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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 154

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Day Range with replacing
Aleksandr Martynov
The next version of the indicator based on the range of previous day. Considers a difference of time zones. By default works the time zone of the broker. Can work on time zones: Greenwich, broker or local.  It can be applied only on timeframe from H1 below. If the day range of new day is lower minimum, then minimum is transferred from ranges of previous day symmetrically concerning the line of closing previous day (optionally, look Input parameters ). Screenshot 1: operation of the
50 USD
Grid Primordial
Iurii Tokman
Советник использует в качестве сигналов для входа в рынок показания двух индикаторов RSI и Moving Average. Вход в рынок происходит рыночной позицией и сеткой отложенных ордеров Buy Stop или Sell Stop. Ордера и позиции имеют физические уровни прибыли и убытка. В советнике реализован метод локирования позиций не достигших уровня ограничения убытка, при этом используется второй уровень прибыли заданный в валюте депозита. Описание настроек RSIPeriod - период усреднения для вычисления индекса RSI.
375 USD
Parabolic SAR plus
Claus Dietrich
Parabolic SAR plus is a simple indicator that lets you know when the Parabolic-Sar might turn its direction. For long-term-trends activate an moving average and set a trend-value in these indicator Notice comes via screen-alert, email and notification Filter MA, MA-Channel (high / low) Alerts alert, push-notification, arrows, send email Advantages Signal after close, no repaint, no cross-over signal best Timeframes: H1 all Major-Forex-Pairs Send custom email header Important rule Look fo
79 USD
REXpro POWERarrow
Christophe Godart
This indicator for MT4 is the pro version of the REX family. Perfect for beginners and intermediates. REXpro is 100% non repaint and can be used on every timeframe. The strategy is based on a mix of different strategies, statistics, including pivot points, oscillators and patterns. It is an independent strategy that is not based on any custom strategy online. As the trading idea consists of a variety of some classic indicators like CCI or Stochastic, it is clear that the fundamental indicators h
35 USD
Night Envelopes
Alexander Nikolaev
This trading adviser is designed for trading during a low volatility, when the majority of the population sleeps or rests. You can set up any trading hours (for example, from 23 pm to 9 am) and the closing hour of all open trades. Can make no more than 2 transactions in one direction, so that it is not critical for the deposit. To open trades uses the lines of the indicator Envelopes. When testing and trading on the standard settings, be sure to optimize the trading time and transaction closin
15 USD
Aggressive Grid Sniper
Scott Fredeman
Attention Aggressive Grid Sniper Users: Please see our Blog post for new Setting files and updates at this link:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/719832 This expert advisor will open and manage trades using a fixed or incremental grid system. Default fixed grid distance is set to 50 pips while the incremental system, if set to true will adjust your grid distance according to the amount of balance in your account from 50 pips down to 10 pips in increments of 10 pips. Magic Number (Set to
147 USD
EA Sato MT4
Ruslan Pishun
Sato  - smart automatic trading robot, which makes trend transactions using up to 15 trend indicators. The robot is developed on the basis of a real trading strategy. Very easy to configure, does not require special knowledge. You can quickly start trading using the default settings. The robot is optimized for 26 currency pairs and does not need optimization. Stop-loss and take-profit are established for each order, and also various methods of order modifications are used. Monitoring :  https://
129 USD
RSI Mashka
Oleg Prokhorov
The trading robot RSI MAshka is designed primarily for committing rare, but fairly accurate transactions for the sale of EURUSD. The main idea is to determine the moments of the market drop and calculate the conditions for entering the sale. To find the conditions for entering the market, the system is equipped with 7 indicators of two types , the analysis of which occurs on 3 timeframes . These are oscillators and trend indicators. The trading robot did not require an account type, and can work
