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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 264

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Price Assistant
Chantal Sala
5 (1)
Price Assistant is a training indicator that will give you the ability to understand the primary logic of the price action. Designed for study, it has been programmed to provide to trader the ultimate ease of understanding the price logic. Price Assistant is not just a study aid provider, it is also an operational indicator that can provide you with good operating ideas. A label on chart gives you an input and it shows you the actual situation of the price action. You could work in real time upd
Jaguar tac
Pavel Shutovskiy
The indicator uses the Envelopes channel in its calculations, which allows working with dynamic support and resistance levels. It also considers the direction and strength of the trend, as well as the mathematical calculation that determines the percent range of the price channel, which is generally formed at the time of the accumulation of positions. It first generates a preliminary signal in the form of a round arrow. Then it is necessary to wait for a normal arrow and enter the market only af
The Master Figures indicator analyzed the market for the most common chart patterns. The first pattern is called Pin bar . This pattern can rightly be considered one of the most widespread. This pattern looks like a candle with a small body and large tail (wick). Once you see it on the chart, open a position against the wick. It is better to use the resistance lines for closing. Master Figures shows this pattern in the form of circles. A position should be opened when a new candle appears after
The TrendsAssistantMt4 indicator is shown in a separate window in the form of rhombi of different colors: red rhombi indicate a drop in the price, green ones signify a growth. Two rhombi of the same color in a row serve as the trade signals. The indicator should be attached to a chart of any timeframe and any trading symbol. Parameters Per - period for calculation. The greater the period the longer the indicator is calculated and the less the number of false signals.
HeatMap MT4
Edouard Perchet
HeatMap MT4 allows traders to see inside the charts. This indicator plots congestion zones over a certain period of time, known as "Lookback", by analyzing thousand of variables simultaneously. These spots act like strong supports and resistances and now are easy to see. HeatMap MT4 works with all timeframes and all instruments. Settings Computations - define whether the algorithm works continuously or only at the opening of each candle (default: New Candle). Lookback in Bars - define the peri
Rubicon EA
Pavel Yakovlev
Rubicon EA is a fully automated trend-following Expert Advisor for trading EURUSD. The strategy of the EA is designed for medium-term trading, which ensures stable operation regardless of the trading conditions (spread, slippages, execution speed) and the current market situation. Advantages of Rubicon EA It can work with any broker and any account type. There are no prolonged periods of stagnation. The EA is self-optimizing, adjusting to the current market conditions. Does not require any kno
This indicator displays the price changes in the form of rectangles ("bricks") in the background of the usual price chart. An upward movement of the price by the number of points specified in the settings is marked by adding a rectangle above the previous one, while a downward movement leads to adding it below the previous rectangle. The indicator is designed for visual identification of the main trend. It is used to determine the key support and resistance levels, as it averages the main trend.
Expert Advisor Overview and Advantages The strategy is based on the support and resistance breakout principle; The EA uses only Buy orders. The EA always uses Take Profit and Stop Loss. Multicurrency trading is supported. Easy of use. Wide choice of suitable currency pairs; Minimum initial deposit. Operation Principle Based on the data of two indicators (the first is RSI with a period of 14, the second one is custom built-in indicator), the EA opens a buy order and sets the Take Profit and Sto
Sergei Konoplev
The Verona Expert Advisor is a fully automated Expert Advisor which is based on trading within the price channel. The optimal trading condition for Verona is a ranging trend (flat) with a channel of 5000 points. Verona shows the best results on small trends with price movements of 800-2000 points and subsequent rollbacks of 30-40%. The EA uses a unique system for calculating the trade lot size and take profit, with values changing depending on the proximity to the channel border. Verona can open
Magic Pivot
Evgeny Belyaev
Magic Pivot is a professional indicator for finding the support and resistance lines; it has been developed by a group of professional traders. The indicator plots three support lines and three resistance lines, where a price reversal is highly probable. Magic Pivot is an excellent tool for scalping and intraday trading.   Advantages High accuracy of signals. Suitable for scalping and intraday trading. The indicator does not redraw. Simple indicator setup, minimum parameters. Works on any finan
MMM Commodity Channel Index Strategy: The robot uses its two built-in improved and tested CCI indicators to determine the prices trends and calculates the signal for buying or selling. It sends an order, closes or moves the Trailing Stop loss position as the indicator works. Perfect for scalping. It will not send an order unless the calculations determine a good trend of profit. Like all MMM products, it is also programmed to minimize your losses and protect your money from the hostile market. W
