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AIS Current Price Filter

When making trading decisions, it is useful to rely not only on historical data, but also on the current market situation. In order to make it more convenient to monitor current trends in market movement, you can use the AIS Current Price Filter indicator.
This indicator takes into account only the most significant price changes in one direction or another. Thanks to this, it is possible to predict short-term trends in the near future - no matter how the current market situation develops, sooner or later the current price will cross the line of this indicator. The most interesting, from the point of view of the trader, are situations when the price has moved as far from the indicator level as possible. It is these moments that may turn out to be the most optimal for opening new trading positions.
The operation of the indicator does not depend on the selected timeframe, and is configured using two parameters.
  • FS - parameter with which you can set the sensitivity threshold. The larger it is, the stronger the price movement should be so that it is taken into account in the indicator. Its acceptable value lies in the range 0 - 255. If a zero value is selected, then the sensitivity threshold will be equal to the current spread.
  • LB - sets the depth of the background that is used in the calculation of the indicator. The valid value of this parameter also lies in the range 0 - 255. If it is equal to zero, then all historical data with self-learning control are taken into account. And if this parameter is equal to one, then the indicator will only mark price deviations specified by the FS parameter.
The remaining parameters allow you to configure the display of the indicator on the chart.
  • Width - sets the thickness of a single indicator line.
  • Color - color of the indicator line.
  • Style - indicator display style.
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