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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 152

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Erick Gabriel Palma Montufar
The price is 450$ for next 10 buyers (Remaining copy :10) Next price: 600$ KAPITAL SECURE EA    : I s a fully automated "arbitrage" trading system, which is especially effective in trading popular currency pairs, it uses 11 pairs at the same time: EURCHF, GBPNZD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, NZDJPY, GBPAUD, EURCAD, EURUSD, EURJPY. In order to pass the MQL4 tests, we have modified the settings, you just need to download our profitable settings that we use on LIVE accounts. LIVE Signals: Capital #1  50K € C
Alexsey Krestianchik
5 (1)
Special offer!!! Minimum price for the Expert Advisor (Hot Summer). Limited time! Features of this Expert Advisor - trading strategies builder: 1. It's an opportunity to build a multi-currency strategy and fully automate it. 2. Ability to trade in manual mode or switch to automatic mode when needed with one click. 3. It is possible to set working hours and day of the week for each currency pair separately.  4. Possibility to leave the drawdown by setting everything in one window. 5. Absence
Daffa Ramadhani Sukma
IMPUNITY EA Impunity EA runs on RVI, Stoch,MACD, PBSAR, and Moving Average. The EA will do the   MARTINGALE  strategy.  Also this EA can be use to manual trade by clicking the open buy or open sell button and adjust the lot size by your own. Introduction : Checkout my robot performance  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/daffasukma22/seller and read my guide   here After Purchace PM me to get bonus Recommendation : Recommend timeframe M15 and Higher timeframe Minimum Balance for EURUSD/GBPUSD/AUDUS
A professional trading indicator with double-entry options. Valuable Smooth Channel Lines on the separated window, Trend Lines both on the main window, and separated window and entry arrows. Good for trading scalping in the lower timeframes. Even also it can work and provide signals in the higher timeframes for longer-term trading periods.  INDICATOR SETTINGS: 1.  Signal Mode. There are 2 options: Default and Compact. If Default, it will provide 3 different arrow codes on the main window. This o
Versatile tool MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
MT5 Version A versatile tool You do not need any other tools with this tool. You can enable or disable all indicators. Their values ​​are adjustable. In the first line you will see a summary of your account status. p: The amount of your profit or loss BP: The amount of your daily profit based on the balance EP: Equity daily earnings WP: Your weekly profit MP: Your monthly profit The next line shows each of the time frames you selected. Chikou: The Chikou process KT: The trend of t
CoPilot Pro EA is an add-on EA to allow Telegram Remote, toggle Auto Trading base on various conditions, and additional Order & Risk Management for other EAs.  Do you have favorite EAs that trade well, and you want additional control over it? Do you run multiple EAs on same account and you need a way to manage Risks and Orders from account level? Do you want to control your EAs and get notifications from Telegram? CoPilot Pro is the best companion for you! IMPORTANT NOTE: CoPilot uses Advance Ch
MelBar RealScalper FinTech RoboTrader Version  8.8. MT4 Real-Time Open Candle AutoTrading FinTech RoboTrader with inbuilt Buy/Sell Signal Alerts. Verified by MyFxBook. ONLY ONE (1) TRADER ACCOUNT USER LICENSE PER RENTAL. Try it on your demo account first & settings optimization.  Works on multiple charts. Niche FinTech Democratization Tool & Human Right to Accumulation of Wealth software.  A People's Right to Wealth software. Specifically designed FinTech RoboTrader Expert Advisor
BFS Panel Control
Vladimir Smorodintsev
BFS Panel Control is an auxiliary panel for comfortable control and management of orders, combining orders of different instruments into related groups, with subsequent closing of groups according to specified conditions of profitability (or loss) and with a possible notification in Telegram. For example, you have a drawdown on several orders of the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY instruments, while you expect the BTCUSD instrument to grow strongly, you open a position with a large lot on the BTCUSD ins
Algorithm EA
Yang Pei Qin