990 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Экспертная система IdeaClassic создана для спокойной торговли на рынке. Основная ее задача - работа с одни ордером без увеличения лота с обязательными стопами, причем стоп-лосс и тейк-профит должны быть одного порядка. Также есть возможность использовать трейлинг-стоп. Для формирования входного сигнала используется индикатор IdeaTrend . Для анализа данного индикатора используется функция, которая может анализировать данные индикатора комплексно. Анализируется до десяти последних сигналов от инди
184 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
ForexNewsTrader Expert Advisor is intended for trading on news only. EA downloads the news calendar from site forexfactory.com. News appear on the chart in the form of text messages and vertical lines. When the price approaches this line, the adviser places pending orders for purchase and for sale. If the "Modify pending orders" function is enabled, orders will move behind the price (up and down) and stay at the set distance from the price, which will not allow the order to worked ahead of time,
139 USD
Ichimoku OnOff MT4
Fabrizio Malavasi
The Ichimoku On-Off  gives you the power to control the indicator and at the same time to stay focused on the price How it works: you can choose if you want the indicator always shown or always hided while switching among different time frames or financial instruments . Starting from this initial condition it's possible to show/hide   the indicator just pressing the button or using the keyboard. Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen and Senkou Span B are simple averages of the highest price and the lowest
30 USD
Aleksander Chernov
Основная идея - распределение баланса для торговли на большом количестве валютных инструментов . Это позволяет отслеживать большее количество движений цены на рынке и извлекать из этого большую прибыль. Используется индикатор CCI (14) на таймфреймах H4 и M5 , фильтры: по минимальному лоту, по спреду. Встроена функция защиты депозита от потери ( ALARM_STOP_Eqyity ) и ограничивающие торговлю параметры ( Min_Proc_Sv_Sr и ALARM_Proc_Sv_Sr ). Автоматически рассчитывается для каждого инструмента: торг
79 USD
News Hunter Bot MultiDay
Aleh Sasonka
This expert Advisor is a more developed version of  News Hunter Bot OneTime . The EA places pending orders BuyStop and SellStop before the news release at a specified distance from the current price. The date and time of the news release is set in the EA parameters for a few days in advance. In total, you can set the time for 20 news. Also, the EA indicates how many minutes before the news you need to place pending orders and after how many minutes you should remove pending orders that have not
10 USD
Dmitry Shutov
Общие сведения Для начала торговли достаточно небольшого депозита. Подходит для мульти-валютной торговли. Не зависим от качества соединения и торговых условий. Мониторинг моих счетов : https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/mizrael Принцип работы Эксперт открывает ордера по встроенному индикатору. Если прибыль ордера больше значения параметра Profit в пунктах графика. Данный ордер закрывается и открывается новый в противоположном направлении объёмом Lot . Если прибыль ордера меньше значения па
50 USD
Robust Trend Hunter
Ting Wai Ng
Robust Trend Hunter is a fully automated EA aiming to capture sizable movements within trends. Unlike many other EAs within the market requiring continuous update or optimization, it manages to sustainably perform well in ever-changing market conditions without intermittent adjustments. Besides, the inbuilt money management function allows you to adjust the risk level according to your personal trading objectives. Main features Sturdy trend following system that is able to withstand most marke
100 USD
Acceleration Fractals
Vladimir Tkach
The indicator analyzes the change in the minimum and maximum prices of the previous bars fixing the entrance of the big players. If the change (delta) increases, a signal is displayed on the graph in the form of an arrow. At the same time, virtual trade on history is carried out. In case of a repeat of the signal, the positions are increased (refilling). Thus the lot of positions can differ. The results of virtual trading in the form of losses / losses, profitability, drawdown and transaction li
30 USD
Email Mobile RSI Alert
Jose Luis Lominchar
Simple indicator designed to send alerts to email and/or mobile (push notifications) if the RSI exceeds the overbought/oversold limits configured. Explore a series of timeframes and preset FOREX symbols , take note on those crosses where limits are exceeded, and send grouped notifications with the following customizable look: RSI Alert Notification Oversoldl! EURUSD PERIOD_M15 14.71 Overbought! EURTRY PERIOD_MN1 84.71 Overbought! USDTRY PERIOD_MN1 82.09 Works for the following periods : M15, M3
30 USD
Loss Destroyer DEMO
Leonid Svetezky