The Main EA Features Trading is performed using a grid of Buy and Sell orders. A strict Stop Loss level is set for each order to limit the losses. Multicurrency trading is supported. It is not susceptible to large delays and spread value. ‌Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Operation Principle The EA opens a grid of Buy and Sell orders with spacing between them set in the Step parameter. Once the sum of orders in either Buy or Sell direction becomes equ
The Candle Patterns indicator provides a visual display of candlestick patterns. There are more than 100 patterns that can be displayed. The indicator allows for candles on the chart to be grouped and considered as one candle. This allows the price action within a candle to be observed in the context of a candlestick pattern. The number of bars per candle can be set in the parameters. All patterns can be filtered so that only patterns with certain attributes are displayed. The prior trend is tak
Adaptive Lock
Vadim Zotov
4.86 (7)
Adaptive Lock is an interactive assistant for manual trading, which minimizes the losses at any movement of the price against the trader and allows the profit to grow when the price moves in the right direction. Strategy Any manual trading strategy can be used. The adaptive position locking algorithm implemented by Adaptive Lock can be used instead of stop loss for any order, including manually opened ones. Place the initial lock line instead of the conventional stop loss. The robot monitors t
HLOC Cross
Brian Lillard
The 'HLOC Cross' was created to show crosses of historical highs & lows Key Features This indicator looks for a custom pattern of 3 bars with a bars filter. There are many visual options available to choose from (bar count). Non-repainting trendlines & arrows: arrows either at bar 0 or bar 1. Input Parameters Bar Count = 3000 - all bars on chart or only a select few bars displayed. Bar Buffer = 1 - pattern taken from selected bar, minimum is bar 1. Lines Visible = true - trendlines displaye
One more Copier MT4
Oleksii Chepurnyi
5 (1)
Yet another signal copier. Nothing special. Demo version can be downloaded here . Key Features The utility copies trades between terminals: by market, pending orders (optional), as well as their stop loss and take profit levels (optional as well). You can copy from one Master account to several Slave accounts, as well as from several Master accounts to one Slave account. Volume calculation At the moment, there are two options for calculating the volume: The trade volume is taken 1 to 1 from
Cosmic Diviner Scalper System
Olena Kondratenko
4.48 (21)
This is a multi-currency author strategy, designed for trading on the M1, M5, M15, М30, Н1, Н4. Entry points are calculated using custom formulas and algorithms that allow you to effectively determine current trend in the market, obtain the entry points (buy/sell) and the optimal levels to close orders. The Cosmic Diviner Scalper System indicator can be used on any Forex pairs. The detailed guide on how to use the indicator is provided in the blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/719602 A hug
Reverse OCO is a utility shaped to trade the news. Given the eventuality of a rally related to an economic event, the user can schedule an OCO (one-cancel-other) order with automatically calculated TP/SL points. At scheduled time, Reverse OCO will check latest volatility (at current graph timeframe), and place an OCO order with lots and price channel calculated on the basis of the max loss acceptable for the user. It works with every product , every timeframe . Parameters Event scheduling time
Speedster EA
Burcak Sengezer
Speedster EA is a fully automated expert advisor. No required technical or fundamental analysis. The EA opens and closes all of trades. That manages all of processes. The strategy based of OBOS levels at both of short and medium timeframes in the same time. That uses 2 indicators and moving averages to calculate the price. Advantages NO Grid, Martingale, Averager and high risk strategies. The EA always uses Stop Loss and Trailing. Dropdown style Money Management can be set easily. Also, fixed
ATR Channel Multiframe
Dmitriy Susloparov
5 (1)
This is a fully multitimeframe version of the ATR Channel standard indicator, which works for any combination of timeframes. The indicator allows viewing price channels from different timeframes in one window, and they will always be displayed in a correct time scale. You can create and set of intervals and freely switch to a higher or lower one. Please note: in the " From Median Price " display mode, it is easy to identify reversal points at intersections of levels from higher timeframes by lev
This is a program in the form of an EA that attaches to a chart in MetaTrader 4. Then, by using API from Bittrex, Binance websites, it downloads the history of altcoins. By selecting a pair name, the EA automatically downloads all time frames history (Daily,H12,H4,H2,H1,M30,M15,M5,M3,M1) so there is no need to attach multiple EAs to different charts. You can select one pair from Bittrex and 4 pairs from Binance exchange with one running EA and create up to 15 timeframes for 5 different pairs. Th
This indicator displays the trend movements. Parameters XRMultiplier1: XR multiplier 1. XRMultiplier2: XR multiplier 2. Line1: line 1 movement (true/false). Line2: line 2 movement (true/false). XRTrend: XR trend displays Line 1 and Line 2 movements (true/false). X: move the trend left and right. Y: move the trend up and down. How to understand the status: If the Line is green, trend is up. If the Line is red, trend is down.