EA Settings: You need to load EA into the currency pair to trade (M15 time range) This EA is not sensitive to spread, slip, or any other broker-related variables. You can use the currency pairs I recommend, or you can use other currency pairs 。 I used 1000 0.01 lot.  I recommend using 5000 0.01lot to reduce the risk Leverage 1:200 or higher is recommended Parameter file download link https://www.mql5.com/zh/blogs/post/749380 EA test: Test within the M15 time frame A long-term test of 5 years is
Phoenix Return
Petar Krastev
3.67 (3)
This expert is based on a custom-made indicator combined with price action signals. The combination of our indicator mixed with PA gives wonderful results. Expert adviser is optimized for GBPUSD and EURUSD. It works independently of the timeframe. Features: Low drawdown Small stop-loss No Martingale strategy No Grid strategy Scalping Small secure trades Volatility detection * Works with all brokers which apply to: Fast execution (market execution) Good liquidity (no spikes in the spre
Price pivot point indicator. The indicator shows with points on the chart the places where the price can turn in the opposite direction. When the indicator draws a red dot, it means that the price can turn its movement down. When the indicator draws a blue dot, then the price can turn its move up. This indicator can be used for both manual trading and automated trading by integrating it into your robot. To do this, the indicator has data exchange buffers. Recommended currency pairs: XAUUSD EU
PAX Simple Trend Signals for MT4 Самый простой и лёгкий в работе индикатор для торговли по сигналам разворота тренда. Зелёными и красными линиями на ценовом графике отображаются направления тренда — растущий и падающий соответственно. Стрелка вначале линии тренда сигнализирует о развороте тренда. Если на трендовой линии появилась стрелка такого же цвета — это сигнал на открытие нового ордера. Если  на трендовой линии появилась стрелка противоположного цвета — это сигнал на закрытия всех орде
One Direction Pro is a combination of hedging, Grid averaging, pyramiding, lot martingale - anti martingale strategies, which aims to enter and exit the market as quickly as possible so as not to be trapped by unexpected market changes. Bot Explanation  | MT5 version  | Setfile:    pls  leave a message on the comment tab, I will send you the latest setfile Expert parameters: 1. Manage Open Positions Continue New Cycle: If False, then the Expert Will Only Manage The Remaining Open Positions
Digital Trend Detector
Francisco De A Vilar Enriquez
It is a very comfortable and easy to use indicator, as well as very powerful and precise. It is a digitalization of   the  Oscillometer  indicator. Detects and visually shows us the beginning of a new trend . The way to present it, is by means of a two-color bar graph ,  one for the start of the uptrend, and one for the start of the downtrend . The parameter with which the indicator is built, is the maximum allowed amplitude of price oscillation. The indicator will follow the price checking its
A tool to notify  You via MT4 Mobile App messages, Telegram, and Email when price reach certain Horizontal Line that You place This Line Alarm tool is an Indicator, so it works well in coexistence with other expert advisor on the same chart $30 for the next 25 downloaders, next price: $45 Try it out on demo account for free: Download Demo Features: Line(s) Notification : Place Horizontal Line(s) and be notified when the Price reach them OHLC Line Magnet : Make the   horizontal lines more
Trade like a Professor is an Gold Scalping Strategy. There is no such thing as a dead end trading strategy; Traders can only make long term profits if they can overcome the dead spots. - TIME FRAME: 1 HOUR - MINIMUM DEPOSIT: 500$ - ACCOUNT TYPE: ECN EA DOESN'T USE GRID OR MARTINGALE, You can set it is a Grid if you want. EA use TP, SL, Trailing SL, Automatic Lot size The EA works based on opening an order using an indicator, the EA follows the technical “Trend Follow”, which means it follow
The Stochastic Dashboard is multi currencies and multi timeframes dashboards. It shows the Stochastic direction for the chosen pairs/timeframes. For the Stochastic lovers and manual trader this indicator is a most indicator which can be used to determine the market direction for the pair(s) you are trading. Set it to one chart only and monitor from one place all the charts you want.
