Latency Arbitrage System

26 June 2018, 15:56
Marco Solito
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Latency Arbitrage System


Latency Arbitrage System is a fully automatic Forex Expert Advisor for latency arbitrage.

Latency arbitrage is a style of trading that many brokers consider as incorrect, but in reality it doesn't differs greatly from scalping as an operating mode.

So, all brokers who agree to scalp also accept latency arbitrage.

My many years of experience in this type of activity has allowed me to study the depths of the various mechanisms involved, as well as create a perfect trading system to be able to take advantage of the price differences which you will verify between various forex brokers.

The most important thing is to find a broker suitable for the robot, in this case my strategy is considered a low risk strategy.

Unfortunately, the robot cannot perform backtest because it only works in the presence of 2 brokers, so I have decided to include only Real Accounts in the photos where I used my robot.

However, it is possible to test the robot in demo version with some limitations. (Lots 0.01, Timeframes M1, Pair EURUSD)

Recommended the use of an ECN broker or with commission and low spreads.

The expert advisor can work on all forex pairs and indices without any problems.

The Expert Advisor has Few parameters, my experience has taught me that to do arbitrage trading, the system must be as fast as possible, to capture it when the price of broker A changes compared to broker B, for this reason I chose to eliminate all unnecessary parameters: money management, take profit, stop loss, gain limit, loss limit etc..  The maximum operation duration is set at 5 minutes, you can check from my reports that no operation exceeds the duration of 5 minutes, and that the average operation duration is 0 seconds or 1 second.

For those who know programming, the expert advisor code is completely optimized. The expert advisor does not have access to any slow cycle of operations and the management is done by means of a ticket.

Expert advisor Slave that is working within broker B, checks the price 4000 times every second to see if in Broker A it has changed.

The expert advisor exchanges information in a sophisticated way via a simple fife txt, this makes the process much faster than others arbitrage expert advisor.

Visit my profile mql5 to see the results you've gained over this period:

I have chosen to share my work in order to make this style of operation known and appreciated, because I want to meet other people I like and I also want to find reports that bring percentages of profit superior to mine, which unfortunately I have never seen.


In addition, you will find the expert advisor's installation tutorials.

The 4 in 1 expert Advisor, in fact it's equipped in a single file of Master (to be inserted in broker A from where we can take the Data), Slave (to be inserted in broker B where the transactions will take place) and finally one useful tool; a generator and modifier of pending orders.



  • Mode_Robot - Mode for activating the robot (master, slave, disturb, Intervals).
  • Magic - Identity number to be entered is less than 126.


Slave settings

  • Gap - Difference between Broker A and Broker B for placing an order.
  • Lots - Lots used for each operation.
  • Number Max Order - Maximum number of orders opened simultaneously.
  • Start Hour – Trading Start Time.
  • Stop Hour - Trading End Time.

Disturb settings

  • Destroy Slave Orders After Minutes - How often are they closed.
  • Distance - Distance at which pending orders are placed.
  • Delete All Orders - if true, delete pending orders that are open.

Intervals settings

  • Seconds for Delete All Orders- Time interval to delete orders.

For other questions, please contact me!


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Frequent Answers Questions

What is Latency Arbitrage?

We open one Account in Fast (Master) broker. We open one Account in Slow (Slave) broker. We deposit money on slave brokers. when the prices of the master broker, will be different from slave brokers, we will open a trade in the slave broker.

For Example:

Master Lmax

Slave Tickmill demo

Eurusd price at 1.20030. if price goes fast in Lmax from 1.20030 to 1.19990, and tickmill remained to 1.20030, we Open a Sell Position, in this way we can capture the 40 points difference.


What do you mean with “Fast Broker (Master)”?

 Master Broker is the Fastest broker we have available. with the fastest broker, we have more opportunities.

What do you mean with “Slow Broker (Slave)”?

 Slave Broker is the Slower broker we have available. with the Slower broker, we have more opportunities.

How much is the minimum deposit required to run latency arbitrage system?

 The minimum deposit is exactly the minimum necessary to open One Trade on your broker

But do i have to deposit in 2 brokers?

absolutely not. you have to deposit only in the slave broker (Slower).

How can i understand which are fast brokers and which are slow brokers?

simply, fast brokers are lmax, admiral markets, pricemarkets and varianse. The other broker are Slow broker.

Can i user Demo account for Master and Real Account for slave?

no, it is really not recommended to use demo master accounts and real slave accounts. because real prices are always faster than demo prices.

so you can use Master real for Trade in Slave Real. Master Real for Trade in Slave Demo. and Master Demo for Trade in Slave Demo.

Can you recommend to us Slave brokers?

nobody advises Slave broker. But I will show the signals of my slave brokers! so you can use all the brokers I show! I hope this will make my work appreciate!

Do you have myfxbook result fully verified and with withdrawals?

Of course, I have so many amazing results to show, go to my profile,

What are the limitations of the Demo Version of Latency Arbitrage System Demo?

the demo has more limitations, Demo can work Only in Eurusd M1 with 0.01, you can change a few parameters, moreover the code is slowed down!

Can i use the demo version in the Real Account?

yes, you can, but it is not recommended, for Trade in real accounts i recommend to Buy Full Version in order to have better performances.

What is "forced stop" button?

the robot performs 1000 - 4000 checks per second on the Master price. the button is used to stop these checks correctly. if not used, the platform will lock for a few seconds (4-5 second).

Latency Arbitrage System can run backtest?

no it can not do backtest, simply because we do not have data from different brokers in backtest, we only have Historical data from the local broker.

Latency Arbitrage System Not open operations?

I recommend watching the installation video on Product page.

Because Ea does not Show information? because it does not have a beautiful panel, and so many bright colors!?

because this Ea is professional and super optimized to get the best possible results, so it must have the fastest speed possible.

How can I check if the Latency Arbitrage System is working? Yes check video

Can I simulate an operation? Yes check video

Can you send me Best set file?

Best set is default settings, but increase the gap, different for each broker, until you get good results!

If I load Expert Advisor on different currency pairs, does magic need to be changed to a different number ?

No you can use same magic number for all pairs.

What is Intervals funtion?

It is a utilities for forgotten orders, you must enter only on a chart, with the same magic number as a slave, in slave platform.

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