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Portfolio Expert 33

This is a single Expert Advisor but with 33 strategies inside. Yes, I am trading with new 33 EAs every month for the GBPUSD M15 but in 1 EA, and I will share them with you.

Why do I trade with 33 strategies in one EA?

Everyone with experience in trading knows that a single Expert Advisor/Strategy fails at one moment. And I am talking about the regular EAs(no martingale).

Simply, the market changes. And most people say "The Expert Stopped working!" It did not. The EA is a code and it opens and closes trades on predefined rules. This is why every strategy has profitable phases and losing phases. This is very normal.

BUT when I am trading with 33 strategies I diversify the risk. If one or a few of the EAs start to lose, the others compensate for the loss and I achieve more stable results.


Place the Portfolio Expert 33 on a Demo account and follow the results. You can follow the results on each strategy by the Magic numbers. When I update the Portfolio Expert 33 every new month you can add the new Portfolio Experts. 

By getting a new Portfolio Expert 33 every month, you will be able to build a Portoflio of Portfolio Experts. For example, you can trade 10 Portfolio Experts and each one will have 33 strategies inside. 

How to manage it?

Keep trading the Portfolio Expert 33 on the Demo account until you are satisfied with the results. 

When you add a new Portfolio Expert 33, use a different base Magic Number. THis way you will recognize which one makes better results with the time. You can use any statistical website to follow the results by the Magic Numbers.

What kind of strategies do I trade?

Simple! Very simple Expert Advisors trading on M15 chart. 

You will receive a Portfolio of 33 strategies on M15 for GBPUSD. This way you will not depend on a single strategy but on many. 

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