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Double Top Scanner For Multi Pair And MTF

This indicator was created by a former hedge-fund employee and it automatically identifies double-tops and double-bottoms. It can also be used to identify triple-tops and triple-bottoms. And it will look specifically for the formations that occur at the top (or bottom) of a trend.

Remember: A double-top (or double-bottom) at the end of a trend, is a strong sign that prices are struggling to move further. Therefore, there is a strong probability that a reversal will occur. And this probability is even higher in the case of a triple-top or triple-bottom.


  • Monitors all 28 pairs at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market.
  • Monitors every timeframe, from M1 to MN, and sends you a real-time alert when a formation is identified.


  • Type Of Bottom: Select the formation you wish to find. Doubles = Double-Tops and Bottoms, Triples = Triple-Tops and Bottoms
  • RSI Period: Setting for RSI filter
  • Upper Level: Overbought level for RSI filter. First top/bottom must form above this level in order to be valid.
  • Lower Level: Oversold level for RSI filter. First top/bottom must form below this level in order to be valid.
  • Bars Between: The minimum number of bars between tops/bottoms.
  • Pips Distance: The number of pips within each top/bottom.
  • Symbols: The indicator monitors the top 28 pairs by default, but you can select less pairs if you wish.
  • Alert M1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert M5: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert M15: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert M30: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert H1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert H4: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert D1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert W1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert MN1: True = Yes, False = No

See the screenshots below for further details. Contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure to see our other indicators and watch our short videos. There is much more information (and our trading guidelines) on these videos.

Arief Adianto
2017.12.27 17:05 

great services !

2017.12.27 14:59 

Great Indicator and fantastic customer service. 100 stars!! Thank you Mike!

2017.12.26 23:55 

Great customer service and what's more important a useful indicator

John Lopez
2017.12.26 17:39 

thanks you for great products and customer service

2017.12.18 18:45 

Great Indicator and exceptional service

didn't really believe the reviews until i experienced myself

Pavel Nikishov
2017.11.23 19:07 

This is very good indi, thanks!

Arthit Arunroj
2017.11.16 15:08 

Good indicator :-)

2017.11.14 00:20 

Very happy with the service and with the products, Mike is an exceptional person. Thank you so much!

2017.10.28 03:28 

Awesome indicator and I've never seen such great customer service!! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!

Mohamed Ali
2017.10.27 22:48 

I bought the Divergence Scanner indicator from them. Which is an excellent built indicator. And now I purchased Double-Top Scanner, A+. Anyone in doubt read the reviews. The help from customer service(Mike) goes beyond to try to help. Very happy

2017.10.20 20:17 

Not only is the product amazing, the customer support is out of this world. Thanks Mike and everyone who created this!

Jan San
2017.10.18 21:11 

Recently purchased this indicator and i have to say it does exactly the job that the developer is saying it will.

Simple but efficient, great time saver for anybody out there ;-)

2017.10.17 05:29 

I bought the divergence indicator and now this product. Customer service is great.

2017.10.09 06:04 

Find real double top in one go for all chart, save time, save work. Best indicator! 5 Stars.

2017.09.24 14:58 

I rented on the weekend so I have not been able to use yet....Will edit this post when I can....However, customer service is the BEST I have ever experienced!!!!!...Mike is just AWESOME!!! and super helpful....

2017.09.19 11:18 

This indicator is an incredible time saver. Does exactly as advertised. Great support.

2017.09.15 21:59 


2017.09.08 01:33 

Absolutely amazing! Great indicator to use, very easy to learn and easy to manage. Saves a ton of time. The support is unmatched, I read reviews about how their number 1 priority was to help traders prosper and I didn't fully believe it. Well, I was quickly proved wrong. I've been given countless valuable tips and have been guided through the process of setting up this EA. I purchased it yesterday and already made a profit through trade management. I cannot speak highly enough on the dedication, compassion, and generosity of this vendor, he really does put your success over his own profit. I can 100% recommend this, or any indicator of theirs, to any trader looking to buy.