The  Market Sessions Indicator for MT5 helps you  predict market turnarounds  by detecting major supply and demand areas. These pivot points tend to occur after a new session has started and the previous one is still open. It is also used to gauge how many points or pips the market moves on average during a session. This helps us to place better our take profits and stop losses. The indicator works on all forex pairs, gold, silver, commodities, stocks, indices and any other instrument that yo
CParabolicSAR MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
This indicator is based on ParabolicSAR. This indicator does not change the trend easily and does not change the trend until it receives a clause and approval. This indicator can be used for trail stop or trend detection. MT5 Version benefits:         Works on all instruments and time series,         Does not redraw its results,         Comparison depth is adjustable,         Works well with any popular strategy,         The power of the areas is adjustable, We assure you that we we
PFractals MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
This indicator is based on the same famous fractal indicator with a slight difference: MetaTrader version 5 click here Advantages:      Works on all instruments and time series,      Does not redraw its results,      Comparison depth is adjustable,      Works well with any popular strategy,      Adjust the power of fractals Input settings:      Number of comparisons - The number of candles that each side selects for comparison.      Marker distance from the candlestick
An indicator for accurately determining price reversal points on all timeframes and all currency pairs. With the help of technical analysis of the market and mathematical diagnostic models, this indicator determines the price reversal points and the current trend direction with great efficiency. The indicator displays this information on the chart in the form of arrows and lines. The arrows show the trend reversal points and the lines show the current trend direction. INDICATOR trades in real ti
British stuff   The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for GBPJPY 1H based on SMA 200 and pending orders. It has been backtested on more than 18-year long tick data with 99% quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. There is no need to set up any parameters, except Magic number and Friday exit time, lot size . All other settings are already optimized and fine-tuned. Strategy worki
EA Hedging Strategy Is a high class automated expert advisor which is fully optimized for the future market in S&P500 etc. M5.  No Loss forex Hedging Strategy and work with the open orders and open position orders to get opportunities to enter and exit trading. ADVANTAGES: Advanced market entry filter. Automatic Money manager. High spread protection. Slip Protection. Does not use indicator. Trailing stop and Take Profit. Strategy, primary or secondary No need for optimization.  RECOMM
SMMA 01 ea and Mt4 are based on the SMMA indicator in time frame D1. Enter: Open <> SMMA The regulated order network is switched on as required. (Dictance) Exit: Close <> SMMA or adjustable sum of open orders in points. (TPGrid) EA is suitable for Portfolios. Account: Micro (0.01Lot) or Nano (0.001Lot). I recommend combining with my other products. EA parameters - SETTINGS: CustomCommen -   Mt4 / Terminal / Trade/Comment, Mt4/Terminal /Account History/Comment MagicNumber          -   Ma
Dariusz Grywaczewski
MultiTrend_Scanner is an indicator for the MT4 platform that is used to review trends on multiple symbols. We turn it on on any symbol, on any TF and we have a preview of the entire market. The current symbol is permanently assigned in the first segment of scanner. When adding another segment, you can manually enter any symbol. The quantity of added segments is unlimited. In each segment of a given symbol displayed are trends on different TFs. To calculate the strength of these trends are used
Chiedozie Titus Ugwu
IndicesLion  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the Trading of   Indices  Such as  S&P500, US30 indices pair.  . This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day ,Opening its trades on the H1 Timeframe on S&P500 . Thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizati
Hello all Expert works in Recovery Zone With the opening of a buy or sell deal at the expense of the general trend with the suspension of a pending deal in multiples With the control of the complications from the multiples box from LO1 to LO20 Control it according to the way you work With closing all together on the target with the arithmetic mean method Working on currency pairs, it is preferable to have a small spread Max Spread = 0.3 Broker link from here Deposit: 5000 USD lot :0.01 https://
Santi Dankamjad
Indicator MT4 : DXMA(Direction index moving average) Objective: To track price trends and price reversals. How to set up Indicator DXMA : 1. The standard value is EMA 12 and EMA 26, you can set it as you like. 2. UTBx 14 is Universal Trend Boundary Index, standard value 14. 3. UTBx Method is a method for calculating the standard value is Exponential. Meaning of symbols in indicators : 1. The line of the green group means the trend is up. 2. The line of the red group represents a down trend
