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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 157

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
BB System EA
SPECIAL PRICE  Great offers on all products. Great opportunities. BB System EA is the Expert created to work following the signals of the BB System Indicator.When there is a signal, the position opens and this can be repeated if the price goes against the trend. Its high profit percentage means that the repetitions are not many and the position is closed shortly. Sometimes it is good to use it or only Sell or Buy only depending on the trend. In case of an emergency I put a CLOSE ALL button to
50 USD
Do you like to trade kijun folds? This DashBoard is probably the tool you absolutely need! This DashBoard searches for you the price declines on kijun, in other words the values which came to touch or almost touch their kijun during the session. But that's not all, this DashBoard is also configured to filter values from the start of a trend and having a chikou completely free of all resistance. You can from the settings window choose the level of approach of the price compared to the kijun.
58 USD
Do you like to use MultiTwist zones with Ichimoku in your market analysis? This scanner is then made for you, at a glance you can know on which value and on which unit of time you must go. This scanner can monitor up to 20 values and over the 9 time units of MetaTrader4. From the parameters panel, you have the possibility to choose the number of twist past over a number of predefined period as well as the number of future twist. DashBoard fully customizable to your trading space Come visit my
58 USD
RSI Multiplier Pro
Steffen Oesterle
UPDATE 2020:  download full  source code - follow the link in the video   " RSI Multiplier Pro " is a fully automated short-term (M1/M5) and medium-term (H1/H4) trading robot. No low spread needed! The EA does use a strategy of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) combined with martingale . RSI Expert Advisor automatically analyzes RSI-values. Each time the RSI comes from the overbought zone crossing the given upper level the robot will open sell-orders automatically. The lot-size will be incr
249 USD
Scalper Mate Muti-Symbols   This indicator gives you the signal of high level price moving of current bar compare to average price moving in the defined period. Not only price moving calculation but also spread value of symbol is taken in to consideration. Indicator will work and provide signal for Multi-symbols, up to 8 symbols as define in the input parameter. The indicator has a flexible system of settings, and any trader can easily adjust them to his needs. It can work for all timeframes but
42 USD
If you are passionate about Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and you liked Volume 1 of the book by Mister Khalid El Bouzidi Trading the Ichimoku - Ichimoku Kinko Hyo The New Approach, you will surely find this indicator useful. As it is written in the book, it is what happens at the exit of this zone which is important, I will not take again the chapter and explain to you because it is not the goal and for more explanations, I ask you to return to reading Volume 1. At the request of Khalid, I just created
48 USD
Khalid El Bouzidi explains how to identify a trend anomaly with the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator in his book, Tome 1 Trading the Ichimoku - Ichimoku Kinko Hyo The New Approach. As indicated in this book, this anomaly is identifiable from the moment when the difference between Tenkan / Kijun is greater than that of SSA / SSB, I will not explain the rest of the analysis or describe to you what is in the book, but if you want to know the rest of the trend anomaly, I can only advise you to get your
38 USD
The DashBoard Moving Average for MetaTrader4 is probably the analysis tool you are looking for. Indeed, from the control panel you can see on which value and on which time unit you have to look. The DashBoard moving Average is ultra customizable as much for its graphical interface in order to fully adapt to your trading space as for its market analysis functions. The DashBoard Moving Average tells you in an instant: Values ​​that are trending Values ​​entering trend correction The precise m
48 USD
Pivot Points Multi
Professoft Limited
Pivot Points Indicator Features: Send alerts when a pivot line is hit Displays Daily, Weekly, Monthly Indicators at the same time on the chart Restricting the time during the day when the alerts are sent Adjust the styling settings for the Pivot lines Settings: Show Daily Pivots Show Weekly Pivots Show Monthly Pivots Weekly Pivots Hit Notification Enabled Monthly Pivots Hit Notification Enabled Hit Check Frequency Time Restriction Enabled From Hour To Hour PP Color R1 Color R2 Color R3 Color S1
45 USD
Moving Avarage Scanner
Mehmet Ozhan Hastaoglu