Dmitriy Cherkasov
5 (1)
ISEEAutoTrade is a fully automated Expert Advisor, which does not require additional configuration. It is based on the trading experience of three traders and using common experience with indicators. With the built-in deposit protection, it does not use more than one percent of the deposit for opening trades. It is based on five indicators refined by personal experience. It features a system of protection against indicator contradictions. In case they disagree, the EA automatically closes the tr
A must-have tool for any strategy based on divergence detection. 10 different oscillators can be used to detect divergences and can be combined with Double Top/Bottom patterns to confirm reversal signals. SCANNER is included . Now with Scanner you can find trading opportunities and setups easily and faster. Features Easily detect strong reversal signals. 10 different oscillators are available for divergence detection. Divergence & Top/Bottom detection can operate independently or combined. Get
ADX is one of the indicators most commonly used by traders. This version allows to extract the maximum amount of information without hassle of constantly switching between the timeframes and, thereby, greatly simplifies working with it. This is a standard ADX indicator provided with an info panel displaying the current relative position of -DM and +DM lines on all timeframes. Blue circle - uptrend. Red circle - downtrend. Yellow circle - no trend. Blue arrow - (+DM) > (-DM); Red arrow - (-DM) >
Working Bot
Dmitry Shutov
1 (1)
This Expert Advisor is based on advanced neural networks. Main EA features After training, the EA remembers the patterns of each currency pair . Therefore, re-training the currency pair is not required when changing a currency pair. Fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss levels are set in the inputs. Multi-currency trading . ‌Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Preparing for trade and training It is recommended to train the EA. For better understanding, we post
Andrey Kozak
Brabux is a ready-made mechanical trading system. It works on all currency pairs and timeframes automatically adjusting to them. It also selects the most efficient trading parameters for receiving a necessary profit. In the indicator parameters, specify the trading period used for calculations and the least acceptable profit in points. Next, the system automatically selects the necessary trading parameters. Trading data is displayed on the info panel. After setting the indicator on the chart and
Complex Fibonacci
Alexander Pekhterev
The Complex Fibonacci indicator automatically plots Fibonacci levels on all timeframes. When new extremes appear on the chart, Fibonacci lines are automatically updated in real time. Indicator parameters Period for H1 - specify period for H1; Period for H4 - specify period for H4; Period for D1 - specify period for D1; Period for W1 - specify period for W1; Period for MN - specify period for MN; Lines name - enter the names for the lines here; Lines color - the color of the lines.