Restriction of DEMO version: Closed the orders only GBPJPY symbol, regardless of which pair is set and which settings are selected. Loss Destroyer do not open an order. It is intended only for closing loss-making orders. The expert closes loss-making orders, when the account appears profit from other orders. In this case, you can use part of the profit or the entire profit (indicated in the settings). If the profit to close the order is not enough, the order will be partially closed. When there
Loss Destroyer
Leonid Svetezky
Loss Destroyer do not open an order. It is intended only for closing loss-making orders. The expert closes loss-making orders, when the account appears profit from other orders. In this case, you can use part of the profit or the entire profit (indicated in the settings). If the profit to close the order is not enough, the order will be partially closed. When there is a new profit - the adviser will continue to close the loss. This is an adviser who automatically closes a part (or completely) of
30 USD
Torsten Hempel
This EA keeps an eye on drawn lines and opens orders according to a specification. It is a semi-automatic robot, which does NOT draw or change any lines. A user can draw them manually or use tools like Trendline-Architect or Channel-Architect, which draws lines automatically. OBJ_TREND, OBJ_CHANNEL, OBJ_TRENDBYANGLE, OBJ_REGRESSION, OBJ_STDDEVCHANNEL and OBJ_FIBOCHANNEL objects will be detected - others will be ignored. The lines or channels have to have valid coordinates and rayed to the right,
30 USD
FXtraderariel Indicator
Ariel Capja
This is the FXTraderariel-Indicator . It scans the market for opportunities and creates a buy or sell signal. Depending on the settings and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-term trading . The indicator can be used on every time frame , but we advise to use it on H1, H4 and D1 . Especially if you are a novice trader. Pro Traders can also you use it for scalping in smaller timeframes (M1, M5 and M15). This indicator is not a complete trading system. It doesn't give you exit point
100 USD
Twenty Magic Number Auto Close With Breakeven
Darius Botha
A Utility used for accounts with multiple open positions with Magic numbers added via Expert Advisors or manually. The Utility closes specific Magic number open positions when a certain profit in currency $ has been reached. The Utility also closes specific Magic numbers open positions with a break-even feature when the Expert Advisors or manually a certain amount of open positions has been placed. The Utility also closes all buy stops and sell stops when the "Take profit sum $" has been reache
30 USD
Digital Experts
Mohamed Nasseem
DIGITAL EXPERTS EA is a tool designed to assemble five of our digital experts into one expert as follows: MILCH COW HEDGE EA is primarily a Hedging Strategy. Expert support is to seize every opportunity in any direction. Not just opens the deals, but chooses the right time to close the open positions to begin trading again. MILCH COW MIX EA is primarily a Hedging and Multiples Strategy. Expert support is to seize every opportunity in any direction. Not just opens the deals, but chooses the right
30 000 USD
Doji Engulfing Paths
Boubacar Tidiane Traore
Presentation Doji Engulfing Paths enables to get signals and data about the doji and the engulfing patterns on charts. It makes it possible to get opportunities from trends, and to follow the directional moves to get some profits on the forex and stocks markets. It is a good advantage to take all the appearing opportunities with reversal signals and direct signals in order to obtain some profits on the forex market. System features With fast execution, it allows to register directly the inform
35 USD
Lorenzo Sentino
The We-Spread mt4 indicator is a spread trading tools and it is suitable for those who want to study the markets with a different approach to the contents that are normally available in online trading bookstores. I think the Spread Trading strategy is one of the best I've ever used in the last few years. This is a unique indicator for spread trading because allow you to study till 3 spreads in one time. What is Spread Trading on forex The Spread Trading is the study of the strength of 2 currency
249 USD
Swing Reader
Francesco Rubeo
Read Elliott wave principle automatically. With the Swing Reader, you can easily read the Elliott Wave Principle through an automatic system. With swing, we mean a ZigZag market that is created by a breakout of its standard deviation. You can set the deviation manually, or you can let the indicator do it automatically (setting the deviation to zero). Advantages you get Never repaints. Points showing a horizontal line, in which statistically a long wave ends. Candles showing a vertical line in
