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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 154

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Stairway to heaven    It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.        ONLY TWO INPUT TO SELECT FOR THE TRADER 20 YEARS BT IN DIFERENT PAIRS   Stairway to heaven . It is a 100% automatic system, the system controls both the inputs and the batches, the operator just has to place the robot on the graph and let it act It is an ideal system for people who do not want complications or strange configurations. The system is self-sufficient, performing all the work.    
30 USD
The Harvest Divergence Strategy is a home made long-term trading strategy and good for strategy diversification and  earning huge profits per trade . Before purchasing the strategy, you are recommended to browse the characters of this strategy below: 1. This strategy is built for trend hunting and extreme speculation seekers. The default parameters is for 1 hour chart EURUSD only .   2. It comes with wider range of taking profits but narrower range of stopping loss default settings in order
79 USD
Alexandru Mihai Lauric
RRobot is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It is designed for EURUSD on M30 Timeframe and it uses different strategies to minimize the drawdown. Using this algorithm, the expert advisor is able to get a high-rate of winning trades. The Expert was tested on the whole available historical period in EURUSD since 2015 with good results.   From 2018 was tested with around 90% win and maximal drawdown around 58%. You can download the demo and test it yourself. Our tests were performed with the rea
100 USD
Virtual OCO Pending
Kenneth Parling
5 (1)
Introduction 'Virtual OCO Pending' - a semi automatic order management utility tool (expert adviser) with risk assessment which let's you quickly place pending stops or limits with a button click at current price with virtual take profit and stop loss using OCO pending rule (One Cancel Other). Visual levels drawn on chart for easy visual confirmation. You can use this utility from one single chart to send orders on any other symbol you want, no need to attach it to the corresponding chart (optio
30 USD
Scalper Mega Trans is a Forex trading strategy, carried out at short intervals and with very small profit / loss goals. A trader makes a deal from a few seconds to several minutes and at the same time tries to take a small profit / loss from a few points to tens of points. In other words, the bot is trying to work on the smallest market fluctuations, as if cutting profit / loss from the market into thin slices. The bot is designed to trade major currency pairs, it has protection against failu
4 000 USD
It is extremely important for any trader to correctly determine the direction and strength of the trend movement. Unfortunately, the only true solution to this problem is missing. Many traders trade at various time intervals. For this reason, the received signals are perceived subjectively. Trend indicators provide an opportunity to classify the direction of price movement, determining its strength. Solving this problem helps investors to enter the market on time and get a good return. The
129 USD
ADX revolution
ADX revolution its an revolutionary indicator, this one simplificate all the signals of convencional ADX indicator, analyzing the market more quickly and giving more colour to the entry signals, to gift you more time for trade and dont waste time analizing. Nice to meet you trader!, im from Argentina if you have any question  please contact me by my email: despiertatutrader@gmail.com
13 USD
Stochastic easy cross
Stochastic easy cross, its a simplificated version of original Stochastic indicator, its one its based on the cross of the main line and the signal line of the indicator,and when a cross ocurrs , a cross or a flower will be drawn , if a blue cross appear its one give us a buy signal, and if then is drawn a red cross its talk us about a sell signal, well this is all its really easy to use, any question please ask me to mi email see you! email: despiertatutrader@gmail.com
10 USD
RSI orbes
RSI orbes its an remake of the classic RSI indicator, it have the same but show it by a different way, if lvl 30 or lvl70 are crossed the RSI orbs will draw red orbs or blue green orbes,you can create your own strategy configuring the periods, also for sell when the red orbs appear or to buy when the green orbs its drawn, you can use it by your way, any question please ask to me to my email , good luck see you! email: despiertatutrader@gmail.com
10 USD
HelpLines RiskProofed
Krzysztof Jan Debski