The Breakeven levels indicator is an indicator that, according to its algorithm of work, determines the number of open orders on a certain instrument finds the level at which all orders go from loss to profit. Separately, for sell and buy orders, the general level of the beginning of profit is found. In the lower left or right corner, information is displayed on three buttons to choose from. When you press the button, a horizontal line of a certain level is displayed on the screen. On the right
I Buy like A Pro
Pavel Malyshko
5 (1)
The current price is 99, then 199 and higher.      The current system works on 9 currency pairs Euraud, eurcad, usdcad, gbpcad, cadchf, audnzd, Audcad, usdchf, eurchf   timeframe M5. The basis of the strategy is trading on a quiet night market, which allows you to make the most accurate market entries. My plans include adding more currency pairs. The system passes the test for the entire available historical period. The adviser can have losing trades in the same way as in the strategy t
Would you like to learn a technical system refined by centuries of use, but virtually unknown here? A system so versatile that it can be fused with any other indicator/technical tool? A system as pleasurable to use as it is powerful? If so, this indicator which scans candlestick charting techniques is for you. You should find it valuable no matter what your background in technical analysis. This trading system has been designed after years of hard work and back testing. Indicator will find stro
Lovina Chidubem Odo
1 (1)
IndiceChampion  is a professional automatic trading system designed ,fully optimized for the MT4 platform and the Trading of   Indices  Such as S&P500, US30 indices . This Automated robot works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because  the Robot needs the computer to be turned on in order to work effectively. This system  analyzes the market 24 hours a day ,Opening its trades on the H1 Timeframe on Ger30 . H1  on S&P500 . & 5M US30 . thanks to which it
This EA was developed with 12 different volatility strategies for GBPUSD M30 based on combinations of different classic indicators (MACD, BB, HeikenAshi, SMMA) and pending orders. It works with any market conditions. It is for the professional investor who demands long-term growth and stability with an investment horizon of at least 1 year. Didn´t have a losing year since 2004 . It has been backtested with high stability on over 18 years (2004 - 2021) tick data with 99% quality of modelling. Th
Forex gump ea H1 is an automatic robot for trading on the H1 timeframe. Recommended currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD. This robot constantly analyzes the price movement in the market and trades in a fully automatic mode. It performs the following functions: it analyzes the direction of the market, calculates the lot size for opening a trade, automatically opens trades, sets StopLoss and TakeProfit optimal for maximum effect, modifies trades, closes trades. The robot has physical stops that insure
Scalping Code
Thomas Bradley Butler
Scalping Code is for trend scalping.  It is simple to use and is profitable.  It can work on any time frame and any asset.  This indicator can be used on it's own or together with another system.  The arrow does not repaint or recalculate.   The rules are as follows:   A blue arrow above the moving average is a buy. An exit for the buy above the moving average is a red arrow or target. A red arrow below the moving average is a sell. An exit for the red below the moving average is a blue arro
EA Bloom
Artem Marukhov
5 (1)
The Bloom Expert Advisor uses virtual orders to determine a possible entry point. This Expert Advisor is based on virtual orders. In addition to virtual orders, an indicator interaction algorithm is used to determine a possible entry point. Supported currency pairs: GBPUS EURUSD AUDUSD NZDUSD Recommended timeframe: M5-H1 Important functions of the adviser: take profit Stop Loss (sets the percentage of drawdown at which all trades are closed) trailing stop breakeven The settings are ava
The hypergeometric series is used to calculate the weight coefficients of this filter. This approach allows you to get a rather interesting smoothing of the time series. The hypergeometric filter weights do not decay as fast as exponential and linear weighted moving averages, but faster than smoothed moving averages. Due to this, the behavior of this filter is in many ways similar to the behavior of moving averages. However, it has several advantages. Its lag is much less than that of the movin
Multi-timeframe signal trend indicator. Detects the trend direction and is colored in the corresponding color. It has three different sensitivity options  Can show trend direction on other timeframes Has embedded audible and visual alerts on trend reversals. Can send notifications to your phone or email. Allows trend and counter-trend trading. Works on all timeframes, all currency pairs, metals, indices and cryptocurrency. It can be used for binary options. Distinctive feature