99.99 USD
Andrey Chiganaev
The script allows you to quickly and easily open trades (place orders) on the market. Features Buy and sell at a market price; Place pending orders: Buy/Sell Limit and Buy/Sell Stop; Open a trade with a custom volume; Calculate and set TakeProfit; Calculate and set StopLoss; Auto defining the number of decimal places; Auto defining a symbol the script has been applied to. What you get with the script Ability to calculate each trade instantly; Ability not to enter all calculated values manual
30 USD
Forex Edge EA
Carlo Forni
FOREX EDGE EA is an Expert Advisor that uses two Moving Averages as a signal to enter the market. It compares two Moving Averages of different periods and enters the market in the following ways: • Mode Cross: BUY when Moving Average Fast crosses over Moving Average Slow - SELL when Moving Average Fast crosses under Moving Average Slow; • Mode Simple: BUY when Moving Average Fast is higher than Moving Average Slow - SELL when Moving Average Fast is lower than Moving Average Slow; • Mode Manually
110 USD
HFT Deep Learning
Anddy Cabrera
Artificial Neural Networks – High-Frequency Trading Modern techniques like artificial neural networks (ANN) are best used for high-frequency trading for several reasons. First, they mimic human intelligence but they mostly don’t reach a human’s level of intelligence, therefore, there is no point in using those techniques on a time scale at which a human could easily be working. Their advantage comes from the speed of operation and constant activity. Second, we need a lot of data to train neural
30 USD
Jacob Zerella
Introduction to Athekros The development team has a finance and risk management background and for this reason the EA exploits main financial theories in order to trade. The trading system has been built with a primary goal: replicate the strategies of investment funds exploiting the accessibility of retail trading systems. For this reason performance are designed for longer time horizons. You do not need any knowledge, use default settings and no pre-optimization needed since optimization is no
250 USD
Cobra FX
Anton Kilin
The updated adviser Cobra , trading in a unique strategy, which has been rewritten for almost 10 years under the modern requirements for market conditions, has changed the way of trading from limit orders to market ones, while maintaining the principles of the classical strategy. The strategy is based on the calculation of the price deviation and the return to the average with several parameters taken into account. In trade, entry is used by orders in the market with a strong deviation of the pr
100 USD
Price Volume
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
This indicator calculates price movement with the Volume. The Volume indicates the number of deals in the desired period, but does not show number of contracts per deal. From this point of view, the tick does not reflect the true volume. However it is a valuable demand indicator. Volume and price are calculated with a special formula. There are 3 input parameters EMAPeriod: Price and volume data are calculated using this period of Moving Average first. DEMAPeriod: Results of first EMA, recalcu
50 USD
Intra Day Scalping EA
Oliver Gideon Amofa Appiah
The EA trades according to the specified trend. It only opens trades in the direction of the trend and changes direction once that trend changes. It has recovery function to offset any of the trades that goes into negative, seeking to close all in some profit or breakeven or minimal loss. Settings can fully be customized, whether for scalping or intraday purposes. DEFAULT SETTINGS OPTIMIZED FOR EURUSD, EURJPY and EURGBP. When testing, make sure the spread is not abnormal. The EA is versatile and
50 USD
Xlesia Ultimate
Yosafat Supono
This EA works when a big trend occurs and awaits the right moment of correction. It can run on more than one currency pair. Stop loss always exists. This EA passed backtest from 2000. One thing to note, this EA is sensitive to wide spreads, that is why this EA uses the spread filter. Recommendations Pairs EURUSD GBPUSD Timeframe M1 M5 M15 (best result) ECN is strongly advised. Minimal balance is $100. I recommend running it on VPS but you can also run it on your PC. Parameters Period = 5 (1-
100 USD
Andrey Kozak
Stiker is a robot capable of trading in automatic or semi-automatic mode . If auto=true in the robot settings, the robot automatically opens and closes orders on its own when a signal appears. If auto=false, the robot analyzes the market and shows signals on the screen, while a trader manually confirms opening or closing orders by clicking the Open Buy and Close Order buttons. This is done to enable traders make trading decisions themselves. This reduces the trading risk. Striker is a smart syst