3D MA Scanner allows you to determine the most accurate entry places between the MAs you have determined. At the same time, it generates a signal to you at the processing entry point. You can make calculations by determining up to 5 MAs. Apart from forex trading, its use will also be beneficial for investors interested in binary options. The transactions opened are closed half after a certain profit level, the risk of loss is reset and the profit model that automatically monitors the price
50 USD
I am Trader and Professional mql Programmer with more than 10 years of experience. Now I am back to publishing JabrixScalper 2020 with new performance and excellent strategy using dynamic algorithms. This robot observes price movements with a high degree of accuracy in capturing volatility and the speed of price movements to determine the right time to enter the market. JabrixScalper 2020 is more aggressive because I am Adding Generate Signal from default Indicator  to This EA.  A excellent str
1 000 USD
You can trade one-way with this product. Pre-adjustable start and end price entries are made. Then, the transaction intervals are determined. When the price reaches its target, trade stops. The most important issue is to find the start and end according to the support resistance levels. In addition, the maximum number of transactions that can be opened with risk management can be limited. Some price levels will be given free of charge when purchasing this product. Thank you for your support by p
30 USD
Telegram Signal
Nikita Chernyshov
5 (1)
Utility Description A utility that sends text and graphics messages from MetaTrader to Telegram . The information transmitted relates to trading activity on the account: Opening \ closing deals; Placing \ deleting pending orders; Modification of Stop Loss \ Take Profit \ pending order prices; Triggering Stop Loss \ Take Profit; Pending order activation. It does not work in the strategy tester. Check the utility on the demo account using the free version of Telegram Signal Free  The utility
98 USD
Waddah Attar Fastest Close All. This utility will Close all your orders in fastest possible way. say you have 100 EURUSD , 75 GBPUSD and 120 USDJPY orders ... and you decide to close all of them . the expert will make hedge to all thats orders in three orders only ..  one to eurusd and one to usdjpy and one to gbpusd . then close this 100% hedge of your all orders by CloseBy method. you can set ProfitDollar (more than zero)  and LossDollar (less than zero) proprties to auto close all o
30 USD
Трендовый мультитаймфреймовый стрелочный индикатор. Не перерисовывает сигналы после закрытия свечи.          Приемущества Индикатор никогда не перерисовывает, не пересчитывает и не достраивает сигналы. Работает на всех символах и таймфреймах. Торговля Выход из сделки на покупку при появлении нового сигнала на продажу. Выход из сделки на продажу при появлении нового сигнала на покупку.
30 USD
Momentum Pro
Mikhail Nazarenko
Professional version of the Momentum indicator. Works great on trending currency pairs, and also accurately shows where to top up positions by trend. It displays the direction of entry on the chart with arrows and alerts when an entry point appears. With a minimal interface has high functionality. Features It has no lag and gives a noticeable advantage over the standard Momentum indicator Simple and intuitive graphical interface, minimum settings. Settings of each moving for your trading style.
55 USD
Turn by LATA lab
Olena Kondratenko
Do you want to trade quickly, easily and get daily profit? Then our new indicator was created just for you! TURN is an author multi currency strategy that simultaneously determines the end of a trend, entry points and estimated profit levels for each transaction. The indicator can determine entry points in any trading period, starting from the chart M5 to W1. At the same time, for the convenience of the user, the entry point in the form of an arrow is always drawn at a certain point and the rec
79 USD
Simple indicator - show potential entry points in the form of changes in the color of lines of the corresponding color. Entrance to the next bar is expected after the color changes, but there may be individual recommendations. But do not forget that the approach should be comprehensive, indicator signals require additional information to enter the market. It is practically not late, behaves correctly in the periods of speculation. This is one of the few indicators that reliably works on tradi
69 USD
Arrows Pro
Leonid Arkhipov
Arrow Pro indicator I made the price as low as possible so that everyone could afford to buy an indicator. I can’t guarantee you millions of earnings. This is not a grail, but the indicator gives 40% -50% of signals at the top / bottom of the market. This indicator can be used in combination with your strategies. As a filter, you can use the indicator of levels H1-H4, I think this tactic will work very well. The indicator can be used in its pure form. Trading tactics I described below. Of the a
30 USD
Progress Scalp
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Progress Scalp strategy is based on tick trading principles. At its core, this strategy is fenders, that is, the trader receives signals for opening positions during pullbacks from the main movement. A distinctive feature of this strategy is that transactions are concluded only during periods of strong tick movements in the forex market. The Progress Scalp strategy was developed for trading with different currency pairs. You need to choose a currency pair with the lowest spreads and virtual
