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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 158

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Alarm clock EA When purchasing alarm clock EA, please pay attention to the following risks: 1) Past performance does not guarantee future profitability (EA may also cause losses). 2) Stop loss line will be touched due to unexpected news or flash. Stop loss will always be used in this strategy, but the execution of the stop price will still depend on your broker. 3) Scalping at night depends on a good brokerage environment, such as low spreads and slippage points, which can be worse for large v
200 USD
Based on the course records of Yuri Antonov (academyfx.ru) YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PLj3wALUOwoZ9kdacS09K9bjD1zulR _ HJh The indicator is intended for people who know the strategy but find it difficult to mark the graph.  Approaches the new Intensive MD system. The default parameters are set as of mid-2019. For a 5-digit EURUSD account! You can work on the 4-character after the parameters are recalculated. The current parameters can be found on the autho
100 USD
TS Currency Power Scalper is an Expert Advisor that trading on multiple currency pairs. When it is running, first is will scan the price changes of all major and cross currency pairs and determine the strength of each currency. Then it trades on short term currency strength/trend reversals. This is the introduction to the " Trading Strategy of TS Currency Power EA ". The EA has strict risk management: For each currency pair, only one position is allowed. No grid trading or martingale strategy i
180 USD
GS done
Aleksander Gladkov
Designed for the safe trading of instruments in the Forex market. DOES NOT use Martingale, Grid and other dangerous strategies. GS done Expert uses only pending orders on the broker's server, which reduces the risk Each trade has a fixed StopLoss For each currency pair, no more than one transaction can be executed Trades at specific business hours when the market is most stable using customizable time filters and a news feed Uses the search algorithm for the most favorable moment to enter
90 USD
Close MyOrders
Hussein Alebrahimi
this Ea is helpful for closing all variety of orders at the same time, you'll be able to opt for either all orders shut straightaway or victimization the within profit/loss rule. if the "total profit" or "total loss" of the account be bigger than nominal profit/loss, this Ea can mechanically shut all of your open position along. Closing: you'll be able to opt for closing be straightaway when running Ea, or use the whole profit/loss rule, or use shut on a nominal time. Features Include Swap I
30 USD
Seconds timeframe generator for MT4  (S1, S5, S10, S15, S20, S30). Features  1. Indicator generates timeframes in real time, with each new tick on the spot. 2. Indicator is also measuring point distance from extreme to extreme when hovered "This additionally shows us how strong movements are". Advantages 1. Easy to spot best entry and exit points. 2. You can easily trade news releases where market is very volatile. 3. You can also easily trade very slow market conditions a
1 999 USD
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
///  Trade smart Good profit And continuous with low risk /// Matrix EA Working with all pairs.   TimeFrame - 1m Deposit Recommended :  If you have an account under $ 100-200, it is best to work with a         Micro account lot=0.1   MICRO  If you have an account under $ 500, it is best to work with a               Micro account lot=0.2  MICRO If you have an account  standard  with 1000  $ , it is best to work with a          lot=0.01    ///  Trade smart Good profit And contin
120 USD
Andrei Sennikov
1 (2)
Divine indicator   is based on the random forest machine learning algorithm. This is my first standalone product. In this indicator, all calculations of price patterns and the formation of indicator trading signals is performed through 43x Trees. I chose this amount to keep the indicator deep in training and reduce the size of the indicator. DIVINE   indicator   - universal indicator, can work with the following:   EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY . In the future I will conduct experiments to fin
99 USD
EasyFX Trader
The EasyFX Trader is a very unique and customizable dashboard for manual trading. It is placed in the Expert folder but is not an auto trading robot. You input all the parameter and the dashboard will monitor and let you know when there is a good trading opportunity. The tool is simple to use whether you're experienced or just a beginner. It was designed for all types of trading styles including price action, day, swing, trend trader, or scalper. Each column is described below. When you load the
150 USD
Reverse Trend Solution And Trade Panel For All Symbols In One Tool! MuteLight AK Trade Pro's smart algorithm monitor the markets price, filters out noise and gives recommendation of entry time. Monitor different pairs in one chart Support to open, monitor and close orders automatically Trade Panel allow to open market or hidden pending orders with preset parameters to best fit different market condition. Advantages You Get Easy, visual and effective reverse trend detection. Gives you the abili
30 USD
Tilt Stop
Sergey Khokhlov
Bot blocks trading when daily drawdown limit or maximum losing trades number are achieved. Bot makes sure that there is a 5-minute pause after each losing trade. Also Bot lets to place price alerts from mobile terminal (android/ios) and send it by Email, Push, or Terminal Alerts. Just place any pending order from your mobile device and delete it within 10 seconds, Bot will remember the order price and create Alert. If pending order don’t remove within 10 seconds, Bot set Stop Loss and Take Profi
