • Super_Agressive - superaggressive.
  7. Language of Messages - language of messages:
    1. English
    2. Russian


The indicator should be used together with BOSS trading system as shown in the screenshots.

The initial balance should always exceed or be equal to the minimum deposit according to BOSS trading system stat data!


The indicator does not increase the investment rate according to the system's profitability. The deal series always starts at a rate specified in the inputs. In other words, the system profitability does not affect the rate.

The indicator is not designed for the МТ4 strategy tester, since its objective is to build a balance line right after the indicator has been launched on a symbol chart.

Since the indicator is a free supplement to the paid BOSS system, the balance line is built with a limitation on the last ten bars. Deal results at these bars (as trading continuation) can be seen after repeated indicator launches, as soon as new bars appear. This means that the indicator does not perform subsequent auto calculations on its own after it has calculated and built the balance line for the first time. Each time, the indicator builds the line once.

Dimitar Pavlov
Dimitar Pavlov 2016.06.04 13:21 

Very good tool :)

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.23 18:32 

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