650 USD
EasyADX Sreener
Raymond Codjia
5 (1)
For those who already know EasyADX: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32503 EasyADX Screener is the multi-pair version which simplifies the use of the indicator. It saves the resources of your computer, for example for the simple version, you will have to open all the pairs in metatrader to analyze them with the indicator but the multipair version, you launch it on a pair of your choice and it task to analyze all the pairs you pass to it in parameters: - Button lights red, Bearish tren
48 USD
The Breaking Highs and Lows Indicator finds areas of support and resistance based on past trending activity. It uses an algorithm to compare jumps in the periods of highest highs and lowest lows. It compares the current period with the prior period to see if there is a significant jump in periods that it has been the highest high or the lowest low for. For instance, if the current period has been the highest high for 100 days, where the prior period was the highest high for 5 days, this would be
30 USD
Ivan Strekalov
This is an indicator for determining the trend. Only one parameter determines the length of the trend, for m1 this parameter is equal to the number of minutes within one trend. The indicator has  minimum parameters. It displays the current wave on the chart. Works on any TF and pair. Works great in trend and flat. How to trade: On M5 period 270 is the trend of the week. On M5  period 40 is trade signals  within the trend of the week. What is the core of forex trading: First
100 USD
Trader Dream 04 MT4
Marco Stacchiotti
THE MAIN IDEA. First of all, this is the fourth of an EA family, based on same strategy applied to different indicators.  This means that the same strategy and same money management is applied to different indicators with spread main filtering.     All EAs are sensitive to TF, please optimize H4, H1, M30. There is great difference. Final goal is to design an EA with higher success rate possible, with lowest losses overall.      This peculiarity, will grow confidence in EA usage, for long t
2 000 USD
Trader Dream 03 MT4
Marco Stacchiotti
THE MAIN IDEA. First of all, this is the third of an EA family, based on same strategy applied to different indicators.  This means that the same strategy and same money management is applied to different indicators with spread main filtering. All EAs are sensitive to TF, please optimize H4, H1, M30. There is great difference. Final goal is to design an EA with higher success rate possible, with lowest losses overall.  This peculiarity, will grow confidence in EA usage, for long term satisfa
2 000 USD
The Real Time Strategy bot is a scalping system. You can download and test the bot for free this way by yourself making sure of its capabilities. The bot can be tested on different currency pairs and different periods. The main thing is to set the tester settings as shown in the screenshot, for correct testing. It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread in the region of 6 pips. There are enough such brokers in the market. In those moments when the spread will be lower than the one set
633 USD
NoDoubt Money In System
NOTE:  The EA open and close trades automatically. It only open one position at a time and close it at high profit or less loss. A next position will be opened whenever the EA Strategy requirements are met. Watch our video to see how it works.   DEFAULT INPUTS: ARE CHANGEABLE Variable Value  Warning  Use [PIPS] not [POINTS]  Trade Size  0.05  Maximum Spread  3.0  Adjusted in OnInit  3  Maximum Stop Loss  0.0   Maximum Take Profit  0.0  Audible alerts  True  Maximum Open Trades  1  Hedging  T
1 200 USD
Trader Dream 01 MT4
Marco Stacchiotti
Please refer for real trading results to my page at https://www.mql5.com/en/users/marcostacc71/news THE MAIN IDEA. First of all, this is the first of an EA family, based on same strategy applied to different indicators.  This means that the same strategy and same money management is applied to different indicators with spread main filtering.     All EAs are sensitive to TF, please optimize H4, H1, M30. There is great difference. Final goal is to design an EA with higher success rate possi
2 000 USD
This EA has been developed for USDJPY H1 TF. Everything is tested and ready for immediate use on real account. Everything is tested for USDJPY H1 timeframe . Strategy is based on   STOCHASTIC indicator . It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  ATR  STOP LOSS and FIXED TAKE PROFIT . Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS. At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps. !!!Adjust these times to your b
99 USD
Dmitriy Prigodich