49 USD
Greed GvGold MT4
Dmitriy Kavtaskin
Trending mathematical expert with the ability to work both on trends (default settings) and in the flat, depending on the chosen mode of work. The EA is independent of current market factors and will always work, everywhere and on most trading instruments, including indices, oil, gold, shares, etc. The essence of the strategy is this: At the beginning of the new day (default at 01-30) by terminal time, two deals are made in the same lot for the purchase and sale at a distance of the ATR volatili
1 000 USD
ADX Welcome to the ADX Crossover Trader ================================= The Robot is based on ADX Crossovers. You decide which time frame. The Ea has the following settings Recommended Time Frame EUro / CHF  Day On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  I would recommend to test it on a Cent Account if you are not sure. The Ea has been created by myself and i use it as well for my private trading.  The EA has more settings It can be used as Fixed TP and SL
31.30 USD
Hello all The expert works on the Renko chart Bars Range 10  Watching the  video explains how Renko works With expert work. Work like expert image settings as shown in the image First, the Renko chart generation expert only works with the market Wait for the market to work and try like explaining the video Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk
1 000 USD
Introducing a robot that works with multiple indicators grouped in pairs with different input parameters. The robot opens deals in both directions and may or may not use a stop or profit. When you buy the robot you will get optimal settings for 8-10 currency pairs and gold- tested long time ago. You can upload it to a demo account and test in real time or test it on a strategy tester in the test version we will upload ready settings for 2-3 currency pairs and gold For optimum real-time operatio
1 200 USD
Grid expert Advisor. Opens positions in both directions with the specified step and the specified take profit. Take profit is also set for the grid of open orders, which is automatically adjusted when new orders are opened. It also provides for closing old orders as the lot increases (this is necessary to avoid a deep drawdown). Parameters: target balance > AccountBalance()   - Needs to set the balance level at which the adviser will close all orders and stop working (a convenient function, beca
300 USD
Hello all The expert works on the Renko chart Watching the  video explains how Renko works With expert work. Work like expert image settings as shown in the image First, the Renko chart generation expert only works with the market Wait for the market to work and try like explaining the video Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage
500 USD
Scalp Arrow Exit Signals
Shiffolika Kapila
5 (1)
SCALP ARROW EXIT SIGNALS PLEASE REFER THE COMMENTS AREA - HOW THE SIGNALS CAN BE MADE BETTER QUALITY USING RENKO CHARTS  IF YOU REQUIRE THE RENKO CHARTS DO LET ME KNOW , WILL HELP Indicator is a professional tool for guiding reliable entries, exits, reentries, and RETRACEMENT entries and pull back entries. It is a complete blackbox system and can be used to get signals for any instrument and any time frame. The indicator generates signals, alerts - ENTRY -EXIT . Its can be used to scalp -
85 USD
Trend Line Chart Pattern Signals  Is a traders Tool for Signals based on Strong  Patterns Formed By a pair of robust trend lines. They FOR WITH DIFFERENT POPULAR PATTERNS ON CHARTS LIKE – TRIANGLES, FLAGS,RANGE , ASCENDING TRIANGLES, DESCENDING PATTERNS, PENNANTS ETC. The TREND LINES  form  dynamically  on running bars. The  sensitivity  of the trend lines can be changed by custom settings. The  Buy and Sell Signals Generate upon Break Of the Trend Line + "Close" of the same bar above the previo
80 USD
Fractal Reverse MTF - Indicator for determining the fractal signal to change the direction of the trend for МetaТrader 4. The signal is determined according to the rules described in the third book of B. Williams: - In order to become a signal to BUY, the fractal must WORK ABOVE the red line - In order to become a signal for SALE, the fractal must WORK BELOW the red line The main idea of ​​the indicator: - Determine the change in the direction of the trend using the fractal and the Al
30 USD
FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT PRO   is a professional expert for trading according to the Fibonacci   Retracement   method. In comparison with the regular version,   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47166   has several advantages: MANUAL_CONFIRMATION   - manual confirmation of transactions; FIBO_CLOSE_PRICE   -   FIBO   calculation at closing prices; RSI_FILTER   - input filter by modified RSI; ATR_FILTER   - ATR input filter. Fibonacci levels are built according to the standard   ZIGZAG   indica
125 USD
The Grid stability plus semi automatic expert Advisor trades on the signals of the RSI indicator. Trades are made in different directions when the indicator reaches values of 30 or 70 . If the indicator is greater than 70 , the Short direction is selected for initial trades, and if the indicator is less than 30 , the Long direction is selected. Profitable trades are closed by take profit. Unprofitable ones are processed by the expert Advisor using the averaging method, a network of transactions
50 USD
The Simple Lot Size Calculator can help you with risk management. Just type risk percentage, stop loss points and click calculate to get required lot size. The Simple Lot Size Calculator calculates a current chart's instrument. It's lightweight. Just load it to your chart then The Simple Lot Size Calculator will apper in the left upper corner of your chart.
