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icon 一组适用的交易程序库可加速开发MetaTrader 4平台的应用程序。
Expert Description: Equity Profits Overview: "Equity Profits" is an efficient and user-friendly Forex expert advisor designed to manage trades based on equity profits rather than balance. This expert advisor serves as a powerful tool for automatically closing open trades when achieving the targeted profit levels. Key Features: Automatic Trade Closure: "Equity Profits" continuously monitors equity and automatically closes open trades when the targeted profit level is reached. Customizable Profit
该库将允许您使用任何 EA 来管理交易,并且非常容易集成到任何 EA 上,您可以使用描述中提到的脚本代码以及显示完整过程的视频演示示例自行完成。 该产品允许通过API进行交易操作,不包括图表。 用户可以使用提供加密图表的经纪商的图表并向币安发送订单 - 支持单向和对冲模式 - 下限价、止损限价和止盈限价订单 - 下达市场订单、SL 市场订单、TP 市场订单 - 修改限价单 - 取消订单 - 查询订单 - 更改杠杆、保证金 - 获取位置信息 和更多... 脚本文档 1 小时编程教程,帮助初学者使用 MQL5 编写一个简单的 EA,将订单发送到币安 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_r4j2V77mY 该库将允许您使用任何 EA 来管理交易,并且非常容易集成到任何 EA 上,您可以使用描述中提到的脚本代码以及显示完整过程的视频演示示例自行完成。 该产品允许通过API进行交易操作,不包括图表。 用户可以使用提供加密图表的经纪商的图表并向币安发送订单 - 支持单向和对冲模式
Stanislav Korotky
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This is a simplified and effective version of the library for walk forward analysis of trading experts. It collects data about the expert's trade during the optimization process in the MetaTrader tester and stores them in intermediate files in the "tester/Files" directory. Then these files can be used by the special WalkForwardBuilder script to build a cluster walk forward report and rolling walk forward reports for refining it. The intermediate files should be manually placed to the "MQL4/Files
Lib4 EAPadPRO for MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
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用于将信息面板添加到您的 MetaTrader 4 EA 的库。 我们不能保证程序的信息和界面会让您在交易中获利,但我们可以肯定地说,即使是最简单的程序界面也能增强第一印象。 将我们的面板添加到您的 智能交易系统的 详细说明和说明在我们的博客中:   LIB - EAPADPRO 分步说明 我们面板的详细说明和使用 EAPADPRO 的说明 MetaTrader 5 库版本 添加的过程包括 10 个步骤 ,我们的文章中详细介绍了它们。 安装库 从此站点安装库; 打开您的智能交易系统; 打开我们的示例和安装代码的分步指南,文件 Exp - EAPADPRO LIBRARY TEST(可以在博客中找到)   ; 按照建议中的说明执行每个步骤,或使用我们网站上的分步说明。 EAPADPRO 个性化 本段描述了您可以在我们的面板中更改的所有内容: versionea   - 面板中显示的智能交易系统版本; BMPLOGO   - 显示在面板上的 BMP 60x60 顾问的徽标; icon   - 您的专家的图标,显示在专家的属性中; defEANAME - 面板中显示的您的智能 交易系统的
NATS (Niguru Automatic Trailing Stop) will help you achieve more profits, by setting the trailing stop automatically. Pair this NATS application with EA, or can also be used as a complement to manual trading. A trailing stop is a powerful tool in trading that combines risk management and profit optimization.  A trailing stop is a type of market order that sets a stop-loss at a percentage below the market price of an asset, rather than a fixed number. It dynamically adjusts as the asset’s pric
AutoClose Expert
Josue Fernando Servellon Fuentes
automatically closes orders from a preconfigured number of pips. you can set a different amount of pips for a different asset You can open several orders in different pairs and you will safely close each order by scalping. a friendly EA easy to use and very useful open orders and don't worry about closing the orders since this EA will close automatically close all trades profits
[ Introduction ] . [ Installation ] Introduction Python is a high level programing language with a nice package management giving user different libraries in the range from TA to ML/AI. Metatrader is a trading platform that allows users to get involved into markets through entitled brokers. Combining python with MT4 would give user an unprecedented convienance over the connection of brokers and the freedom of library utilization. The potential of your EA now becomes unlimited as you can create