The Tarantulas expert Advisor is a night scalper and a robot for position trading at the same time. Thanks to deep settings, this expert Advisor becomes an indispensable assistant in trading. On the basis of this EA, you can implement dozens or even hundreds of profitable strategies. Smart position tracking and time trading functions are enabled. Trading is performed on pullbacks from overbought and oversold zones on trend changes. The trend is determined using the author's "Providec
100 USD
Introducing "FX Intelligent Fighter", the best forex EA for maintaining a profitable account over the period of years. Basically, this EA's strategy is based on combining multiple algorithms with a touch of Artificial Intelligence for finding purely profitable entries in the tough and challenging market like Forex. After a heavy research on different market conditions, news events etc, developers created this EA to be work in almost every market condition and timeframe independently. By doing ye
300 USD
The EA is a utimiate auto expert advisor! the EA have a untique TP and  Sl algorithm! Not Martingale! Not GRID!  All orders are opened with a strictly fixed Stop Loss defalut settings are suitable to all of symbol ,which manifests the steady strategy Timeframe: 15minute Recommend Symbol : GBPCAD GBPCHF AUDCAD CHFJPY  EURAUD  NZDCAD EURCHF minimum desposit :100 Usd Parameter  Introduction Order_Magic :the order's magic number Order_Comment :the order's magic number Order_Maxspread:the order's m
99 USD
NDFT Modification
NDFT Modification is a trading panel for Fundamental (news) Traders. It is suitable for modification and executing a trade. This trading panel can be used in all trading pairs including: currency, indices, commodities, stocks, futures etc. The trading panel was tested in Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers. It is recommended to trade with this pane when you have a suitable fundamental (news) trading strategy.   
290 USD
NDFT Hedging
NDFT Hedging is a trading panel for Fundamental (news) Traders. It is suitable for modification and executing a trade. This trading panel can be used in all trading pairs including: currency, indices, commodities, stocks, futures etc. The trading panel was tested in Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers. It is recommended to trade with this pane when you have a suitable fundamental (news) trading strategy.   
350 USD
NDFT Execution
NDFT Execution is a trading panel for Fundamental (news) Traders. It is suitable for modification and executing a trade. This trading panel can be used in all trading pairs including: currency, indices, commodities, stocks, futures etc. The trading panel was tested in Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers. It is recommended to trade with this pane when you have a suitable fundamental (news) trading strategy.   
290 USD
NDFT Modification Execution
NDFT Modification Execution is a trading panel for Fundamental (news) Traders. It is suitable for modification and executing a trade. This trading panel can be used in all trading pairs including: currency, indices, commodities, stocks, futures etc. The trading panel was tested in Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers. It is recommended to trade with this panel  when you have a suitable fundamental (news) trading strategy.    
290 USD
Ivan Simonika
SignalRB - the arrow indicator shows potential entry points into the market in the form of arrows of the corresponding color: up arrows (blue) offer to open a purchase, down arrows (red) - to sell. The appearance of arrows may be accompanied by sound signals if the sound option is enabled. It is supposed to enter the next bar after the pointer, but there may be non-standard recommendations for each strategy. SignalRB visually “unloads” the price chart and saves analysis time: there is no sign
59 USD
Extremums  and   Candles              1. Description The Extremums and Candles (EC) indicator is a custom indicator based on the visual analysis of candles. The indicator displays the direction of price movement and extremes for the studied period of time. The EC indicator is designed according to the principle that candles inside the next one or inside the previous one, regardless of their type and the length of their shadows, are not taken into account when determining the direction of marke
45 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
An indicator from the zigzag family with levels. First of all, I will point out arguments in favor of the advisability of using a level indicator. They give the trader the following benefits: Alternative points of view - the level indicator helps to look at the levels from the side, compare them with several automatic systems, identify errors; Saving time - reducing the cost of effort for self-building lines; Exact mathematical calculation - quick calculation of levels, ratios of indicato
67 USD
The Fibonacci Of Yesterday Ultimate indicator is designed to trade for most popular Fibonacci strategy that's based on the previous day's high and low. It automatically identifies and show Entry levels , Stop loss levels and Take profit levels , according to the yesterday D1 candle by Fibonacci levels. As well as the traditional Fibonacci tool also included. However, it is very user friendly rather than default available one. On the other hand one more tool included. It automatically identifies