Risk Manager that shows you all you need to know - with minimalistic interface. We don't neet fancy panels, complicated interfaces nor colorful buttons all around our chart. Just a nice graphical representation of our risk. All you need to know on a chart is: Where your Stop Loss should be Where your Take Profit should be How much time is left for candle close ATR and Spread in pip and point value All of that in one subtly interfaced tool in Real Time ! _________________________________
40 USD
Symbols Strength meter Graph  :::: It is programmed to work on any M5 Chat windows !! Used to determine the Strongest currency pairs and the Weakest pairs also detect the peak of deviation of currencies strength  IT CAN BE USED FOR INDICES AND STOCKS TOO !! Strategy one : It can be used in to BUY Strongest pair and SELL Weakest one Strategy two: It can be used on Daily basis to Hedge BUY Strongest pair with high % (ex: +1%) and BUY Weakest one with % lower(ex: -0.7%) the same with SELL  Strateg
12 USD
TWO SYMBOLS CORRELATION  line indicator    It compares the power/strength lines of two user input symbols and create a SMOOTHED line that indicates the degree of deviation of the 2 symbols Strategy#1- FOLLOW THE INDICATOR THICK LINE when CROSSING O LEVEL DOWN --- TRADE ON INDICATOR THICK LINE (TREND FRIENDLY) !! Strategy#2- TRADE INDICATOR PEAKS (Follow indicator Reversal PEAKS Levels)!! you input - the index of calculation ( 10/20/30....)                 - the indicator Drawing start point (ind
12 USD
Quick  scouting through all charts! A Trade Changer   and Time Saver . Imagine not having all those charts opened and jumping from one to the other - or even switch timeframes which is even more annoying. This tool allows you to have constantly open 1 chart on several timeframes at once. And you can switch the pair/commodity on all of them at once. Easy interface, one-click switches. Nothing more than all of us need to quickly check all charts and all its timeframes at once. ___________________
75 USD
Strategy Builder offers an incredible amount of functionality. It combines a trade panel with configurable automation (covert indicators into an EA), real-time statistics (profit & draw down) plus automatic optimization of SL, TP/exit, trading hours, indicator inputs. Multiple indicators can be combined into an single alert/trade signal and can include custom indicators, even if just have ex4 file or purchased from Market. The system is easily configured via a CONFIG button and associated pop-up
199 USD
Ala Forex Robot open position both way on start then follow the price with the magic of mathematics calculations. Hedging  trades after big differences of price for minimum drawdown, maximum profit. Then close all positions (with hedge positions) with profit. This EA is a profitable trading expert advisor for investors and traders who want to earn 8% - 12% profit per month.  Don't claim to earn millions of dollars with scalping or news trading. Ala Forex Robot offer reality of this market, we o
350 USD
Gold Eye
Syarif Nur Arief
Gold Eye is one of advance profesional expert that use deep neural network to catch probability of true trend on XauUsd market, this expert can be run on forex pairs also (Default setup is for XauUsd). This expert can be set as trend grid follower, or can be set as like hedging system but with flat lot size (not using martingale). Then unique setup for Money Profit/Loss management is the good things not like any others paid expert here on Mql5. # EA MUST BACKTEST USING TIME_FRAME_001 # PARAME
555.14 USD
Indicador MTXPRO
Matheus Silva De Castro
2 500 USD
Average Directional Movement Index Technical Indicator (ADX) helps to determine if there is a price trend. It was developed and described in detail by Welles Wilder in his book "New concepts in technical trading systems". This ADX Signal Scanner will search in Market Watch for a good Entry Point on the chart on every Time frame interval. You can set it to view back shifted signals with custom ADX period, levels and more.
50 USD
Elite SR
Radek Reznicek
!! BLACK FRIDAY SALE !! From 44 $ -> 30 $ Elite SR - Advanced Level Indicator for automatic detection of support and resistance levels with different degree of creditibility should become a part of your trading arsenal. This indicator is accessible via iCustom function and provides level values as well as their degree of creditibility. Elite SR is fully adjustable and can work on any time-frame with any trading instrument! Important information For all detailed information about this indicator
30 USD
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live for EURJPY H4 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on  CANDLE PATTERNS . This EA uses them for trying to predict the future move of the market. We are using the most common candle patterns which works for years .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  FIXED  STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT.  To catch at least some profit there is TRAILING PROFIT function provided in