30 USD
The adviser uses a strategy based on trading in the daily interval of the chart using the M5, M15, M30 timeframe. Advisers calculates the signal using technical indicators and only on the daily time intervals. The EA uses an intelligent algorithm for partial closing of an order in profit, thereby minimizing the lot size and in case of a price reversal, the loss will be small. Each position is strictly protected by stop loss. A multi-currency adviser trades in 26 currency pairs. Use multicurrency
30 USD
Georgian Gurita
• The Kratos Robot is a state-of-the-art tool. • Beginners are advised to read these instructions carefully, and ask if they have any questions. It is important that you report well on what is indicated here before you start using the Robot. The information detailed here about the robot and its use is also intended for professionals. Even if you have a lot of experience it is convenient to read everything well before using this Robot. • IS an EA that can work with any account size, is able
19 000 USD
Multi-Time-Frame-Multi Currency Signals Dashboard Indicator It is an Advanced multi-utility dashboard which works with full customization of signal settings and graphical interface. It works with Multi Symbols and Multi-Time frames from 1 SINGLE CHART TEMPLATE. It will automatically open the charts where the latest signals had formed- showing the important levels (Entry, Targets, Stop Loss) Many types of sorting methods for the scanner. A robust ENTRY based on  TREND OF MULTI-TIME FRAMES ( Co
250 USD
Valeriy Yastremskiy
Time adviser with dynamic trailing stop and trailing profit.   The OpenTimeTral2 expert Advisor sets the selected order types at the appointed time and uses a dynamic trailing stop and trailing profit for the first market order. Restrictions on selecting order types: 1. You can only select one type of market order, either Buy or Sell. And with the selected market order, you can't select pending orders. 2. Pending and limit orders can be selected in any combination. After converting the first pen
30 USD
The indicator plots inclined support/resistance (supply / demand) levels in the direction of the price. Reference point search is available in 3 modes. The length of the line is set by the coefficient of the initial distance between the reference points. Parameters: Initial lines count - the number of levels during initialization Min bars between points - the minimum bars value between points for building a level Line length imul - level length multiplier Resistance lines color - the color of th
30 USD
Straddle Trader Pro MT4
Important Notes: EA works well with all brokers, but works best with brokers that have small spreads.  EA requires VPS or always connected PC. EA performs well when left to run autonomously. Very responsive customer support. All messages answered directly by publisher within 48 hours. EA works best on: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CHF. Here is the link to the full user guide:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BkvuZt4Kxl6uUL_mX0NZe7V6IBeRiLLH1dynzRy_8fo/edit?usp=sharing Strategy Ove
999 USD
Советник основан на алгоритме, который позволяет определять вход больших объемов как в текущем, так и в обратном направлении. Он имеет функцию защиты от отложений, когда функция активируется без потерь. В этом случае рентабельность будет ниже, но с повышенной безопасностью для аккаунта. Настройки позволяют использовать как среднесрочную торговлю, так и скальпинг, все зависит от настроек. Он работает на всех временных интервалах и на всех инструментах с различной стабильной производительно
300 USD
Fibonacci Of Yesterday
Thushara Dissanayake
The Fibonacci Of Yesterday Expert Advisor is specially designed to automate the most popular Fibonacci strategy that's based on the previous day's high and low. Basically, it places an order between the 50% and 38.2% levels. However, you can adjust everything for your own style. Most important Fibonacci levels are included and you can enable/disable each Fibonacci level. Strategy Wait until all major news are posted Identify the trend, up or down If market is up draw Fibonacci levels from swin
99 USD
Trend Scalper Pro
Godhani Kashyap Prafulbhai
Trend Scalper EA is developed based on AI driven technology that focus on co-relation factor, divergance and trend reading. I think the EA is first time introduced in MQL Market which is suitable for intraday players. The EA is fully automated, no manual intervention required once it is set up. The EA works on multi currency pairs which gives advantages to catch trend and this gives maximum possibility to get smaller profits in very short time and get your basket with a good number at the end
500 USD
BreakOut Grid
Catalin Zachiu