50 USD
Very Accurate Market Trend Indicator! Advantages easy, nice visual and effective trend detection given Always opportunities works on all pairs Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, Indicies works on all timeframes, but higher TF 1-4Hr is more effective !!!! WARNING !!!! This is trend indicator, it searching for trends in the market! You need patience and you may see loosing trades in a row but that is normal! Do not panick! Once you detect the trends and its confirmed there will be plenty of pi
81 USD
Account Fund Income Trend Line Indicator 1. This indicator is used to automatically draw a curve and a histogram of the profit amount of the trading order that has been closed in the current account and the account balance after the position,and the three data of the transaction volume, which is applicable to all cycles of the chart.2. The three data can be exported into CSV files by date, which is convenient for data analysis of third-party software.  3. The indicator contains an external para
10 USD
!!!!! SEE FOR YOURSELF !!!!!! The chart and profit just creeps up. THE MAIN THING IS TO STOP IN TIME AND CLOSE ALL ORDERS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The adviser is both for dispersing a small Deposit, and for confident earnings. The robot works in automatic mode and interruptions to the server or disconnections for a certain time will not affect the robot's operation. a successful trade. If you have questions about editin
30 USD
Very profitable expert Advisor.(see profitability and maximum drawdown). It was executed on an order for the company. SALE IS PROHIBITED!!!!! ------------------------------------------------- Rules: Trade only on EURUSD. stop - false. bar-0.0025 _ height of the bar to start opening an order. the higher the bar, the less risk and less profitability.(minimum 0.0015) LotTrend - 0.01 _ for quiet trading.(100$ - min. Deposit) Profit_all-3.0 _ closing all profit orders. Profit
1 500 USD
Ahmad Alsaegh
Eng GBP   Eng GBP is a an advanced trading system used for All currencies based on Fibonacci Levels and breakout strategies combination The EA has been tested in the strategy tester in different trading conditions and shows a good result. The H4 time frame is recommended for calculation and H1 for trading  Settings will be uploaded for GBPUSD. Features Fixed lot and auto lot  Money management ( Equity / $ mode )  Trade safely Repeated order when another chance occurs and easy settings to use S
75 USD
Keris Keramat
Mohamed Faizal Bin Che Omar
Keris Keramat is an indicator that gives you signals when to buy or sell. It is a non repainting indicator. It can be used on almost all instruments. The time frame to use   is M15. For desktop MT4 only. It’s good for Intraday or Swing Traders. Very easy to use even for a rookie trader. No need to change any parameter setting. Just plug & play. The indicator will only paint arrows, whether upward pointing arrow (for buy) or downward pointing arrow (for sell).   All arrows that painted on the ch
100 USD
Unable To Find The Main Trend? Wish To Get In Drive With Main Trend? Then BEAK Candle Is The Perfect Choice For You   How To Use This Candle Pattern?  Simple as you want! =>here you may follow the BLUE CANDLE to get in any trade =>Blue candle must come after previous candle BODY CLOSE =>If blue candle cover and close with previous candle body upper side then place BUY TRADE  =>If blue candle cover a
200 USD
Simple Trades
Oluremi Oluyale
Simple Trades Simple Trades  EA scalps the intra-day price movement in the direction of trend.  Timeframe:  The time frame it is attached to is irrelevant. It takes its calculations from different time frames. Pair:  It can work on any instrument.  Performance:  EA is a great tool for scalping short and medium price directions. An open position can be on from between 1- 5 days. PARAMETERS 1.  Begin Hr:  Hour of the day you want EA to start scanning the market for trading opportunities. 2.  End
500 USD
Praveen Elango
Hi traders, This is advanced trend based martingale strategy which capture both sideways and trending market. It is based on Grid and martingale system with account protection and more profit accumulation. Here I am describing my EA for forex currency markets.  Use a micro account and micro lot size initially to train with our EA. Use strategy tester to see the performance and how it works Expected daily profit - 5-20% (exceeding this is a bonus) Expected drawdown - 10% (20% or even to 40% assum
499 USD
News After is a NEWS trading system AFTER important macro news releases. It is different from other news system in 3 ways: News After will NOT place stop orders before the news. It will place market order following the trend after the news. News After does NOT trade news simply based on its impact (High, Medium) from calendars. It trades selected news based on historical backtest performance. It will not trade some high-impact news, but will trade several medium-impact news. News After will ope
399 USD