147 USD
RSI Alerts with Arrows
Yurij Izyumov
The indicator is a modification of RSI Alerts . However, it does not have a separate RSI indicator window. Instead, it uses signal arrows on the price chart. This saves space on the symbol chart, without affecting the quality of received signals and alerts. Similar to RSI Alerts, the indicator can generate sound alert, send push notifications and email messages, as well as draw signal arrows. The display of arrow can be disabled. If the arrows are enabled, they only display the signals chosen in
30 USD
VSAs Candle Color Signal
Alexander Lasygin
The indicator paints the candlesticks in colors of volumes depending on the market situation. Along with candlestick coloring, you will receive alerts in the form of a regular alert. Red candles indicate the end or beginning of a downtrend or the end of a correction during an uptrend. Green candles mean the beginning or end of an uptrend or the end of a correction during a downtrend. Yellow candles represent the lack of interest on the market and a possible beginning of a flat. Blue ones have an
35 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Differences of Moving Averages This indicator plots short term trend with two moving averages difference and its signal line. Best result at 5 min chart in default parameters. There are 7 extern input parameters: MaShortPeriod: period of the first MA. MaLongPeriod: period of the second MA. ModeDoMA: DoMA method. ModePrc: MA price mode. SignalMaPeriod: Period of Signal MA. ModeSma: Signal MA mode. LabelLevel: Horizontal line level on display. Default parameters can be changed by user.
50 USD
Horizontal Support Resistance Lines
Velmurugan Esakki
This indicator draws Horizontal Support and Resistance automatically. It works with any symbol and any timeframe. Stronger Support Lines are displayed in thicker green horizontal lines. In the same way, Stronger Resistance lines are displayed with thicker red lines. Change the timeframe to display the Support and Resistance Lines of various timeframes.
50 USD
Hand Custom Channel
Vadim Zotov
An interactive trading robot. It trades inside different market patterns: Raff trend channel, narrowing or expanding channel, horizontal flat, triangle, flag, etc. The lines limiting these patterns should be set by the user manually. Strategy Fully automated trading robots cannot accurately recognize trend channels and other market patterns. Only a human can do it correctly. Using this robot, a person can draw a selected shape on the chart and trade automatically inside the selected area, from
80 USD
Historical Week Levels
Evgeniy Aksenov
Indicator builds the following historical week levels: Resistance Levels  — a price level above which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to rise: R3 Week  — weekly resistance price #3; R2   Week   — weekly resistance price #2; R1   Week   — weekly resistance price #1; Support Levels   —  a price level below which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to fall. S1  Week  — weekly support line price #1; S2   Week  — weekly support line price #2;  S3   Week  — weekly s
30 USD
Historical Month Levels
Evgeniy Aksenov
Indicator builds the following historical month levels: Resistance Levels  — a price level above which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to rise: R3 Month  — monthly resistance price #3; R2   Month  — monthly resistance price #2; R1   Month  — monthly resistance price #1; Support Levels   —   a price level below which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to fall. S1 Month  — monthly support line price #1; S2  Month  — monthly support line price #2;  S3  Month  —
30 USD
Jhonsep Lopez
The OnixPoint indicator efficiently detects the most appropriate entry in trend with the shorter stoploss. It is based on finding patterns of tasset trend change with respect to future price estimate. It works for any currency pair. The indicator is designed to facilitate decision-making at position entries. The development team is constantly improving the functionality of the indicator. Benefits of the Indicator Does not repaint. Works on all currencies. Works on all timeframes. It's easy to
30 USD
BearsHunter MT4
Mikhail Sergeev
A simple trend trading system. To determine entries, the system uses a unique indicator based on three moving averages. It provides a wide set of parameters for advanced users and a fully automated mode using built-in presets. Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/fastinvestments Free version of the indicator: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30384 MetaTrader 5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30381 BearsHunter Expert Advisor Does not use martinga
