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The trading strategy of the expert Advisor is based on the search for a gap (price gap)
Basically, most gaps are closed on the same day or within a few days, the expert Advisor monitors such price gaps and when it appears, opens an order in the opposite direction, in the direction of closing.

There is settings search GEPA only in Monday, the search for GEPA every day on a change of days, and 0-24 the search for GEPA 24 hours a day.

In the settings there is a spread filter,trailing stop, breakeven, MA (moving average) all functions can be disabled or configured.

One weighted optimization of settings for all currency pairs was performed.


The minimum Deposit is $100.

I do not advise to set the risk of more than 1% per currency pair.

Working period-H4. It is also possible to optimize the EA trading on a smaller or larger timeframe.

 Peculiar properties 
Trailing stop;
There are no restrictions on the Deposit amount;
Not used high-risk type strategy martingale, grid, hedging etc.;
Suitable for all currency pairs and timeframes;
Protection against spread widening when opening an order;
Always set stop loss and take profit
Money management system with full risk control.

MagicId-unique number of the EA;
Orders Mode - a way to open a trade pending order (pending) or buy on the market (instant);
Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot;
Money Management-money management,enable (true)/disable (false);
Lot based on % of Equity - maximum percentage per trade from the Deposit;
Stop Loss - loss in points;
Take Profit-profit in points;
Slippage - protection against slippage in points;
Max Spread - maximum spread to open a trade.
Work Time begin - time of the EA;
Work time end - end time of the EA operation;
Trade on Monday-enable (true)/disable (false);
Trade on Tuesday-enable (true)/disable (false);
Trade on Wednesday-enable (true)/disable (false);
Trade on Thursday is to enable (true)/disable (false);
Trade on Friday-enable (true)/disable (false);
Close at New Day - enable (true)/disable (false) the closing of the transaction on the next day;
Use Close Time-enable (true)/disable (false) closing a trade by time;
Close Time - time to close the trade.
Set Breakevent (0-Not use) - activate breakeven in points; 
Set Profit Breakevent-transfer stop loss in points.
Trailstop (0-Not use) - activate trailing in points;
Trailprofit - transfer of stop loss in points;
Trailstep-trailing step.
Use Moving Average Filter-enable (true)/disable (false);
Moving Average Trend Length (bars) - bars;
Moving Average Period - moving average period;
Moving Average Type-setting the moving average (Simple,Exponential,Smoothed,Linear weighted).
 Tests of currency pairs were conducted from 2015.01.01 to 2019.30.09 (one screen test of one currency pair).

 After buying the adviser, be sure to email me and I'll send you a set of files with the current settings...

 Any questions please write, I will be happy to answer them.
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