Hedging Pro Ultimate uses a trend follow strategy coupled with virtual pending orders to maximize profits, virtual close partial to minimize drawdown and close by opposite signals if there is a change in trend to minimize losses. Hedging Pro Ultimate works fully automatically without manual intervention and is equipped with a news filter.  How to set up news filter :   click here   MT5 version  |  Product Guidance | Setfile Suggested pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD Expert parameters: 1. Manage
RSI Signals is a simple dashboard type indicator that displays the values of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator on various instruments and time frames chosen by the user. In addition, it can be configured by the trader to show signals when the RSI is in an overbought/oversold condition, when it crosses these levels or when it crosses the 50 level, which is important in some strategies. It is simple and easy to set up. By itself, it should not be used as a trading system since RSI signa
This indicator displays optimal take profit and stop loss levels. These levels are calculated based on historical data. At the first start, the indicator is trained on history. After that, he evaluates the probability that the price will overcome this or that level in the future and selects the most optimal options for placing stop orders. For example, take profit values ​​are selected so that the profit is maximum and the probability that the price reaches its level is the highest possible. Th
Hyper Trend Trader
Thomas Bradley Butler
Optimize the EA.  There is no hard stop loss just a break even, so there can be drawdown.   This EA is a trend trading system that uses break evens as stops.  Machine learning principles are used in the EA.  Trade EUR/USD for best results.  Adjust the breakeven and add the take profit to fit your risk and management.  Use the percentage for the amount to open each trade. It is set at 5 percent by default.  Trade high risk  or low risk.  10 would be higher and 1 to 2 would be lower.  Inputs: TP B
Vina Moon  is the advance scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. The system only use pending limit order, Trailing stop loss, Trailing take profit, don't use market order for trade. This system is focused on a   long-term stable growth. The improved exit logic reduces the drawdown and increases the efficiency of the system. In addition, the Stop Loss calculating algorithm works excellent adapting the
Ilia Serov
The robot was designed to work with gold on a 15-minute timeframe. It is easily optimized to work on all spot market instruments. But since gold has a large intraday trading range, it is optimal to use a robot to work with gold. It can be optimized for any timeframe. To work with currency pairs on accounts with 5 decimal places, the trailing stop and step must be multiplied by 10. Trailing stop allows you to take almost the entire price momentum.
Multi Chart Refresh Mt4, is a fast, smoothly indispensable script that makes it possible to refresh several charts simultaneously from one and the same. Multitasking makes this possible as you can choose in advance which symbols you want to refresh. Meta trader 5 version If you prefer the mt5 version instead  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/28796 How does it work? Open up any chart, drag the script from the navigator and drop it on the chart. Set the desired symbols and click OK, done! N
Plot History Mt4, an indispensable script for the trader that analyzes the trading history of your trading terminal and account performed by expert advisors. The analysis method is based on the symbol diagram on which the script is run as well as the magic number, a specific or a complete analysis of all magic's used by one or more experts. The script analyzes trade data and can plot these on the chart, print out detailed trade information in the expert log and export analyzed data to csv. Meta
The indicator searches for and displays large shadows on the chart automatically based on volatility. Shadows are additionally filtered by the wave size. The algorithm analyzes the fractal breakdown by the shadow in the specified range and displays the level. In the settings, you can enable a multi-currency dashboard. The alert is selected between the current schedule or the entire dashboard sheet. Signals for large shadows and those that have broken through the fractal level can be turned on s
GBP Scalper 02
Nino Guevara Ruwano
GBP Scalper 02 is a simple EA that can work automatically to carry out trading activities. Like the previous version (GBP Scalper 01), this EA is kept simple and only requires Lot, TP, and SL settings to use. As the name implies, this EA is only suitable for trading with the GBPUSD pair, and is designed to work optimally on the H4 time frame. GBP Scalper 02 is an upgrade from the previous version with the addition of various internal functions to enhance the EA's ability to earn profits and p
DMS Fibo
Diogo Mitsunaga Dos Santos
Fibonacci retracements are trend lines drawn between two significant points, usually between absolute lows and absolute highs, plotted on a chart. Intersecting horizontal lines are placed at the Fibonacci levels. Fibonacci retracements are useful tools that help traders identify support and resistance levels. With the information gathered, they can place orders, identify stop-loss levels, and set price targets. Although useful, traders often use other indicators to make more accurate assessments