iPopcron Ver.1.93  Up Date 3-Candle Price Action line buffer 2-3 Refresh  line  10  candle/Minute  For binary or iQ *Non-Repainting *No-Sideway  because "band_ATR" is  control Arrow *Working MT4 Only  is  Binary trand   M1  / M5  ok.  Martingale 5/5 or < 5  // 5 candle *trade on H1-D1 for Forex MT4 Parameters : --------------------------------------------------- BBands_TMA+ATRfunction_Mode:: Bands Period                       = 35 Bands_Deviations              = 1.5 D
2 000 USD
Orion MT4
Marta Gonzalez
ORION  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of Independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions ORION     It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.      ORION . It is a 100% automatic system,  The system is self-sufficient, performing all the work.     Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. You can download the demo and te
30 USD
Hammer SS
Catalin Zachiu
This expert places pending stop orders using the Hammer and Shooting Star candle patterns at trade levels calculated using highest and lowest price from the last 40 candles combined with Bar Range . It is a long term expert and is especially made for the GPB/USD pair  , M 15 timeframe . All positions have Stop Loss and Take Profit and the option to be closed at the end of the day . Lot size may be fixed or % of the account equity .The expert also has TrailStop and BreakEven functions . TakeProfi
30 USD
Smart win mcp expert
5 (1)
Multi-currency expert advisor based on the strategy of breaking through levels and trading on the trend. You can you it for scalp with little take profits. Martingale and averaging are NOT used! Use a demo account to check the expert's performance! It is necessary to conduct tests of each pair before making a decision to use it in the expert! Does not work correctly in the tester! Usd demo acc to test it. Main strategy settings: Easy and Hard . For the Hard method you must use stricte
30 USD
Szymon Palczynski
Dualistic indicator with multi-functional panel. Using trading indicators is part of any technical trader’s strategy. Paired with the right tools, it could help you gain more insight into price trends. The Veil indicator combines price points of a financial instrument over a specified time frame and makes summary calculations. In a nutshell, it identifies market trends, showing current support and resistance levels, and also forecasting future levels. Is the system important?  "The AMOUNT of m
40 USD
AKCAP Trend Analyzer
AK Capital Markets Ltd.
Long Term trend analyzer according to proprierty Algorithm and multiple EMA. Works best on H1-H4 Time Frame. We are using this indicator in our Main Fund. Ready to use.  - Setup in any Pair, Equity - H1-H4 Timeframe - Best during main Trading times like Asian-European-American Time - NON REPAINTING Analyze long term trend. Comes with Alarm, Notifications, Push Signals. Get a signal and enter the Markets. 
50 USD
SPECIAL PRICE  Great offers on all products. Great opportunities. Three overlapping Bollinger. This indicator is ready for use with three overlapping bollinger bands. Ideal for traders who love bollinger bands who in this way can see directly from a graph how the bollinger bands move in a higher Timeframe without having to change the graph and timeframe. This indicator identifies the real squeezes that start on three different timeframes. The signal thus becomes more valid and certain.
30 USD
The Chart Overlay indicator displays the price action of different products on the same chart, allowing you to evaluate how different symbols fluctuate relative to each other. You may use it to make trading decisions based on convergence / divergence of the displayed products, i.e. USDCAD - XTIUSD, EURUSD - USDCHF etc.  Usage Find overbought or oversold products Adapts to chart size, zoom and timeframe Automatic price level calculation Customizable colors Click 'c' to open underline product in s
50 USD
This EA has been developed for EURUSD H1 TF. Everything is tested and ready for immediate use on real account. Everything is tested for EURUSD H1 timeframe . Strategy is based on   EMA indicator . It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  ATR  STOP LOSS . To catch more profit there is also a  BREAKEVEN  function provided. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS. For every candle the pending orders are modified to adapt the market
99 USD
STRI scalping
Fernando Gomez
Eagle scalping STRI is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on Stochastic and RSI and supporting 4 and 5-digit quotes. This EA provides the best results in an uptrend or a downtrend market. 3 Recommendations              EA Settings: Use default settings or the set file provided.              Symbol: EURUSD              Time Frame: M5              Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:200-500+ leverage              No Minimum Deposit required: Risk ratio is compute based on
99 USD