99 USD
Version of the snowy Owl trend adviser, which is based on determining the combination of candle patterns. A virtual trailing stop tracks each open order and groups open orders to close them simultaneously. The version can work on opening the scalp. orders on the selected TF. Trend indicator: MA+candle combination or only candle combination. The breakeven function and closing all trades (or only profitable ones) with a trawl will reduce the risk of losses. It is recommended to work with stop orde
30 USD
EA Nine MT4
Ruslan Pishun
The EA uses 3 strategies: 1 - a strategy for breaking through important levels, 2-a strategy for reversing, and 3 - trading on a trend. To open a position, the expert Advisor evaluates the situation on the charts using 5 custom indicators. The EA also uses averaging elements in the form of several additional orders  ( the EA does not increase the lot for averaging orders). The EA uses 8 adaptive functions for modifying and partially closing orders. Hidden Stop loss, Take Profit, Break Even and T
39 USD
Safe  and Easy  trading! Great tool if you are trading lots of commodities/pairs at once - click ang go! No more colorful, buttons-filled panels and hard setups. User-friendly scripts that do all the hardwork for you. You want to risk 2, 3 or even 4% of your balance on each of your upcoming trades? And you are tired of calculating everything each time? Just like you - I was fed up with that. Something that was done a billion times needed to get its automatization. Did this tool and sinc
30 USD
Alexander Fedosov
This automatic trading advisor is great for both professional traders and beginners. The strategy of his work is quite simple. The basis of trading is the breakdown strategy of candlestick shadows on daily charts of volatile pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc. The EA does NOT apply in trading: Martingale Order network(Grid) Averaging Hedging Scalping And other high-risk trading styles. The system is always protected by a fixed Stop Loss and works only with the fixed Lot. EA Parameters Magic Numb
59 USD
MACD Cross with additional features which conditions must met if there was set on 1. Stochastic Limit : Buy Above, Buy Below, Sell Above & Sell Below 2. RSI Limit: Buy Above, Buy Below, Sell Above & Sell Below 3. EMA Limit : Buy if EMA1 & EMA2 above EMA3, Sell if EMA1 & EMA2 below EMA3 It also can set whether show arrow and sound alert. MACD, RSI, Stohastic and EMA values can be changed according each user
60 USD
Yasha Firooz
Attention: Forex Traders "Get A Chart Indicator That Will Make You MORE Money When Trading In The Market…." Yes! I'm ready to earn MORE money, create trading simplicity, and have an easy understanding of what the market is doing in REAL-TIME!  Let’s face it, trading on the Forex Exchange can seem complicated, stressful, and perplexing!  The charts can become overwhelming and confusing without the right system and indicator guide.  Eliminate the feel of the knot in your stomach as you wonder
45 USD
This indicator is only working in M1 period.it is predicting end of horizantal trend by using envolepes indicator.   After takeprofit predicted, this indicator will open 4 orders as buy and sell.   One of the order is market type, others are limit type.   There are 25.5 and 70 pips range between these limit type orders.   After  market type order reach its target other limit orders will be deleted automatically.   Note that this system is not martingale, this system is creating limit order.   T
2 799 USD
12 USD
The Trend Change indicator allows you to use the moving average to indicate to the trader a change in the direction of the trend movement. This is a modified indicator, the advantage of which is the ability to keep up with rapid changes in price dynamics in the presence of excellent SMA smoothing over the period. I recommend the standard indicator settings. Apply on a timeframe not lower than M30 
25 000 USD
Andrei Gerasimenko
Данный торговый эксперт осуществляет сделки на основе индикатора  Railway Track  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/20278 Основные положения Рельсы являются разворотной формацией в Price Action. Возникает она в основном при коррекции движения основного тренда. То есть ловить паттерн необходимо на откате от основного тренда. Различают следующие виды паттерна: бычий паттерн – образуется при нисходящем движении и обозначает смену медвежьего тренда на бычий тренд; медвежий паттерн – образуется п
55 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
5 (1)