Trend Scan
Svyatoslav Kucher
Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks for a trader regardless of their trading style. Trend Scan is able to define a trend with a fairly high accuracy. The indicator applies the proprietary method in its calculations. Trend Scan is suitable for any currency pair and timeframe. It does not change its readings. The indicator takes into account the volume and volatility readings, combines them and displays the result as a histogram. The color of the histogram can be confi
EA Performance Analyzer calculates the profit or loss made by an EA during a selected time period. Profit/loss is calculated for each currency pair in order to allow the user to analyze the EA performance based on the currency pairs traded during a selected time period. This tool utilizes MetaTrader 4 historical trading data and works on any time frame. It considers up to 30 pairs at a time and displays the results on both chart and MetaTrader 4 "Experts" tab. Profit/Loss information of all curr
Three Fractals Pro
Alexander Nikolaev
This Expert Advisor operates based on fractals and trade volumes, as well as other indicators. It is a more advanced version of Three Fractals , as it is able to analyze the trade volumes and features dynamic placement of take profit and stop loss depending on the current trading activity. The trading strategy remains the same (based on formation of several fractals), but slightly improved, additional parameters have been added. Input parameters Lots - lot size (if Lots=0, then the lot will be
Ultimate USDCAD
Alexandr Maltsev
The Ultimate USDCAD Expert Advisor is an automated system that fully controls the process of trading, requiring no interference from the trader. MQL5 Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/359190 Advantages of the Ultimate USDCAD EA: It does not use risky trading methods: martingale, averaging, grid, night scalping. It consists of a set of various strategies, which makes the trading more diversified and secure. Every trade is protected by stop-loss. This Expert Advisor can be used with any bro
Extremum Search
Svyatoslav Kucher
Extremum Search is designed to search for extremes, places where the price is likely to reverse and the current trend is likely to change to the opposite. With certain settings, the indicator can be used to define the current trend. The indicator works with any symbol provided that you have sufficient history data for a timeframe the indicator is launched at. It is recommended to attach Extremum Search on the timeframes from M1 to D1. Its calculations use 19 methods, which are selected by a cert
Sergey Naymushin
Expert Advisor Overview and Advantages The strategy is based on the support and resistance breakout principle; The EA uses Take Profit and Stop Loss; Supports multi-currency trading; Easy to use. Even for beginners; Wide choice of suitable currency pairs; Minimum initial deposit. Trading Recommendations To start trading, drag the Expert Advisor onto the chart with recommended settings; I recommend using the multi-currency trading option by launching the EA on required currency pairs. Use Trail
Ilya Shamov
This unique Expert Advisor utilizes a neural network. It is able to learn, analyze the options and choose the most efficient trading strategy. Advantages Multifunctional (it can be trained to trade any currency pair). The minimum amount of initial investment is 50 USD or higher. The EA uses a protective stop loss. It prevents the risk of losing all funds on the account. Reliability (does not use high-risk strategies). Easy to use. Customer support and consultation. Operation Principle The EA
Silver Line EA
Sergey Belov
4 (32)
An automated Expert Advisor developed for Forex trading. - Expert Advisor is suitable for all types of accounts and with any type of spread. - The number of decimal places in quotes is determined automatically. - The EA does not require stopping during the news releases. - The timeframe of the chart does not matter. This parameter is defined in the settings of the EA. - The EA always uses Take Profit and thus it is less sensitive to the speed of the broker. - The EA have two trailing stop m
Bollinger R
Antony Augustine
The Bollinger R (Bollinger Reversals) is designed to recognize short term high profitable counter trend patterns from the chart. This system combines both Bollinger Bands and mean reversion to define positions where the market could potentially reverse direction. Description Bollinger Bands are well known in the trading community. General concept with Bollinger method is selling when the price touches the upper band and buying when the price touches the lower band. Even though it works perfectly
ScalTradeAssist Pro
Hajime Tsuro
5 (1)
ScalTradeAssistPro: Empowering Manual Forex Traders with Enhanced Support The tool presents itself as a solution tailored to address specific scenarios, such as instances where brokers impose limitations on setting Stop Loss (SL) values in close proximity to the initial position value. Notably catering to the needs of scalping traders, ScalTradeAssistPro steps in with a unique capability—the ability to establish "virtual SL/TP" points. This innovative feature calculates both the Stop Loss and