This expert is a combination between a grid and a scalper and it uses a grid of ten pending orders , five for long and five for short , with a 500 point spacing between them with a 100 point scalp target. It has three working modes , first , the entry by level , the expert starts operation when the price aproaches an important trade level ( a former resistance or support) , second , the entry by time , launches the expert at a specific time (input by user) and the third type is continuous operat
30 USD
This EA has been developed for GBPUSD H1 TF. It also works very well on EURUSD H1 TF. Everything is tested and ready for immediate use on real account. You will get 2 strategies for lower price, that means better equity curve, higher profits and lower drawdowns. Everything is tested for H1 timeframes . Strategy is based on breakout of the CURRENT BAR OPEN and as a filter is used  Bollinger Band   indicator . It enters if price is outside the Bollinger Band after some time of consolidation .  It
129 USD
Irron EA
Pinyo Ardsalee
Working long-term EA for GBPUSD, EURUSD H1 . By long term I mean profits are generated in long-term, because EA itself is a day trader.   There is always max one trade active, always sl and tp, EA is active in day hours Money management is to be provided in the adviser. For management you may choose to use: a fixed lot for opening positions an adaptive lot that opens a transaction with a percentage of the deposit
99 USD
Fibonacci indicator based on fractal.This software can automatically draw the golden section proportional line of two trend lines, and mark all the recent high and low prices.And the percentage value of volatility is a multi-cycle, multi-currency oscillation indicator.It is very effective for traders to find support and resistance lines and find entry and exit points near them.
120 USD
Ichimoku Robot
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohamad
This Expert Advisor base on ichimoku stratergy. Ichimoku setting is default (9,26,52). Available to modify default value. Price above cloud is BUY signal while below cloud is SELL signal Timeframe M15 (recommended). Pairs GBP and Gold (recommended). Other pairs (takeprofit and stoploss must be adjusted based on backtest data). All trade parameters are in points (1000points = 100pips). Available trailing stop for position trade. 
30 USD
London Breakout Robot
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohamad
NOTE: The setting CloseDaily = true-open trade will close at the end of the day; false-open trade will not close until hit     stoploss or takeprofit Initial_Lot = initial position size  maxLot = maximum position size for martingale strategy TP = take profit (600points = 60pips) SL = stoploss (300points = 30pips) No_trade = number of maximum lossing streak.(eg. 4 trade,after 3 lossing streak next position size =             initial_Lot. Open_hour = London open time base on mt4 time. Multiplier
30 USD
Hello all The expert works on the Renko chart Watching the  video explains how Renko works With expert work. Work like expert image settings as shown in the image Live Follow Link https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/723146 First, the Renko chart generation expert only works with the market Wait for the market to work and try like explaining the video Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want
250 USD
Phongkrit Phattanawijak
ECHO INDICATOR V2.2 Update A top-quality indicator works with trend and pattern.  The tool is a good assistant for the traders use various levels in trading. When price approaches a level, the indicator produces a sound alert and (or) notifies in a pop-up message, or via push notifications. A great decision making tool for opening orders. Can be used any timeframe and can be customized Easy to trade It implements alerts of all kinds It implements a multi-timeframe   Trade with Trend  + s
35 USD
The trend trading indicator Trendy Monster is an improved author's tool with additional trading signals and simplified code. The indicator consists of three components  -momentum, moving average, and Bollinger bands. The indicator is full of intuitive settings,as well as alerts (sound, mobile, email). It works on absolutely any currency pair and on any timeframe. Processing all three information directions in accordance with the algorithm, the indicator presents colored columns at the bottom
30.99 USD
Risk Reward Panel
Risk Reward Panel   This is a useful tool to plan a trade risk to reward visually. The indicator is very simple to use with minimum settings.  Long or Short You can use the indicator for both long and short positions.  Lot Size Calculator You can also use this indicator as a lot size calculator. If you set the risk amount the indicator will calculate the lot size for you based on the stop loss line. You do not need to calculate the lot size manually. 