Библиотека для расчета формул. Формула задается строкой. Можно задавать формулу в строковой переменой в окне свойств. Формула может включать арифметические действия "+-/*" и все функции кроме MathRand(): abs(), arccos(), arcsin(), arctan(), sin(), cos(), tan(), exp(), log(), mod(), max(), min(), pow(), ceil(), sqrt(), log10(), floor(), round(). Кроме этого в формулу могут входить числа (если число дробные, то разделитель точка) и аргументы. Аргумент начинается с буквы "а" (латинская) и номера, н
MT4/5通用交易库(  一份代码通用4和5 ) #import "K Trade Lib.ex4"    //简单开单    long OrderOpen( int type, double volume, int magic, string symbol= "" , string comment= "" , double opprice= 0 , double sl= 0 , double tp= 0 , int expiration= 0 , bool slsetmode= false , bool tpsetmode= false );    //复杂开单    void SetMagic( int magic, int magic_plus= 0 ); void SetLotsAddMode(int mode=0,double lotsadd=0);    long OrderOpenAdvance( int mode, int type, double volume, int step, int magic, string symbol= "" , string comme
MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox Demo is a special demo version of a full-featured library MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox MT4 . The demo version does not have any limitations, but it outputs data with a delay in contrast to the full version. The library provides access to the CFTC reports (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) reports straight from the MetaTrader terminal. The library includes all indicators that are based on these reports. With this library you do not need to purchase each MetaCOT indicator
Stanislav Korotky
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WalkForwardOptimizer library allows you to perform rolling and cluster walk-forward optimization of expert advisers (EA) in MetaTrader 4. To use the library include its header file WalkForwardOptimizer.mqh into your EA source code, add call provided functions as appropriate. Once the library is embedded into EA, you may start optimization according to the procedure described in the User guide . When it's finished, intermediate results are saved into a csv-file and some special global variabl
RedeeCash Statistics
Patrick Odonnell Ingle
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Version History Date Version Changes 07/10/2022 1.00 Initial release Description A collection of modern statistical functions that can be integrated into your own strategy. The included functions are, Mean Median Range Skew Max Min IRange Deviations AbsoluteDeviations MAD StandardDeviation Variance GetCorrelation SamplingDistributionStandardDeviation ZScore CorrelationCoefficient CoVariance Beta Confidence SNormInv PercentOfValue ValueOfPercent MQL Header (mqh) The required header is //+--------
A library for creating a brief trading report in a separate window. Three report generation modes are supported: For all trades. For trades of the current instrument. For trades on all instruments except the current one. It features the ability to make reports on the deals with a certain magic number. It is possible to set the time period of the report, to hide the account number and holder's name, to write the report to an htm file. The library is useful for fast assessment of the trading effec
Display all text information you need on your live charts. First, import the library: #import "osd.ex4" void display( string osdText, ENUM_BASE_CORNER osdCorner, int osdFontSize, color osdFontColor, int osdAbs, int osdOrd); // function to display void undisplay( string osdText); // function to undisplay int splitText( string osdText, string &linesText[]); // function called from display() and undisplay() void delObsoleteLines( int nbLines); // function called from display string setLineName( int