The trading panel is designed to help the trader in managing transactions in the MT4 terminal. There is a possibility: Open deals using BUY and SELL buttons; In Auto Traiding On mode, already opened positions are averaged by their type until profit is received (the amount of profit at which orders will be closed is set in the settings - in points or percent of the deposit); In Cycle Auto Trading On mode - the EA initially opens two opposite orders and makes two multidirectional grids until pr
97 USD
Steve Zoeger
PMRC EA ====================================== The Robot is based on 4 Indicators to catch profitable trades. ========================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>  works on all Time Frames from 1Minute to 1Day => On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  => I wou
31.30 USD
Shark Deal Book
Philip Pankaj
5 (2)
Term  "shark"  in the business world denotes a high volume investor who just made a good investment in a highly Potential business deal.So, sharks are the ones who make the market move. In our case, if an American shark bought a Japanese company, he/she has to convert American dollars into Japanese yen to make the deal. So, the demand for the Japanese yen will increase sharply. Thus USD/JPY will go short rapidly if the deal was from the shark. Another example, In the case of forex, if fed increa
199 USD
This EA utility does not trade on its own, but it only modifies the open  trades  to add take profit and stop loss that was  opened manually or by any other expert advisors.  The distance is based on Average True Range Indicator(ATR). How Does It Work? If Symbol to modify is set to "All Symbol" simply attach it to one chart, and all open trades in the entire terminal will set the take profit and stop loss with the distance of Average True Range value of their corresponding symbol.  If  Symb
30 USD
Trade Expert
Robotic Strategies House
The " Trade Expert"  Expert Advisor is a professional tool for ride trends on financial instruments. The algorithm of the program is arranged in such a way that the EA uses signals based not on the current price, but on the price of the edges of channel. A special algorithm calculates the channel and the price range and uses it to generate signals. A special code processes the channel for the last several periods to identify the trend direction. Advantages Automatic trading mode, no need manual
125 USD
ITM Breach   ITM Breach 作为一款突破类型的交易策略他有很好的稳定性,适用于所用的货币兑 但是我还是重点推荐只挂GBPUSD这一个货币,当然我们也会发现在EURUSD USDJPY 等货币也会出现不错的效果 ITM Breach 不属于超短线头皮,在交易中你会发现它的盈利通常都会在200-500点可能甚至更多 ITM Breach会自动根据动能力度来调整开仓手数以及止损距离 运行周期  1 H  推荐使用 ECN账户类型 如  Exness ,Tickmill 等延迟滑点较小的平台 如果你想拥有Exness的0点差的账户可以点击此处获取开户链接 参数说明  •.TradingLot=0.2;                            //动态仓位调整----自动判断行情力度来决定开仓的大小 2.WeightedStopLoss=360;                 //动态止损距离----自动判断止损点数 3.AllowedMaxSpread=50;                  //点差控制       ----平台点差超过设定值停止开仓
149 USD
Hi Friends! this is countdown candles with 4 functions. 1. Countdown current Candles 2. Countdown H1 timeframe. 3. Countdown H4 timeframe. 4. show the spread index and the lowest spread value within 5 minutes. Instructions for installing and downloading this indicator in the link below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi8N84epuDw Wish you have a happy and successful day.
30 USD
Smart Psar
Smart Psar its an strategy indicator, based on the strategy of parabolic sar and exponencial moving average of 30 periods, when them aim to a long trend, then a white arrow will spawn in the high of the candle and it will a draw a line to follow the trade near the candles , before a time when the conditions are gived ,then a close position signal will be appear like a white check,but also if them aim to a shoty trend, then the arrow will be turn yellow spawning in the low of the candle and it wi
13 USD
A trading range takes place when a financial instrument (stocks, indices, bonds, commodities, Forex currencies or cryptocurrencies) oscillates between two upwards and downwards boundaries for a period of time. This Indicator tool help us to view range on the chart bar per bars, also set range in percent and get clean posicion.  Range trading works best in the absence of a trend. When the markets lack a clear direction, that’s when these consolidation periods settle in. Alternatively, more exper
50 USD
A trend indicator based on the definition of several types of candle combinations, the triangle formed is colored with the corresponding color, the red trend is down, the green one is up. Candlestick combinations of standard and non-standard types with additional conditions for their definition. The recommended timeframe is M30,H1,H4, D1. When combined with other trend indicators, it will provide more accurate points of entry and exit from the market (buying and selling).