99 USD
This is a price action support resistance level indicator for MT4, simply working in all time frames and all chart types.  It creates Major support/resistance in specified time frame. You can also add a support/resistance level manually. For doing this, first add a horizontal line to the chart and rename it to 'Line'.  Input variables: timeFrame: You can select one of these values (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN) or leave it empty to use Current Timeframe. majorLineColor: To specify c
290 USD
Scalpe ECN
Tuong Bui Xuan
Use it on ECN Account Demo acc:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/722570 Email: fxsignal1984@gmail.com I can change: - Start Lots Size: Now: Balance 30$ - 0.01 lot) - TIme to open order: Now Open GMT: 0-2, 5-15, 22-24 - Trailing stop. - May be add indicator: RSI, BB, ADX ... Only use on IB ECN Stoplevel less 2 point Spread less 6 point Balance very small 30usd * Features - A small Stoploss for every trade, - Janpan  Candle Sticks, Special Artificial Intelligence (AI) * Setting - Start Lo
500 USD
!! BLACK FRIDAY SALE !! Save 62 %: From 79 $ -> 30 $ Unique trend trading algorithm with advanced filtering and many features which should become a part of your trading arsenal. This indicator can give you also trading advisors (with take profit target), success rate scanner and much more. TrendMagiX PRO comes with built-in multi-pair and multi-timeframe scanner which is fully adjustable. User can select own symbols and time-frames to monitor. + ALL the features of standard TrendMagiX indicator:
30 USD
Signal Level Rollback the tool is designed to determine the lows and highs to determine the pivot of the market recommended for use with resistance support levels buy signal blue arrow sell signal red arrow It is recommended to use on a timeframe from M15 and higher since there are large movements and less market noise Stoploss is set for the nearest minimum or maximum or at a distance of 10-30 points.....
50 USD
Mega Shot Signal
Yaroslav Varankin
3.33 (3)
This tool is designed for binary options. The accuracy of this tool is more to 75%. Opening transactions is worth 1 candle. To increase profitability, you can use 4-knee martingale management. it is worth opening a buy deal when a signal appears in the form of a blue arrow it is worth opening a buy deal when a red arrow appears It is recommended to trade on timeframes from m1 to m15 highest accuracy on time frames m1 and m5
100 USD
Engulf pips
2 (1)
THIS EXPERT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST 15 BUYER FOR THE PRICE OF $100, THE IT WILL SPIKE UP TO 500$ THE RENT @ 70$ WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 20 BUYERS THEN IT WILL SPIKE TO 200$ GIVE A REVIEW AND GET AN ADDITIONAL INDICATOR THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR TRADING LIFE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0CUYsNEfpg&t=34s Features : - Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading, which lead to a sharp loss of the entire Deposit like Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, etc.); - Every trade has it's  Stop
100 USD
Pulse Scalping Line - an indicator for identifying potential pivot points. Based on this indicator, you can build an effective Martingale system. According to our statistics, the indicator gives a maximum of 4 erroneous pivot points in a series. On average, these are 2 pivot points. That is, the indicator shows a reversal, it is erroneous. This means that the second signal of the indicator will be highly accurate. Based on this information, you can build a trading system based on the Martingale
55 USD
VFA Indicator
Mikhail Kornilov
Very Fast Arrows (VFA) is a comprehensive indicator with visualization in arrows that has a little false signals at minimal delay time. VFA is a counter-trend indicator. However its flexible algorithm is adjusted to market behavior and becomes more sensitive to rollbacks in the case of trend. The algorithm of the indicator is based on wave analisys and can be optimized to any currency pair and time frame at minimal number of inputs. The possibility to optimize the indicator by pressing the but
30 USD
An effective trade copier, lightning fast and requires only lite computing ressouces. No fancy output but focus on getting jobs done, fast and reliable. It can close all trades if equity limit is reached. It sends alarm when equity alert level is reached. This trade copier has a special " PLACED  MANUALLY" mode to allow your copied trades to be marked as MANUAL TRADES, i.e. NOT PLACED BY EA. NOTE: Please confirm and comply with your brokers' terms and conditions. Some brokers do not allo
100 USD
