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Scalper ProfiTrader

Notice: Before using this Scalper-ProfiTrader robot you have to know that it is optimized and with a few parameters by default, use it in trend charts, look for strong trends and put it, you also have to know that it goes very well on high volatility charts, its more success is based on volume even that carries a volume strategy with coverage of 80% and a small 20% martingale just in case, but you can even disable it.
You have to use this robot with low batch volume because it has an automatic multiplier.
You have to know that it is a robot that works in coverage and a kind of martingale combined, you can also use only coverage and deactivate martingale, for this you have to understand and do many tests of how it works to know how to optimize in the best way.
The TF has to put it to work on M5 because it calculates candle volume and it is very important that it is on M5.
The minimum capital required to put this robot to work is $1,000,00, if you have more capital better for the floating theme. Very important do not put to work this robot with less quantity than I just said.
Important, do not use this robot without first not to see rented a VPS , this robot moves in cycles, which are cycles ??, :I call cycle to a set of strategically programmed orders, and you can not turn off or interrupt your computer in any way. This robot is to withstand open trades for this it also takes a minimum capital of $1,000 or 2000$ even and yet your account is in danger, the bigger your account the less danger passes.
It has a profit of 20% and up to 50% per month of your capital according to market volatility.
For more information on how to use this robot in detail is explained on the website: www.robottraderforex.com and also explained all the parameters and strategy.

Parameters that you must change and put the robot with less drawdown:
Lot-step 1-0.03              
Lot-step 2-0.06
Lot-step 3-0.12
Lot-step 4-0.22
Lot-step 5-0.44       
If you choose all the steps to the end multiply x2 until step 12
The lost points from step 12 and only from step 12 serves as STOP LOSS throughout the cycle
If you want to use the coverage until step 4 you have to choose to activate the martingale from this step which is the parameter Points-Lost-MG 4, if you disable this step is false, and you must use all the coverage steps and optimize it to your liking.

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