2017.09.02 20:17   

Dear Yossarian Escobedo

Buy your product "Double Top Scanner For Multi-Pair And MTF" for $ 79 but I can not download it at the MT4 terminal. any advice would be good. Greetings.


Abcd Kang
2017.09.01 04:22 

Customer service is excellent enough to provide me the basic trading knowledge and key points and I beleieve it is more than what I paid to purchase this indicator.

Diego Arroyo
2017.08.28 14:56 

De lo mejor que hay en indicadores, 5 estrellas por el producto y 10 estrellas por el servicio. 100% recomendado

Fxpro Trader Technical
2017.08.12 16:52 

Excellent, top service, will definitely come back again. Cheers

2017.07.20 06:06 

Amazing product! You must have it! Besides, great support from author!

2017.06.09 04:25 

So many strategies with this great indicator!!! Great customer support, keep it up Mike

2017.06.03 12:35 

Again very powerfull indication where price is at major support or resistanc where price might reject and reverse.

Big plus for the scorpion team again and great service!

2017.05.31 18:01 

This is one of the best double top-Bottom scanner indicator in the market today. The customer service is ex to none. I will gladly do business with Scorpion again and I highly recommend.

Vanessa Guillaume
2017.05.30 17:44 

This is one of the most useful indicators on the market. And the customer service is incredible.

When you use this indicator successfully, it will give you longterm profits on the higher timeframes (m15 gives a good entry if it matches the h1).Just make sure you do your analysis first.

(tip: try opening it in another account/platform if mt4 starts slowing down)

2017.05.30 00:13 

Scorpion has done a great job with their tools. Excited for what's next in their line-up! Can't say enough about the customer support either. Mike was great!

2017.05.19 21:19 

Literally, I just purchased the double top scanner today and within a few moments of the installation, it generated a signal that matched my trading guidelines. I was able to make $250 in less than 20 minutes with binary options because of the alerts generated to me from this indicator and their divergence scanner. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm not normally even an advocate for indicators, but they have set the bar VERY high with their products and exceptional customer service. I'll be back soon for another purchase, so thank you, thank you, thank you!:)

2017.05.16 22:34 

Well worth the price and then some. I am gravitating toward a trading style of higher probability trades and this indicator does a great job. You can not find a more professional developer. Virtually every time I have had a question about their indicators they have answered immediately. Above and beyond for sure. Thanks so much to Mike and crew.

2017.05.04 22:06 

Excellent am happy and its worth it

Daniel Gustavsson
2017.04.23 21:33 


What an indicator. Not only does it work for 28 pairs.

It saves massive CPU and memory as you do not need a

gazillion of charts open.

Support is next to none. The company replied on a

Sunday. Not very common. So I will gladly buy more

from ScorpionFX. Excellent service skills...

2017.03.17 13:03 

A great indicator provided by a great company. What you will learn about the scorpion team is they are not a sales team, they are there to educate you and help you make the best decision you can. They are tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

2017.02.28 10:19 

Very useful indicator. Also I have received additional bonus. Thank you very much for service.

Yang Sijie
2017.02.23 17:14 

Dear Yossarian,

I have not seen anyone with such professionalism and trust for clients such as you. Your replies- prompt, concise and accurate. Your service and generosity are simple top notched. Thank you so much and I use your Double Top scanner for the most precise entries and they hit all my TPs.

To all the others reading this review, I use this scanner in relation with my bolinger bands, EMA 10 25 150 365 as well as price action, as mentioned, always using it in accordance with the economic backdrop and own study will then bring the best results.

Use it blindly, not wisely and you will thank this developer for one of the best EAs ever created.

Thank you so much once again for creating such a wonderful Indicator.

2017.02.07 16:45 

Another awesome indicator by Scorpion awesome stuff keep them coming

2016.12.04 10:16   

find real time opportunities online even if your pro trader , this is a product that runs as long as the market is open and filters out` opportunities from 28 pairs . creating a study from there indicators and receiving quick answer from any question ... great customer service