在均线趋势中获得机会,发现趋势,从10年大数据中获取盈利机会,稳定可靠。 以最低的交易手数开始,最后总体收益一个产品达到100多倍。需要的参数列表如下: Gain opportunities in the trend of average, discover trends, and gain profit opportunities from 10-year big data, which is stable and reliable.   Starting with the lowest number of trading hands, the final total revenue of a product reaches more than 100 times.   The list of required parameters is as follows:
20 USD
The Climber EA
Xuan Nguyen Thanh
The Climber Expert Advisor is based on Price Action, Price Patterns and Neural Networks to detect the trends, learning market REAL SIGNAL:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/713952 * Forex EA Features and some useful indicators – Allow compound interest or Fix lots by user – Price Action, Price Patterns – Neural Networks, Deep Learning – Indicators to balance the price * Robot Setting – Comment = The Climber EA – Magic Number = 1234566 – Start Lot Size = 0.01 – Pip Step = 55.0 – Take Profit =
999 USD
Trend Direction indicator finds the direction of the trend using 2 indicators ADX and Parabolic SAR. Change the color of the Sell and Buy strength from the Colors tab in indicator settings. After you attached the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: 1.     Parabolic SAR: Input values of Parabolic SAR Indicator 2.     ADX: Input values of ADX Indicator 3.     Trend Strength: Direction of the trend
39 USD
Trade Notifier indicator is used to notify opening or closing of the trades via email or alert. It can also send regular trade updates via email. After you attached the Indicator to a chart, it will show the following information on the chart: 1.     Alert information 2.     Email information 3.     Details to include in email body You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  Display . Indicator Settings Alert On Trade Open:  If true, show alert on each trade op
39 USD
With the Technical Indicator Multi-Timeframe, you can easily identify the oversold/overbought levels or buy/sell levels points on several different timeframes by using only one chart. You can confirm Short Term trades by higher timeframe Levels. It supports 4 technical indicators as of now Stochastic, RSI, Parabolic SAR & Heiken Ashi. After you attached the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: Timeframe: Trend in each timeframe Oversold/Overbought or Buy/Sell
39 USD
With the Technical Analysis indicator, you can find the trading signals using the combination of different technical indicators. It supports the following technical indicators: 1.     RSI 2.     Stochastic 3.     Stochastic RSI 4.     MACD 5.     ADX 6.     CCI 7.     ATR 8.     Ultimate Oscillator 9.     ROC 10.   Bull/Bear Power After you attached the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: 1.     Technical indicators, their values and the signal generated fro
39 USD
Spread & Swap Indicator is used to check the spread and swap for the current pair. You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  Show On Chart . Indicator Settings: Main Setting Display Spread : Shows the spread of the current pair. Display Swap (per lot) : Show the swap charges per lot for the current pair. Display Setting Display : Shows the indicator information on chart Location : Location of the display window Top-Left : Display all the details in top-left p
39 USD
The Stochastic RSI indicator is essentially an indicator of an indicator. It is used in technical analysis to provide a stochastic calculation to the RSI indicator. This means that it is a measure of RSI relative to its own high/low range over a user-defined period of time. This indicator is primarily used for identifying overbought and oversold conditions. You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  Show On Chart . Indicator Setting RSI Applied Price: Method C
39 USD
This indicator is used to calculate the pivot points using 5 different methods: Classic Fibonacci Camarilla Woodie DeMark After you attached the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: Pivot points levels of the current chart using different methods. Indicator Setting Pivot Point Calculator Show Pivot Point Calculator: Show all pivot points on chart Pivot Points Timeframe: It tells which time is used to calculate pivot points Show Classic: Show classic levels Sh
39 USD
Multiple Moving Average (MA) indicator is used to find the direction of the trend using multiple Moving Average indicators. It calculates using the following rules: ·          Ask < MA, it is SELL ·          Bid > MA, it is BUY ·          Ask > MA > Bid, it is None (no signal) After you attached the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: Multiple MAs arranged by their method Buy and Sell count Summary: Conclusion You can hide all the information displayed in th
39 USD