The library is dedicated to help manage your trades, calculate lot, trailing, partial close and other functions Orders CloseallSell CloseallBuy CloseallOpen DeletePending DeleteAll: Close All Market Orders and delete all pending orders. CheckOpenBuyOrders: return the count of buy orders. CheckOpenSellOrders: return the count of sell orders. CheckOpenOrders: return the count of market orders. ModifyOrder DeleteOrder CloseOrder OpenOrder Lot Calculation Mode 0: Fixed Lot. Mode 1: Martingale Lo
MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox is a special library that provides access to CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) reports straight from the MetaTrader terminal. The library includes all indicators that are based on these reports. With this library you do not need to purchase each MetaCOT indicator separately. Instead, you can obtain a single set of all 34 indicators including additional indicators that are not available as separate versions. The library supports all types of reports, and prov
Library for an Expert Advisor. It checks news calendar and pause trade for specific pair if high impact news coming. News Filter for an Exert Advisor. Easily apply to your EA, just needs simple scripts to call it from your EA. Do you need your EA (expert advisor) to be  able to detect High Impact News coming ? Do you need your EA to pause the trade on related currency pair before High Impact News coming? This News Filter library is the solution for you. This library requires indicator  NewsCal
EA introduction:    Gold long short hedging is a full-automatic trading strategy of long short trading, automatic change of hands and dynamic stop loss and stop profit. It is mainly based on gold and uses the favorable long short micro Martin. At the same time, combined with the hedging mechanism, long short hedging will be carried out in the oscillatory market, and in the trend market, the wrong order of loss will be stopped directly to comply with the unilateral trend, so the strategy can be
Three Crossing
Sirinya Pakkaman
Three Crossing Robot trading with 2 indicators Description Open Order Buy order condition 1)     Two lines of the EMA cross for TimeFrame12   2)     For EMA control order is EMA1 must be on the EMA line   3)     RSI_Buy > according to the specified value Sell order condition 1)     Two lines of the EMA cross for TimeFrame12   2)     For EMA control order is EMA1 must be under the EMA line   3)     RSI_Sell < according to the specified value For the operation of t
实盘交易盈利,回测年化125%,回撤25%,交易量少,不是经常下单,挂起后要有耐心。没有多牛的技术,只是一套简单的交易策略,贵在长期坚持,长期执行。我们有时候就是把自己高复杂,想想我们交易的历程,你就会发现,小白好赚钱,当你懂得越多的时候也是亏损的开始,总是今天用这个技术,明天用那个指标,到头来发现,没有一个指标适合你。其实每个技术指标都是概率性的,没有100%的胜率。很多技术指标你要融合一套交易策略,资金仓位控制,止损止盈比例,一套策略下来下一步你做的就是执行力了,必须要坚决执行你的交易策略,如果不能坚持的话最终还是在亏损。说实话不是每个人都有好的心态和执行力,所以我们做出来这款ea自己来用,发现时间久了扭亏为盈了,那现在就拿出来给大家分享,让更多的人来达到自己的盈利目标。购买后留下邮箱或添加软件里的qq,我们会根据你的资金来调整软件参数。 经测试过的柱数 14794 用于复盘的即时价数量 51321985 复盘模型的质量 n/a 输入图表错误 213935 起始资金 10000.00 点差 当前 (54) 总净盈利 12583.42 总获利 37630.02 总亏损 -25046.
Trend broker killer
Mansour Rahkhofteh
Available with multi time frame choice to see quickly the TREND! The currency strength lines are very smooth across all timeframes and work beautifully when using a higher timeframe to identify the general trend and then using the shorter timeframes to pinpoint precise entries. You can choose any time frame as you wish. Every time frame is optimized by its own. Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify and confirm potential trades. This is because it graphically show
MT4 library destined to LICENSING Client accounts from your MQ4 file Valid for: 1.- License MT4 account number 2.- License BROKER 3.- License the EA VALIDITY DATE 4.- License TYPE of MT4 ACCOUNT (Real and / or Demo) + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