30 USD
The indicator plots a fan of trend lines (after clicking on a certain candle), similar to the classic Gann angles. A feature of the indicator is that it plots angles not only on a fixed scale, but also uses the average statistical price of a certain number of bars (to choose from). The indicator has two ways to calculate the average price for corners (optional): 1) calculation of the average price movement (for a certain number of bars) from High to Low; 2) calculation of the average price movem
30 USD
丁丁导航来源: 市场如同河流,有惊人相似,必有可参考借鉴之处。用河中漂流的一叶小舟来比喻外汇操盘是非常贴切的。   河流主航道方向具有不确定性,忽南忽北,这是大方向,河道有宽有窄,小舟相对于河道会被不同的水流力量忽左忽右,这是当前偏移方向,南北和左右构成了小舟在河道中的定位坐标系。   驾船者可以通过在船的两边加减重量来调整左右,校正航向。如果你想靠左岸一些,那就在左边加重量,或者减少右边的重量。有了河道坐标系,驾船者才可以做出正确的加减重量的动作,以确保小舟平稳航行。   市场是河道,有持仓单就有小舟,而你就是驾船者。市场中的漂流者必须拥有一套精准的导航系统,随时知道市场方向以及与主航道的偏移量,才能让资金小舟安全。   丁丁导航构成: 市场河道由三根线构成,我们称其为“宽带”。两根边线表示市场波动宽度。中线表示市场方向,市场方向只有2个,非涨即跌。   持仓宽度由三根线构成,我们称其为“窄带”。两根边线表示持仓波动宽度。中线表示持仓方向,持仓方向只有2个,非多即空。从图中可以清晰看到窄带总是围绕着宽带缠绕行进,其相对位置直观地反映了报价在市场趋势中涨跌力度。   窄带和宽带有6个
30 USD
My Orders Buttons Panel This is an expert advisor for making manually transactions by user himself by pressing one of these "buy", "sell", "close" or "revers" buttons. At the beginning you should choose on which account the Expert Advisor should operate, whether on the European with a leverage of 30: 1 part on the account called REST OF THE WORLD or with levers up to 100 and higher, in option no. 1. The account leverage under European law may be subject to legal changes, which can be corrected i
30 USD
Bo vnn
Tran Trung Nghia
ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR WAY TO TRADE BINARY OPTION TO BECOME AN EXCELLENT TRADER? Attention : Signals are rare, but very accurate!   The masterpiece of indicator for binary option trading. This indicator has integrated the back tester inside that you can find the best pairs and best time frame as you wish, but i can recommend you. You need to download the historical data to see the overall win rate of this  indicator.  Why this indicator can hep you to become an excellent trader? 1) Very p
99 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Sharp expert system works with a deposit of $ 100! The classic method of scalping. It is also worth noting that with the allowable level of the spread, the bot goes through any historical period on any currency pair. The key for the Sharp bot is the spread, it works with default settings, it is possible to work with a spread of up to 10. If the spread is more than 10, then you need to select other settings. Testing should be performed with a spread of up to 10 on all ticks. There is no point
490 USD
Gbp index gbp
Menzi Kevin Mawelele
The GBP index  is an index (or measure) of the value of the Great British Pound relative to a basket of foreign currencies, often referred to as a basket Britian. trade partners' currencies. The Index goes up when the great british pound gains "strength" (value) when compared to other currencies. Displays a GBP chart in a separate window of the current chart. Based on EURGBP, GBPSEK, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, GBPCHF . All these pairs should be added to Market Watch for indicator to work. customizable mov
30 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Moving Average of Momentum This indicator shows you trend and also how strenght it is together. You can use this indicator for your own experts with iCustom()  Momentum is in the buffer ( 0 ) and moving average is in the buffer ( 1 ) there are afew parameters for using this indicator on different currencies and different time frames. you can test it and optimize it . Input Parameters: MomentumPeriod: default is 40 SignalMaPeriod    : default is 28 SignalMAMode      : default is SSMA
10 USD
Tradingscenes Trading Panel     How will Trading Panel work ? Trading Panel is created as an Expert Advisor, which will enable traders to set pending orders, or mass pending orders in different types Limit orders with additional functions for taking profit as partial, trailing stop and also taking profit with differences price levels; let’s explain in every single functions for you as following parts: Read the full description here:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/10O10dBLLUcdT3MdPvKqO7L3CIF
99 USD
Bitcoin Alert
Sureerat Sirikanjanakul
Bitcoin Alert utility : This utility provides helpful Bitcoin infomation including :  Order Book from 3 brokers Bitfinex, Binance and Bitmex help you make the decisions to open any long or short. https://c.mql5.com/31/424/bitcoin-alert-screen-7997.jpg For retail traders, we couldn’t know the real incoming volume in currency market from big brokers. But in cryptocurrency, there are many brokers offer us the information. And from my perspective Bids and Asks volume from many bitcoin borker have
50 USD
Scalper Heiken Ashi
Jermaine Wedderburn