30 USD
Historical Day Levels
Evgeniy Aksenov
Indicator builds the following historical day levels Resistance Levels — a price level above which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to rise: R3 Day — daily resistance price #3; R2 Day — daily resistance price #2; R1 Day — daily resistance price #1; Support Levels — a price level below which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to fall. S1 Day — daily support line price #1; S2 Day — daily support line price #2; S3 Day — daily support line price #3; Extremes Level
30 USD
Statistical Auto Levels
Vladimir Tkach
The indicator calculates the historic price statistics: the number of intersections of a level and the number of rollbacks. The levels are set as horizontal lines (the 'Horizontal lines' element on the Toolbar) manually, are are drawn automatically by the indicator with the specified step. Only strong levels are drawn in the automated mode. There are two options for the automated mode: 1. Strong levels of intersection and support/resistance; 2. Strong support/resistance levels. The indicator use
30 USD
Gap EA
Yuriy Kuzmin
Gap EA is an automated trading system, which uses regularities of a price gap closing. It is known that in about 90% of cases the gaps are likely to close, i.e. the price almost always approaches to the close price of the previous bar. The Expert Advisor utilizes this principle. The robot tracks the gap and places an order with a take profit at the extreme of the gap, with a small stop loss. Parameters MAGIC - magic number for the EA's orders Lots - traded lot size Stop - fixed stop loss in po
40 USD
The seed of a big tree
Jun Feng
This is a fully automatic EA based on price fluctuation, it uses principle of special recognition of price and balance. The parameters are simple and adaptable,the EA can deal with shock, trend, data, news and other types of market, and the performance is stable. Run timeframe: the results are the same in any period. Execution demonstration of the EA can be viewed in the links below: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/470101 Requirements and suggestions Please use this EA on EURUSD H1 timeframe,
3 600 USD
Magic Balance
Daniil Evstratenko
The indicator shows which trading pairs, strategies, robots and signals that you use are profitable and which are not. The statistic of trades and balance graph are displayed in the account currency and pips - to switch simply click on the graph. button "$"(top left) - minimize/expand and move the indicator panel button ">"(bottom right) - stretching and resetting to the original size Statistic of trades 1 line - account balance, current profit and lot of open trades; 2 line - the number of al
30 USD
Daily Average Retracement Dashboard PRO
Ruen Fei Chong
Daily Average Retracement Dashboard is an indicator that allows you to monitor multiple currency pairs at one time. This indicator is mainly for strategies that trade price retracement based on Resistance 3/4 or Support 3/4. After applying this indicator to the chart window, it will hide the chart and display the currency pairs in a table form. There are several data shown on the table that will help trader know when to analyze the currency and do trade using retracement. The indicator will show
50 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
IdeaIlan expert system applies IdeaTrend indicator. The EA applies the martingale principle. The EA allows trading in two directions simultaneously. It also has a full set of tools allowing the EA to follow a trend and add to a position if the trend moves in unfavorable direction. The EA correctly handles errors and reliably works with a deposit of 10 000 USD and higher. M5 and higher timeframes are supported. Stop levels and trailing stop are applied. Parameters Magic - magic number; Requotes
127 USD
Lot Lines Calculator
Vyacheslav Ustinov
Most professional traders declare strict compliance with risk management. This simple tool allows quick calculation of trading lot size in accordance with the following basic risk management rules: The maximum allowable risk is set as a fixed percentage of the account deposit (for example, 1-2%). The risk is measured as a distance in points between the order opening level and the stop loss level. It is always difficult for beginners to calculate trade lot based on the risk value, so this indicat
30 USD
Junior Trend
Stanislav Ivanov