The indicator draws channels. The estimated movement of the price within the channel is shown with a dotted line. The lines of the channel are the support and resistance lines. This allows using them in both rebound and breakout trading. The inclination of the channel allows determining the direction of the current trend, the channel width and angle allow estimating the current volatility. The channels are based on fractal bars, determined using the author's original method, 4 dimensions from th
SmartLines MT4
Artem Los
5 (1)
SmartLines allows you to open orders using trend lines. SmartLines for MT5 https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/32441 Now you have the opportunity to control breakthroughs of the trend corridor automatically and without delay. As soon as the price crosses your trend line with your settings, the order is automatically opened. You will not miss the moment of the trend change. The principle of working with SmartLines is similar to placement of pending orders. However, pending orders only have the
Andrey Spiridonov
ScalperMulti is a multicurrency indicator for professional traders. The indicator shows the complete market situation for the trader. The main advantage of this indicator is that it simultaneously analyzes six major currency pairs on all timeframes from M1 to MN. The indicator analyzes the trend strength. The indicator generates color-coded signals to visualize the market situation: Green - ascending trend. Red - descending trend. Yellow - trend is not defined. The indicator is excellent for sca
Andrey Spiridonov
NostradamusPROmt4 is a stable Expert Advisor for automated trading. The trading algorithm of this EA is based on the NostradamusMT4 indicator. The indicator is based on an original price calculation method (ESTIMATED PRICE) for the current candle price. The EA is installed in the usual way and is suitable for trading any trading symbols. The EA is designed for trading on the D1 timeframe . Optimization of the EA parameters is not required. Parameters Lot - volume of the trade operation (0.1 Lo
Andrey Spiridonov
The BinarySignalMt4 indicator has been created for trading short-term binary options. The indicator shows excellent results when trading binary options with a short expiration time. The main advantage of this indicator is the high accuracy of signals. The frequency of the indicator signals depends on the selected timeframe (the signal is generated no more than once a minute on M1, no more than once in five minutes on M5, and so on). The indicator should be attached to a chart of any timeframe an
Broken Level
Mikhail Nazarenko
The Broken Level automated Expert Advisor uses strong levels, that stand against the main trend, and opens orders along the trend when those levels are broken. Broken Level enters the market by its own unique algorithm using pending stop orders with predefined stop loss and take profit. This minimizes the slippages when opening trades, and stop loss prevents the unforeseen losses. The order placement point, take profit and stop loss values are calculated by the price change analysis algorithm, w
HLC Bar indicator is a market analysis tool. Unlike standard bar chart (Open-High-Low-Close), this indicator shows High-Low-Close prices only. Therefore, trader would focus on key elements of price action. It's very easy to use, no complicated setting, apply to any financial instrument, like Forex, CFD etc. Just open symbol chart, load indicator then enjoy.
Percent Pivot
Chantal Sala
1 (1)
The Percent Pivot indicator is a simple indicator that calculates the main percentage values. The graphical layout makes it very similar to the traditional pivot but its internal computing system is unique and irreplaceable. Every day, the market creates new bullish or bearish rates. This indicator help you to identify possible supports or resistance levels. The main values such as 0.25% and 0.50% are good reference points to use as potential target or reversal levels. This indicator has been de
Interactive RSI Matrix
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
4.89 (9)
This indicator shows the current RSI values for multiple symbols and multiple timeframes and allows you to switch between timeframes and symbols with one click directly from the matrix. With this indicator, you can analyze large number of symbols across multiple timeframes and detect the strongest trends in just a few seconds. Features Shows RSI values for multiple symbols and timeframes simultaneously. Colored cells with progressive color intensity depending on the RSI values. Ability to chan
Trend Chaser
Vladimir Tkach
The Expert Advisor opens a trade in the specified direction at the specified time. If the price moves in the profit direction, additional trades are opened after a preset step. Trade are closed by a Stop Loss or upon reaching a target profit. The Expert Advisor trails the stop loss order, and is provided with multiple breakeven and trade closing functions (See the description of the parameters). Test and optimize the EA in the Tester using M1 open prices. The EA parameters can be controlled via
This indicator shows the crossing between three moving averages (slower, middle and faster ones). When fast MA crosses up middle MA and middle MA crosses up slow MA, the bullish alert is issued. When fast MA crosses down middle MA and middle MA crosses down slow MA, the bearish alert is issued. Signals to close buy positions are generated if fast MA crosses middle MA downwards, signals to close sell positions are generated if fast MA crosses middle MA upwards. Inputs Fast MA Setup MAPeriod1 =