There are several types of Patterns, We choose Doji that is used for continuation and trend reversals.   Signal types : #1 Premium Signal- ---------------- Doji should have the colour of the expected direction change along with normal candle colour matching direction. #2 Secondary Signal   ---------------- Doji has the perfect formation however the bar maybe in the same colour as the previous bar but the candle colour has new direction colour. Stochastics-Filter: ---------------- The Stoc
35 USD
Moving Average protec ====================================== The Robot is based on one standard moving average Indicator.No other Indicator required ========================================== The ea is based on a simple Moving average crossover.The default settings are already profitable.But you can change the settings and decide which averages you wan to  cross. =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has
13 USD
SFE Trend
Joel Juanpere
The system enters in the pullback of short term trends. Using a wide selection of symbols, the EA have a good diversification, which can lead to a stable growth. The EA don't have external parameters, don't need any kind of effort to use, and don't need to be supervised, can be connected 24x7. Don't use any kind of martingale, grid or hedge. Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1160264 Live setup The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only parameter
450 USD
Aggressive TP SL
Benwill Lopez Navarro
NO REPAINT The system combines several analytical techniques and presents BUY/SELL signals in an easy-to-read form. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Aggressive TP SL can make amazingly accurate market predictions by constantly auto-analyzing every price movement, trading patterns and with the help of complex trading algorithms. This  indicator main task is to look for gravity zones and generate buy/sell signal with exact SL and TPs location.     When specified conditions are ful
129.99 USD
Clown Trader Pro
Steffen Oesterle
UPDATE 2020: Download   Source Code - follow the link to the website in my profile! " Clown Trader Pro " is a fully automated short-term (M1/M5) and medium-term (H1/H4) trading robot. You can choose between RSI- or CCI- trading strategy! Buy ONE get TWO . No low spread needed! Clown Trader PRo automatically analyzes CCI-values. Each time either the CCI or RSI comes from the overbought zone crossing the given upper level the robot will open sell-orders automatically. The lot-size will b
149 USD
--->  Check all the other products  <--- The Multi Time Frame Chandelier Channel is a good synthesis of the chandelier trailing stop and let you analyze the trend.  Enter when the price breaks one of the two lines, then trail using the opposite line.  Ideal for scalping, entering after the dot appears.  Plenty of customization:  Choose the lookback period, the longer, the slower Choose the Time Frame to use (must be greater or equal your chart TF  Play around with the options to get the
30 USD
FEATURES OF THE HELPTRADER TO ENTER THE MARKET INDICATOR ! four types of moving averages for building a channel; ! ability to select the width of the flat (Central MA) and the margin for the channel borders; ! four options for the display channel; ! three settings for the appearance of the arrow signal; !customizable notification system. The arrow channel indicator HelpTrader to Enter the Market, due to its variability, can become a fairly effective tool for trading in combination with other in
50 USD
Conservative TP SL
Benwill Lopez Navarro
NO REPAINT The system combines several analytical techniques and presents BUY/SELL signals in an easy-to-read form. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Conservative TP SL can make amazingly accurate market predictions by constantly auto-analyzing every price movement, trading patterns and with the help of complex trading algorithms. This  indicator main task is to look for gravity zones and generate buy/sell signal with exact SL and TPs location.     When specified conditions are fulf
129.99 USD
Grid Master Trend
Yajaira Thibisay Martinez Jaimes
The 'Grid Master Trend' is an easy-to-set Expert Advisor. The most important 'settings' are to manage risk correctly. Risk can be managed through number of lots, lot increase per trade, distance per trade, stop loss, trailing stop, profit, levels for trades, delta and orders pending by limit or by stop individually or making a trailing grid. You can use a cent account . Low spread and fast execution desirable, specially for very tight strategies like starting at 100 usd/eur. Use VPS for 24/7
30 USD
SAR Expert Advisor works automatically 24 hours from monday to friday and use  VPS . This ea uses  scalping , hedging, trend and trailing stop strategy.  The system does not involve stop loss. Minimum balance required If deposit  $100  use cent account, If deposit  $500  use cent account, If deposit  $900  use cent account, If deposit   $1000  use micro account SAR Expert Advisor works for this: Currency pairs:  EUR/USD, GBP/USD Timeframe:  M5 Leverage:  1:500 Parameter settings for EUR/US
599 USD