The MACD Histogram measures the distance between the MACD line and the MACD signal line. Two important terms are derived from the MACD histogram are: ·          Convergence : The MACD histogram is shrinking in height. This occurs because there is a change in direction or a slowdown in the trend. When that occurs, the MACD line is getting closer to the MACD signal line. ·          Divergence : The MACD histogram is increasing in height (either in the positive or negative direction). This occurs b
39 USD
Keltner Channels are volatility-based envelopes. Moving average dictates direction and the ATR sets the channel width. It’s a trend following indicator used to identify reversals. Channels can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels when the trend is flat. Trading Strategy We have created 2 zones SELL ZONE and BUY ZONE using the Keltner channels. In SELL ZONE (upper) we take only sell orders and in BUY ZONE (lower) we take only buy orders. Entry timeframe is M15, M30 or H1. SELL
39 USD
Michel Fernando Da Silva Gatti
This expert tries to benefit from mean returning behavior. The full strategy can be found at link (Portuguese post). Real profitable strategy being used by a lot of people manually, now automatized! Parameters: p1 : Distance from EMA13 to EMA200 according to the strategy UseMoneySteps : Enable/disable money management for step mode MoneyStep : Amount of money to increase one minimal lot UseMoneyPercentage : Enable/disable money management based on percentage and stoploss MoneyPercentage : Perc
99 USD
This indicator provides the technical overview using following tools: Pivot Points Technical Indicators Moving Averages Pivot Points are calculated using five different methods: Classic Fibonacci Camarilla Woodie DeMark With the technical indicator , you can find the trading signals using the combination of different indicators. It supports the following technical indicators: RSI Stochastic Stochastic RSI MACD ADX CCI ATR Ultimate Oscillator ROC Bull/Bear Power Moving Averages is used to find th
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Currency Sessions Highlight indicator is used to highlight the sessions. The maximum number of sessions visible at a time is 3. A user has to input the input the start and end time of the session in the format HH:MM. You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  Show On Chart . Indicator Settings: Main Setting Show Session 1 : Draw Session 1 on chart or not Session 1 Start : Start time of the session 1 Session 1 End : End time of the session 1 Session 1 Color : C
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Continuous Bars indicator is used to track the continuous bars closed in one direction. For example : Continuous Bars = 3 (we are looking for 3 continuous bars) Now, if (Open > Close) or (Close > Open) for 3 continuous bars it is notified via email or alert. You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  Show On Chart . Indicator Settings: Main Setting Bars : Number of continuous bars we are looking Price Setting Use M1 Timeframe: Look for continuous bars in M1 ti
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Candle Close Time indicator is used to track the time remaining or passed on a current candle at any point of time. To get notified set the time in format DD:HH:MM:SS. For example : EnableNotify = true & (Day Left : Hour Left : Minute Left : Second Left) = 00:02:20:20. Let’s say remaining time to close candle is 00:03:23:21 (DD:HH:MM:SS). Now, when the time remaining reaches below 00:02:20:20, it shows an Alert box. You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting  false  to  S
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Channel Breakout indicator shows the channels based on the number of bars. It is used to trades the breakouts or reversals. Breakout is quite efficient, since it tries making profit when the market crashes!! You can also invent your own technique out of it. After you attach the indicator to a chart it will show the following information on the chart: 1.     Channel 1 and channel 2 information 2.     Alert and email information   You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting 
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X Oscillator
Yaroslav Varankin
the indicator was developed for the forex market, it was taken into account the moments when there is a flat (lateral movement) on the market and it was read that there is devergency and this is an olin from strong phenomena, in the end it turned out to make this tool blue line is a buy signal gray line is a sideways movement red line is a sell signal when you see a signal, open a trade; if a signal about sideways movement appears after the signal line, then you should close the trade since in m
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