Ilya Antipin
Biwavelet is an indicator for harmonic forecast of the market based on one-dimensional wavelet transform functions. Wavelet transforms are one of the main tools of digital algorithmic trading. This is due to their ability to analyze and predict processes occurring in two independent basic dimensions - price and time. Wavelets have significant advantages over the Fourier transform, because wavelet transform allows evaluating not only the frequency spectrum of the price signal, but also the time a
This is a functional extension of the ZigZagLW4 indicator. It detects the beginning of a new trend signaling of a new indicator line shoulder of a specified level. This is a stand-alone indicator, which means you do not need the activated ZigZagLW4 indicator for correct operation. Algorithm logic To understand the logic of the indicator, let's take a look at the screenshots consistently displaying the conditions for the signals formation. The chart has ZigZagLW4 indicator with the Short_term a
Italy Trade System
Roman Kucher
1 (1)
The system resembles the Italian flag and is simple for ordinary people to understand. Any trader with any experience will be able to use it. The Italy trading system generates 3 types of market conditions. Green zone - consider only buy trades. Red zone - consider only sell trades. Empty zone - flat, do nothing. Buy signal: Green zone + a blue arrow appears. Close all positions when an opposite signal (arrow) appears. Sell signal: Red zone + a red arrow appears. Close all positions when an oppo
What is it? The Currency TimeFrame Strength Matrix is a simple and comprehensive Forex map that gives a snapshot of what is happening in the Forex market at the very present time. It illustrates the strength and momentum characteristics of each single currency (AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD) with respect to different time frames (5 seconds, 1m, 5m, 15, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1d) independently. The most unique visualization, encompassing multi currency, multi time frame and multi trend analyses al
Yoga Binary Indicator
Arseniy Popovichev
3 (2)
Yoga is an efficient indicator for binary options trading. It is designed for use in the MetaTrader 4 terminals. The indicator can be used on M5, M15, M30, H1 with the expiration of 1 candlestick. The indicator is not intended for timeframes above H1. If you try to switch to H4 or higher, the indicator will show a message requesting to return to a lower timeframe. The indicator is equipped with an audible and visual alert, and generates entry signals. The indicator also sends email and push noti
This strategy is based on Bollinger Band to open the first position, if the position moves to the opposite side out of the Hedging Range, then a locking position is opened with an increased volume to help get out of the opposite trend. Real monitoring signal will be published soon. Recommended 0.01 Lot for each 3000$ Balance. Input Parameters Starting lot size - First open position size Use autolot - Use auto calculation of starting lot size based on balance Balance - Use to calculate auto sta
MMM Heiken Ashi Special Series strategy: The robot uses its built-in Heiken Ashi improved and tested indicator all the time and does a calculation to determine the prices trends. It sends an order, closes or moves the Trailing Stop loss position as the indicator works. Perfect for Scalping; It will not send an order unless the calculations determine a good trend of profit; Like all MMM products, it is also programmed to minimize your losses and protect your money from the hostile market. We have
Smart Bot
Dmitry Shutov
This Expert Advisor is based on advanced neural networks. The main EA feature is the depth of the neural analysis. ‌Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Features and operation principles After training, the EA recognizes the ascending, descending and sideways trends . After calculating the neural network, the EA places a market order with a fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss . The EA sets the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels on its own. But Take Profit is alwa
The BuySellArrows is a seemingly simple and very persistent indicator. All traders had come across indicators that contain numerous input parameters that will change Buy and Sell position when you change those parameters value. Many traders asked what parameter's value will be more accurate. So, I decided to make an universal indicator without any input parameters. In this case you will have very stable indicators without any worries that you put some wrong numbers. This indicator will show Buy
The indicator builds the ranges of the probable price movement according to the specified timeframe. The range is built starting from the Open level of the specified timeframe and extended to the timeframe's Close, shifting relative to the extremes. The upper boundary is laid from the minimum and moves only downward when the Low is updated. The lower border is laid from the maximum and rises only when the High is updated. When the price approaches the range boundaries, the probability of movemen
Anchor Trading S.R.L.S.