Price pivot points
Andrey Kozak
3.8 (5)
An indicator that shows price reversal points on the chart. Using RSI and other standard indicators, the indicator determines the price reversal points and shows them on the chart with arrows. The indicator does not redraw its values ​​and in 95% of cases it shows accurate signals. This indicator works on all currency pairs and all timeframes. How to trade with this indicator (recommendations): We recommend opening trades in the direction of the arrow that appears. If a blue arrow appears, op
FXAT Asian Scalper MT4
Davimir Abiezer Juma Garcia
This scalping robot trades within the Asian session, thus benefiting from the range and low volatility to execute trades. This strategy uses dynamic Supports and Resistances that adjust with each candlestick. This EA does not use Martingale or grids. It only places one position at a time with its respective Stop Loss and Take Profit, benefiting from options such as partial closes and break even. Important: Results of the robot on demo and real account of different brokers may differ. The
Index Master Pro
Paulo Martins Barbosa
PRICING - Launch promotion: $98,00 - Next price: $148,00 MAIN FEATURES - Index Master is a 100% automated system. - Not martingale! Not grid! No dangerous strategies are used! - Every orders has a StopLoss and a TakeProfit. - Recommended broker : low spread; low comission; not market maker:  https://bit.ly/38hfs2D   - Designed for US30 - USTEC and USD500 at timeframe M1. - Live signal :     https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/913370 SETUP -  No need set files . Just attach to the following
Expert Advisor Stop and Reverse Cut Switch Hedge based on  Parabolic SAR indicator. There are two setting in EA: 1. Cut Switch 2. Hedging Recommended settings: TimeFrames = H4 Risk = 0.1 Minimum Balance = 1.000 MaxToBep = 4 Main Parameter Description: - Hedging Mode False = Cut Switch True = Hedging - Max Martingale Level  = Lot / Volume will reset after "n" Losses - Risk = Based % of Balance -MaxOP to BEP = Target BEP will be active if there is a certain number op open position - Percent BE
Divergence HiLo scaner is a good tool for market analysis.   The indicator looks through all currency pairs and finds those that meet the selection conditions, where corrections or reversals to the main movements are supposed to begin. The indicator values ​​are entered in the final table. 1 value is swap 2 Currency pair. 3  The number of bars after finding the selection conditions. The bar color blue is used for the buy signal. The bar color yellow is used for the sell signal. The color of the
Sajjad Karimi
''SKPredict'' Show you next prediction of Close/High/Low/ Open Level.  This indicator Used mathematical calculations . It means, that based on the previous movement of the market, the price movement is expected to be in predicted Level. Also you can See, what Happened in previous Data and Predictions and  use Buffers to write your EA. Also In ' Tendency indicator '' , as full package of Predictions that every Trader need, there  is the Predict line to show you the future of Price.
King Pro EA
Yohanes Raymond Budiono
Only 5 copies of the EA left at $ 150 ! Next price --> $ 320 King Pro EA   is an automated trading system that adapating itself on whatever the market conditions are. Mainly using averaging & EMA indicator results to train the EA which direction should it trade. Also it will apply early cut loss system when market strongly change direction and recover it on current trend. Recommended currency pairs:   GBPUSD Alternative currency pairs:   EURUSD / XAUUSD Recommended timeframe:   M30 See EA
Thomas Bradley Butler
Improve trading with this indicator.  Find areas of buys or sells in Fibonacci retracement areas.  Fulltrend is for scalping and making swing trades.  Fib levels are added for take profits and stop losses. This works on any time frame and can be used by itself or together with other systems and indicators for filters. The indicator doesn't repaint.  Alerts are added and can be true or false.  No need to sit glued to the computer, just set on charts and listen or the alerts to come.  Take a pos
Hide or Show Objects Clean chart Indicator This is a unique indicator that every trader will wish to have in their tool box. When we analyze a chart we will use many objects such as trend lines, support and resistance line, vertical lines,rectangular boxes,texts,e.t.c... It is very annoying to see the chart with all these objects. But if we remove these objects from the chart , we want to redraw all objects again. It will be a very time consuming process and also as price moves fast in forex mar
Keep missing the Imbalance or always Enter late? Imbalance   Sniper Entry EA is a bot that provides the perfect entry on Imbalance, the bot comes with a built in 1:2 Risk Reward, however the bot is not designed to run on its own, even though it can , it is best to keep an eye on it once awhile with the right indicators as support you can make sure it stays on track or take your profit before it turns.