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live for EURUSD M15 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on  ICHIMOKU indicator . It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  FIXED  STOP LOSS. To catch the profits there are BREAKEVEN and TRAILING PROFIT functions in the strategy . At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps
99 USD
The indicator draws support and resistance lines on an important part of the chart for making decisions. After the trend line appears, you can trade for a breakout or rebound from it, as well as place orders near it. Outdated trend lines are deleted automatically. Thus, we always deal with the most up-to-date lines. The indicator is not redrawn . Settings: Size_History  - the size of the calculated history. Num_Candles_extremum  - the number of candles on each side of the extremum. Type_Ar
95 USD
EA Name: billions on Wall Street, perfect performance of tick data at 90% quality The newly acquired quantitative arbitrage robot for Wall Street institutions. Using AI fasttick algorithm to improve the winning rate to the highest At least a few hundred dollars can run. The lower the spread, the better. It cannot be higher than 20, and low difference brokers are recommended. This EA allows you to have the same dollar wealth as Wall Street traders in a short period of time. Finally, God bless yo
1 200 USD
Xiao Long Duan
这里是最大的自动交易应用商店。是自动交易和技术指标的开发人员能够获得他们辛勤工作应得奖赏的地方。在成功发布市场产品方面,很难高估标识,描述和截图的角色。如果应用设计简陋,潜在买家将很容易忽视它。决定性的购买之所以产生,得益于市场展窗上吸引眼球的产品标识。标识必须具有让潜在买家想要下载的吸引力。这就是恰当的设计是成功的关键的原因。  因为产品标识整体大小不能超过200x200像素(实际上在主要橱窗展示的大小比那个更小),在有限的空间充分展示是非常重要的,以便于潜在买家获得良好的第一印象。例如,让我们看一下EA交易。它不仅有一个设计精美的标识,并且在光标悬停的时候还会弹出主要理念的简要说明。 很好解决。
30 USD
Do you trade support and resistance levels? Do you find that plotting manually on all of your graphs and on all of your time units is a long and tiresome job on a daily basis? Not to mention that it's easy to forget about it from time to time ... Then this indicator will surely make your life a lot easier and faster because it traces them for you in no time. Whether you use wicks or candlestick bodies to identify your levels of support and resistance, it will satisfy you. And yes, you have th
30 USD
Horror Broker
Yaroslav Varankin
Indicator designed for binary options trading buy signals come along with hiding a new candle blue arrow on histogram buy signal red arrow on histogram sell signal buy worth 1 or 2 candles the signal appears with the opening of a new candle but may appear during its formation it’s worth entering the deal only when the signal has arrived at the opening, the signals do not disappear Recommended currency pairs: Any Timeframe: up to H1 You can customize the PERIOD parameter to your trading style Rec
40 USD
Boogie Pips v2
https://pdfhost.io/v/XFFnqY8Ow_The_Boogie_Pips_v2_Manualpdf.pdf   NOTE:  The EA open and close trades automatically. It only open one position at a time and close it at high profit or less loss. A next position will be opened whenever the EA Strategy requirements are met. Watch our video to see how it works INPUTS: Use Pips, Trade Size, Maximum Spread, Adjusted OnInit, Maximum Stop Loss, Maximum Take Profit, Audible Alerts, Push Notifications, Maximum Open  Trades, Hedging  BROKERS: ECN or STP
1 200 USD
Every trading guru, every YouTube tutorial, every trading book and every experienced trader tells us to risk a certain predetermined percentage of our account on a trade. (This isn't gambling! They said). But what they don't tell us is the number of computations it takes to balance the calculations of lot size, percentage risk and risk reward ratio all while ensuring the stoploss is the right number of pips away.  Enter The Forex Calculator. This Expert adviser is designed to make your trading s
30 USD
Matematik Logik Reversal 1.23        MLR v 1.23 - это математический, автоматизированный конструктор для создания множественных торговых тактик, на любом инструменте рынка форекс, в зависимости от поведения цены в тот, или иной период времени. Первый эксперт, который останется вашим автоматизированным помощником в торговле на форекс навсегда!                          Основные преимущества           Испол
30 000 USD
Email and push notification Alert This is very powerful tool to get Detailed view of all of your trading on same spot. it can send 2 types of alerts, Email Alerts Push Notification 1: Email Alert email alerts are consist of 4 sections Section 1 includes Account number and name details Section 2 includes Account Balance Equity and Floating Profit/Loss details. Section 3 includes Pair wise Profit and loss Section 4 includes Pair wise+Order wise Detailed  view of all trades. its includes numbers
30 USD
Ivan Strekalov
In order to trade Forex correctly, you need to know the trend. Know where the price goes and where it turned in the opposite direction. This indicator knows where the trend is. The indicator shows the rise or fall of the pair on the M30 EURUSD chart. It is possible to use other indicators within the area displayed by these indicators. So, if the price falls (and this is by the indicator for a week), then only sales at lower TFs within the zone, or using other indicators. The indicator do
100 USD

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