Multi Currency Strength Dashboard Scalper SCALP SIGNALS BASED ON THE ANALYSIS OF THE STRENGTH OF THE CROSS CURRENCY PAIRS- MAKES THE SIGNALS STRONG Indicator Dashboard- calculates the strength of all markets , currency pairs , commodities . Using a proprietary logic. This data can be used to judge and take decisions whether to buy or sell them. If the particular market is strong means it is bullish , and also the related pair of that market is strong then it will be highly probable that t
90 USD
Trend MM
1 (1)
The Trend MM indicator is a specialized algorithm for evaluating the current market situation, as well as for displaying on the screen the optimal places to create successful positions. To identify the best places to create successful positions of a considered algorithm performs the analysis of the peaks and troughs of the price level.  This algorithm displays fairly clear signals on the screen, which can be used to determine the places for creating successful positions. it can be recommended t
34.99 USD
Push NR
The Push NR Forex indicator is a popular oscillator that recognizes the trend and flat and gives signals to enter the market without redrawing. The indicator can be used on any currency pair and timeframe . The algorithm performs complex calculations, in particular, it uses Spearman's rank correlation. Push NR signals: The algorithm is an oscillator, so its main purpose is to identify local overbought/oversold areas.  In particular, when the Push NR lines are in the range from -0.95 to -0.7
39.99 USD
Pulse ZZ
The Pulse ZZ indicator is a specialized algorithm that is designed to assess the market situation and identify the optimal moments for creating successful positions. The algorithm in question is, in fact, an improved version of the CCI tool, which provides higher accuracy of the output signals, and also has a large number of configurable parameters.  The signals of the described algorithm are as simple as possible, which makes it a suitable choice for most novice speculators who do not have
30.99 USD
Brent Wti spread indicator shows the difference of Brent and Wti value. Trading Strategy: Identify the range of spread movement. To buy the difference execute these 2 trades “Buy BRENT and Sell WTI” To sell the difference execute these 2 trades “Sell WTI and Buy BRENT”   Indicator Settings: Main Setting Indicator Maximum : Maximum level to show in indicator Indicator Minimum : Minimum level to show in indicator Brent Symbol Name : Symbol name of Brent WTI Symbol Name : Symbol name of Wti
39 USD
Partial Close EA is used to partially close running trades. EA has an option to filter out the trades and works only on specific trades. Following are the filters for the EA: 1.     Magic Number: Have an option to works on all orders with the given magic number 2.     Order Number: Can work specifically on the single order with the given order number 3.     Chart: Can work for all the trades of the current attached chart Example : Let’s say the lot size of any trade is 1 lot and following is the
49 USD
Zigzag X2
Zigzag x2  The  Zig Zag indicator  plots points on the chart whenever prices reverse by a percentage greater than a pre-chosen variable. Straight lines are then drawn, connecting these points. The  indicator  is used to help identify price trends. It eliminates random price fluctuations and attempts to show trend changes  The  indicator  lowers the impact of random price fluctuations, highlighting underlying bull and bear power. more · Gartley Pattern  Definition
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Trade Control
Andrii Malakhov
Утилита-риск-менеджер для защиты вашего депозита от полной потери денег. Если вы инвестор и решили передать деньги в доверительное управление, вам нужен Trade Control. Так трейдер не нарушит свои же правила риск-менеджмента и не сольет все ваши деньги. Для этого Trade Control должен находится на вашем VPS. И у управляющего трейдера не должно быть доступа к настройкам данной улититы. В момент слабости, трейдер не сможет увеличить заложенные в торговлю риски. И не потеряет ваш депозит за один неуд
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Alpha Z
Juan Perez Pereira
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This is ALPHA Z , Real Accounts Monitoring: Broker IC Markets (ECN Account) MONEY MANAGER = NORMAL :  https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/717320 Alpha Z is not a simple expert advisor, it is the combination of a set of perfectly combined trading strategies that are complemented with one objective: DIVERSIFY AND WIN. Trading strategies alone do not always have good results. Alpha Z implements a set powerful combined strategies that counteract the drawdown periods of each of them. This confluence min
299 USD
Sophia PRO
LIVE THE MOMENT WITH SOPHIA. Adapt the configuration for your style of trading. If you are more aggressive or conservative, just decide, but recommended Test Before Real . Drag to any chart and start trading automatically. SOPHIA will follow the PRICE . Just forget about indicators that only represent what happened in the past. You may find thousands of different indicators but you may have the impression most of them are based on the same. Price moves by fundamental aspects, maybe going
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