Expert Advisor that uses breakthrough strategy to open positions. The EA allows one trade at a time(per currency pair), so there is no additional risk for the user. It offers Money Management Systems(MM) - AutoLot based on account equity and,of course, manual lot size set up. On further updates the Money Management strategies would be expanded. All parameters are optimized. Hour Selection Mode - When desired, user can easily set up hours of non-trade. Lot Management : Two setups available for m
30 USD
POC line
Mikhail Nazarenko
Индикатор POC line автоматически находит накопления крупных игроков и отображает структуру перетекания объемов, в виде линии проходящей по уровням Point Of Control (POC) - максимальных горизонтальных объемов. Незаменим для торговли на рынке FOREX. Применение Уровни установки лимитных ордеров Уровни за которые прячут стоплосс Для переноса стоплосса в качестве трала Установите индикатор на любой график, и он самостоятельно найдет и выделит уровни Point Of Control свечных флетов и накоплений. Рас
80 USD
MMM Bollinger bands for low ballance accounts
Andre Tavares
MMM Bollinger Bands Trands strategy: This EA has a built-in Bollinger Bands Trend indicator that checks the prices trends everytime and opens and closes new orders at the right time; Recommended for beginner traders because the default input values are optimized to work with acconts with ballance as low as US$ 100 ; It protects your profit because it is provided with Trailing Stop Loss, Minimum Equity Percentage to allow any trade, Maximum Spread alowed and you can also define the bad time to tr
65 USD
Fibo Bands
Igor Semyonov
Fibo Bands is an innovative indicator and an analyzer for trading in the current trend direction. The indicator builds a Fibonacci channel (bands), and consists of a trend line (middle line), channel bands, colored bars and reference information. After completion of the current bar, the trend line, the channel and the color of the bar are not redrawn. However, the channel width can be changed after a reset or restart of the indicator depending on volatility. The channel is built in accordance wi
90 USD
Shadow Effect
Vladimir Gribachev
This non-indicator trading strategy searches for the candles having wicks exceeding the candle body. The strategy is somewhat similar to trading by Pin Bar pattern. The EA buys when the lower wick exceeds the candle body and the upper wick. The minimum candle body size is set as % of ATR. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat The EA works by a new bar open prices, so that test/optimization results are as close to real trading as possible. The EA applies dynami
50 USD
Muholov Trend Trader
Alexander Chelovechkov
Multicurrency trend advisor. Analyzes and trades up to 300 trading instruments simultaneously. Always follows the trend. 4 timeframes are taken for analysis: W1, D1, H4, H1. The main trend is determined by the highest selected timeframe (W1, D1, H4 - selected by a trader in the settings). Transactions open with a signal on H1. Closing orders takes place by take profit or by chains, when the specified profit of the chain is reached (specified in the settings). Parameters LotSize - base trade lo
50 USD
SFT Full MACD overbought and oversold
Artem Kuzmin
This highly informative indicator applies overbought/oversold levels for more accurate representation of the market situation. All moving average settings are available, including average type and price it is based on. It is also possible to change the appearance of the indicator - line or histogram. Additional parameters enable more fine-tuning, while trading can be inside the channel and along a trend. Distinctive features Oversold/overbought levels; Does not redraw. Additional parameters fo
39 USD
Great Ox EA
Hatem Koshok
Great Ox EA is a fully automated EA that works on both Classical and ECN accounts. It is programmed to use various trading systems, such as trending, hedging, neural network, etc. SL and TP are always present. The expert strategy is to collect the previous trend data of the pair then to try to match the previous trend with different strategies like hedging, neural network to get the optimum place for the orders. Meanwhile a neural network function is present to determine if the current trend is
399 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Versatile expert system follows the principle "stay in the market for as long as possible". The main indicators are Moving Average and Relative Strength Index. The EA supports working in two directions simultaneously both following a trend and against it depending on the settings. A limited number of orders LimitOrders is used for operation. The EA correctly handles errors and reliably works with a deposit 1000 USD and higher. M5 and higher timeframes are supported. The EA has very flexible sett
60 USD
Nigel Wilkins