We-Trend MT4 indicator made by the We-Trading team is designed to study supports, resistances and trend filters. We-Trend is the tool that works also as a trend filter on all major trading strategies. We-Trend write for you horizontal lines (supports or resistances) on all timeframes. UP Trend, Down and FLAT The We-Trend helps to understand the direction of the trend. Red or Green Horizontal lines show supports and resistances Trend comment show the main trend of the current TimeFrame, and oth
Info Trader
Kalinka Capital OU
We are happy to present you the "Info Trader" information indicator. As we are traders ourselves, we create software that we primarily use in our own trading practices. During intraday multicurrency trading we were constantly in need of a "ready to use" info panel. You have probably noticed that it is necessary to make a decision on taking profit on the account with consideration of profit on multiple instruments. To do this, you need to see the whole picture of each trade in detail. “Info Trade
Area51 Stochi
Valeri Balachnin
The EA generates signals about changes in the trend. Signals can be generated using different RSI-based strategies. When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) is set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit. Parameters Main Settings LotSize = 0.01 - fixed position volume. LotAutoSize = false - enable d
Area51 On RSI
Valeri Balachnin
The EA generates signals about changes in the trend. Signals can be generated using different RSI-based strategies. When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) is set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit. Parameters Main Settings LotSize = 0.01 - fixed position volume. LotAutoSize = false - enable d
Ichimotor EA
Vijaya Kumar Hegde
Ichimotor EA is a multicurrency, trend based Expert Advisor which works with the intersection of two indicators - Ichimoku cloud and Alligator with customized settings. Input parameters Entry Method Wait for trend : the EA will wait until the trend matches the arrow based on the 2 senkouspan values. Immediate : the EA will take a trade once the arrow appears. SL/TP Method Static: Stop loss and Take Profit from the Values “SL in Points” and “TP in Points”. SenkouSpanA StopLoss is calculated equal
Laguerre SuperTrend Clouds adds an Adaptive Laguerre averaging algorithm and alerts to the widely popular SuperTrend indicator. As the name suggests, Laguerre SuperTrend Clouds (LSC) is a trending indicator which works best in trendy (not choppy) markets. The SuperTrend is an extremely popular indicator for intraday and daily trading, and can be used on any timeframe. Incorporating Laguerre's equation to this can facilitate more robust trend detection and smoother filters. The LSC uses the impro
Aleksander Chernov
Trading is performed using multiple independent layers - number_of_commercial_layers . Flexible customization system of market entry signal - UNIT_INDICATORS . The use of the Moving Average , RSI and Envelopes indicators allows configuring any parameter of the indicators and enabling/disabling them. Signals are generated based on cumulative analysis of indicators from different timeframes . It is possible to control the equity level - CONTROL_EQUITY . Two danger levels: the first level activate
Trading Level
Denis Vasyutin
This utility is designed for level trading. Parameters buy level, sell level - type of the placed order. open price level - price level of the order. open Lot - order volume. Magic - magic number of the order. TakeProfit - take profit of the order in pips, (0.00001) for 4- and 5-digit quotes, (0.001) for 3- and 2-digit quotes. StopLoss - stop loss of the order in pips, (0.00001) for 4- and 5-digit quotes, (0.001) for 3- and 2-digit quotes. repeat open orders as a Limit Order: on, off - enable
Ssgy EA
Aleh Rabtsau
The Ssgy EA generates the main signal based on 10 indicators. The trading strategy has been tested manually and has shown excellent results on a real account, after which it was decided to automate the whole process and entrust the work to a robot. The robot trades only in the direction of the trend, trying to determine its beginning and end. If the trend reverses, the open orders are managed by a double safety grid, allowing you to exit the received drawdown. The recommended minimum deposit is
FJ Stochastic Alerts
Francisco Jesus Cortes Hidalgo
1 (1)
This indicator is intended to solve all kind of lines K and D crosses to generate different alerts when needed, and multicolored K line. Features You can define an Stochastic as you could do on MetaTrader native Stochastic indicator, all the parameters are copied to get it. You can show all the K and D lines crosses You can select from all the K and D crosses only those that accomplish a minimum angle to filter crosses that aren't made with enough strength You can generate alerts when Oversold
Guiding Thread is based on the standard RSI with a customizable period. The market entry signal is triggered after the indicator crosses a certain level. The event is marked by an appropriate line (blue - going long, red - going short) and the price label having the appropriate color . In other words, if the previous signal was for going short (red line and price label), the next one indicates the upcoming reversal and the necessity to go long (blue line and price label). A trading signal is pre

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