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MTF Qristalium Arrows

Indicator MTF Qristalium Arrows is a semi - automatic trading system. It works on all currency pairs.

 The indicator uses three rules: 1) we trade only on the trend, 2)"buy when everyone sells and sell when everyone buys", 3) the Price always goes against the crowd. 

Indicator MTF Arrows Qristalium filter rules across multiple time frames using the built-in indicators. If the trend matches on the selected time intervals, the indicator will give an arrow to enter the market. Then you make your own decision. Buy-green arrow, sell-red arrow. In the indicator, you can change the lot, set the trading time of the EA and the time of its shutdown. You can also change the working period and time filters. There's a beep.
 Recommended working period D1. Filters H1 and H4. 
  • TF-working period (recommended D1)
  • CCI_Period
  • CCI Level up
  • CCI Level Dn
  • CCI Price
  • SAR Step
  • SAR Maximum
  • TF Filter1 – (recommended H1)
  • TF Filter2 – (recommended H4)
  • WorkTime 
  • Sound Use
  • MaxBars

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Version 1.20 2019.10.03
Improved the algorithm of the indicator
Version 1.10 2019.10.01
The indicator operation algorithm has been improved.