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Booster for MT4

BOOSTER FOR MT4 is a professional scalping advisor for daily work on the FOREX currency market. In trading, along with experience, traders usually come to understand that the levels of accumulation of stop orders, price and time play a significant role in the market. This FOREX Expert Advisor implements this strategy, and I hope that you will not only enjoy using this product, but also take part in its development - leaving your review with wishes here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45915#!tab=reviews

📈 Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/moneystrategy

👉 MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46235


  • PRICE - the price distance to be covered in the allotted time period;
  • TIME - time allotted in seconds;
  • HL_PERIOD - number of bars for determining levels;
  • HL_TIMEFRAME - timeframe for determining levels;
  • BREAKTHROUGH_LEVEL - open orders after breaking through a level ?;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER - magic number of the transaction;
  • ORDERS_COMMENT - advisor comments in the order;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE - maximum slippage when opening a deal;
  • MAX_SPREAD - maximum spread when opening a deal;
  • COMMISSION_CONTROL - if the broker has a transaction fee, set the flag COMMISSION_CONTROL = true. To check the commission, the adviser will immediately open a deal with a minimum lot for the symbol. Do not be alarmed. This will happen only 1 time;
  • COMMISSION_PER_LOT - or you can set the commission size manually, then the adviser will take this value into account when opening and closing orders, set as a commission for 1 lot;
  • OPENING_INTERVAL_SEC - the minimum interval between the opening of new orders in seconds;
  • PENING_INTERVAL_PIPS - the minimum interval between the opening of new orders in pips;
  • CLOSE_ORDER_DELAY_SEC - minimum transaction duration in seconds;
  • Takeprofit   - take profit in pips;
  • STOPLOSS   - stop loss in pips;
  • BREAKEVEN_START - profit in pips, after which the stop loss is set to breakeven + BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips. If = 0, then not used;
  • BREAKEVEN_PROFIT - the number of profit points when closing orders at the breakeven level;
  • TRAILING_STOP - size of the trailing stop in pips, by which the fixed profit will change. If = 0, then not used;
  • TRAILING_STEP - step of the trailing stop in pips which remains for the price movement after modifying the stop loss;
  • RISK_PERCENT - calculation of a trading lot depending on the risk per trade. If = 0, then not used;
  • FROM_BALANCE - calculation of the trading lot from the balance. Formula: Balance / FROM_BALANCE * LOTS. If = 0, then not used;
  • LOTS - fixed lot if RISK_PERCENT = 0 and FROM_BALANCE = 0;
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