This utility provides a very intuitive, versatile and helpful visual display of the live trades in a chart window - particularly good if you have a basket of live trades. How to use The program runs as a Non-Trading Expert Advisor - it is not an indicator. Therefore it should be placed in the Expert Advisors folder and then attached to a separate chart window, maybe stacked in front of your live EA trading window - see screenshots for many variations. Or you could trade manually in the Dynamic
30 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Carousel expert system compensates drawdowns. The main indicator is Divergents . The EA allows working in one direction (for example, sell order series), while another direction (for example, buy order series) is in drawdown (compensation mode). If series in both directions operate in normal mode, the system does not switch to compensation mode. If a drawdown is detected in one of the directions, the EA goes into the compensation mode and starts compensating the loss-making series by the profita
60 USD
Growth and Balance indicator
Roman Starostin
Growth and Balance indicator designed to visually display the results of user's trading directly in the MT4 terminal without using external services and programs. After a long analysis, I came to conclusion that online resources for calculating the drawdown of trading accounts cannot reliably display the Equity that really was on traiding account in period before the system connect to these resources, therefore, the data for calculating income / drawdown isn't displayed correctly. Growth and Bal
30 USD
NC Crazy Line EA
Liji Chen
NC Crazy Line EA is an automatic Expert Advisor based on RSI and moving average. An order is placed when the moving average and RSI have a short-term breakout signal. If a false breakout occurs, new orders are opened when the loss reaches the specified stop loss in pips. Set the stop loss range by yourself and the risk is more controllable The risk level can be flexibly set. Of course, risk and profit are often proportional too. The minimum required deposit is $1000, but it is recommended not to
129 USD
Long Term Expert
Hatem Koshok
The Long Term EA is a fully automated EA that is designed to trade on the Long Term using various strategies like trend trading and hedge at different timeframes. It may take some time to take a trade. SL and TP are always present. The Expert's strategy depends on the trend, where it takes positions along a cycle of price movements, either upward or downward. The stop loss is set to buy or sell orders as a security measure in case the price moves below or above a certain predetermined levels. In
50 USD
Candle GAP
Thushara Dissanayake
Candle GAP indicator automatically identifies candle gaps with each day of the week. This is a really important tool which trades with Gap Trading Strategies. A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open for two consecutive days. There are four types of gap patterns as Common, Breakaway, Continuation, and Exhaustion. So you can use this indicator with any chart to confirm that signal. Features Suitable for every timeframe under D1 Suitable for every symbol Easy parameters Draws
30 USD
Vladimir Gribachev
The strategy is based on working with the channel built by weighted average OHC and OLC prices. Entries are performed automatically both for a breakthrough and a roll-back. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat The EA works by a new bar open prices, so that test/optimization results are as close to real trading as possible. It applies dynamic levels for setting new orders, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop invisible for a broker. Their values can be cal
50 USD
Vasiliy Kolesov
The Yellow mouse manual tool is designed for manual trade management based in the 'EA Yellow mouse scalping' strategy. Trading time and direction are selected using on-screen buttons: "Trade" (allow trading), "Buy" (only allow Buy trades), "Sell" (only allow Sell trades) and "Close" (close all trades). After that the utility will trade in the selected direction with specified settings. When orders are close in any way (by take profit, stop loss or for any other reason), the "Trade" button change
30 USD
Harmonic Master Scanner Pro
Mahmoud Ragab
Harmonic Trading is now much easy than ever before with Harmonic Master Scanner Pro you can now scan time frames from 5m to 1w for 17 harmonic patterns on all bares at the same time. Harmonic Master Scanner Pro works based on original MetaTrader4 Zigzag indicator and the standard harmonic patterns elements. This software send alert and email to you when a harmonic pattern is detected on any charts. If you want the scanner to draw the pattern just switch the time frame to the alert time frame. Th
250 USD

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