Mad bull
Andrey Kozak
How to get the same result as we have in the photo and video? To do this, you need to open an account with the FXopen broker, you need to select the account type ECN, leverage from 1/100 and above. Install the robot on your Metatrader4, select the GBPUSD currency pair, M5 timeframe. If you do everything exactly as we wrote above, you will get exactly the same results as we got. You can test the robot for a different period of time. But the longer the period of time, the more accurate and objec
Sentalis Master Key PRO EA
Gary Clifford Townsend
Sentalis Master Key PRO EA is an advanced system that uses a complex algorithim that factors in over six built in custom indicators. It can be as easy or as complex as you the trader chose it to be. Sentalis Master Key EA is a result of   hundreds of hours of Forward Testing   on   all the Major Pairs   (GBPUSD; EURUSD; AUDUSD; USDJPY; USDCAD; USDCHF, and EURGBP. It is a fully automated and configurable , multi-currency Expert Advisor that   factors in real-time price trend ,   market strength
Target Striking
Dmitriy Kashevich
Target Striking - One of the best binary options trading tools! It is set up so powerfully that you can trade not only on currency pairs, but also on raw gold oil! You can also try on cryptocurrency! Ideal for trading on currency pairs, the percentage of reliable transactions is more than + 75% The trading tool is already set for the best profit! Only Target Striking can unlock the potential of the trading market for you! With it, the signals are even and accurate without redrawing,
Turn forex into your business. Our bot fully automates all trading processes. After installing the robot on the terminal, it automatically scans the market, analyzes trends, determines the direction of price movement, optimally calculates the size of the trading lot, opens and closes deals. Every day at 23:00, the robot sends a trading report to the trader by email and phone. In the trading report, the robot shows the trader how many deals were opened per trading day and what is the current siz
Scalping indicator. Points show the price reversal places on the chart. Not redrawn. Minimum delay. Works on M1, M5, M30, H1, H4 timeframes. You can work on all currency pairs. The indicator can also work on gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. This indicator can also be used for binary options. How to trade (an example of a strategy for GBPUSD)? When a blue dot appears, buy. When a red dot appears, sell. TakeProfit set to 25 points. StopLoss set 35 points. TrelingStop is set at 15 pips. Benefi
Ultimate Trailiang Stop Loss
Christopher Graham Parish
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Get The Most Out Of Your Trades! Spreads from 0.1pip RAW/ECN Accounts,   click here . Check out my Waka Esque EA signal here: >>   High Risk Settings  or  Medium Risk Settings . No More Sitting And Watching Your Trades All Day! Have you ever … ??? Had a trade go into good profit only to turn round and lose? Had a trade where you could have got more pro
Platinum Dragon EA
Evgenii Filippov
The EA opens two opposite orders, one of which is always closed with a profit , then the next pair of orders is placed. If the price goes in one direction, the adviser starts to increase profits, and losing trades increase the next lot, thereby closing all trades at the minimum profit. The Expert Advisor is well suited for overclocking a deposit on a cent account. Can be used on any pair. Options: Max Spread - Spread limit for opening the first orders. Lot - initial lot. MaxLot - Maximum lot.
Salvatore Labriola
The utility allows you to open, monitor and manage open positions on the forex market and only on instruments in which it is possible to create triangulations or those instruments that share the same currency in the numerator or denominator: ex: EURSUSD --- GBPUSD --- EURGBP The help of operational lines and valuable information on the panel allow the trader to manage trades more easily. Recommended for novice and experienced traders. External variables CrossSymbol = choose the cross on wh
PVSRA method MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
PVSRA trading method. The system is based on calculating the direction of positions of large players, in which they gain positions. PVSRA is an abbreviation: P - Price (Price), V - Volume (Volume), S - Support (Support), R - Resistance (Resistance), A - Analysis (Analysis). The PVSRA method uses round price levels (eg 1.2000) and intermediate levels (eg 1.2250, 1.2750). Consolidation below the round level is preparation for long positions, consolidation above the level is preparation for sh
Golden Bull ea mt4 is a EURUSD 1h trend EA developed by our team for 3 years. EURUSD 1h EA is a typical trend EA that is fully automatic and stable with multiple indicators. No scalping, no grid, no martingale, suitable for most brokers EURUSD 1h Working pairs :EURUSD Recommended account type – any account type Minimum lever: 1:30 even 1:20 Working Timeframe: H1  Minimum deposit: $1000/lot 0.1 VPS is recommended  Features: Not a martingale, arbitrage, hedge or other dangerous method
Ready trading system. The indicator arrow shows when and in what direction you need to open an order. At the end of the blue rectangle we put TakeProfit, and at the end of the red rectangle we put StopLoss. The indicator calculates the size of TakeProfit and StopLoss automatically, depending on the market volatility and the probability of price direction. Therefore, the indicator does all the work instead of the trader. He analyzes the market himself, determines the distance for TakeProfit and

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