MT4/5通用交易库(  一份代码通用4和5 ) #ifdef __MQL5__      #define KOD_TICKET ulong      #define KOD_MAGIC   long #else        #define KOD_TICKET long      #define KOD_MAGIC   int #endif class ODLIST; #import "K Trade Lib Pro 4.ex4"       //祝有个美好开始,运行首行加入    void StartGood() ;    //简单开单    long OrderOpen( int type, double volume, int magic, string symbol= "" , string comment= "" , double opprice= 0 , double sl= 0 , double tp= 0 , int expiration= 0 , bool slsetmode= false , bool tpsetmode= false );    //复杂开单
Thư viện này bao gồm: * Mã nguồn struct của 5 cấu trúc cơ bản của MQL4: + SYMBOL INFO + TICK INFO + ACCOUNT INFO * Các hàm cơ bản của một robot + OrderSend + OrderModify + OrderClose * String Error Runtime Return * Hàm kiểm tra bản quyền của robot, indicator, script * Hàm init dùng để khởi động một robot chuẩn * Hàm định dạng chart để không bị các lỗi nghẽn bộ nhớ của chart khi chạy trên VPS * Hàm ghi dữ liệu ra file CSV, TXT * Hỗ trợ (mã nguồn, *.mqh): dat.ngtat@gmail.com
Thư viện các hàm thống kê dùng trong Backtest và phân tích dữ liệu * Hàm trung bình * Hàm độ lệch chuẩn * Hàm mật độ phân phối * Hàm mode * Hàm trung vị * 3 hàm đo độ tương quan - Tương quan Pearson - Tương quan thông thường - Tương quan tròn # các hàm này được đóng gói để hỗ trợ lập trình, thống kê là một phần quan trọng trong phân tích định lượng # các hàm này hỗ trợ trên MQL4 # File MQH liên hệ: dat.ngtat@gmail.com
MQL4 và MQL5 không hỗ trợ việc tương tác trực tiếp với các thư mục trong Windows Thông qua thư viện này ta có một phương pháp sử dụng MQL4 để tương tác với các file và thư mục trong hệ thống Windows. xem thêm tại đây: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwia-qJAc4M&amp ; nhận file .mqh vui lòng email đến: dat.ngtat@gmail.com #property strict #import   "LShell32MQL.ex4" // MQL4\Library\LShell32.ex4 void Shell32_poweroff( int exitcode); void Shell32_copyfile( string src_file, string dst_file); void
Vicent Osman Kiboye
INSTAGRAM Billionaire: @richestcousin PIONEER OF ZOOM BILLIONAIRES EA THE ONLY PROFITABLE TRADING ROBOT. To trade without withdrawals is Scamming. Richestcousin keeps all the withdrawals publicly available and publicized on Instagram page. The trades are fr His very own Robot software. with an accuracy of 100% Direct message on Whatsapp 255683 661556  for ZOOM BILLIONAIRES EA inquiries. ABOUT Richestcousin is a self made Acclaimed forex Billionaire with an unmatched abilities in
RedeeCash 4XLOTS
Patrick Odonnell Ingle
RedeeCash 4XLOTS 庫是基於 4xlots.com WEB API 算法的本地化風險管理庫。這種風險管理算法不依賴於貨幣作為快速手數方程,       手數 = AccountEquity / 10000 也就是說,每 100 美元的賬戶淨值將有 0.01 手。 RedeeCash 4XLOTS 庫使用 2011 年首次開發的更詳細和增強的算法作為手動計算。 RedeeCash 4XLOTS 有一個稱為LotsOptimize 的函數。在您的項目中復制並包含以下 RedeeCash_4XLOTS.mqh 文件。 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|                                             RedeeCash_4XLOTS.mqh | //|   Copyright 2011-2022, PressPage Entertainment Inc DBA RedeeCash | //|       
TPSpro CopyOrders
Roman Podpora
5 (1)
This copier was originally developed for the professional order management of a team of traders and therefore, first of all, a risk manager was built into it. For simple operation, you need to configure the following settings: For the master! 1. Select the program type ''Program mode'' - master 2. Enter a new name for the ''Folder name'' folder, in which the EA will record information on working with orders. The name must be the same for both master and slave!!! 3. In the ''Feedback from
AO Core is the core of the optimization algorithm, it is a library built on the author's HMA (hybrid metaheuristic algorithm) algorithm. This hybrid algorithm is based on a genetic algorithm and contains the best qualities and properties of population algorithms. High-speed calculation in HMA guarantees unsurpassed accuracy and high search capabilities, allows you to save the total time for optimization, where the best solution will be found in fewer iterations. The performance of this algori
[ Introduction ] . [ Installation ] Introduction This version can be used for live trading. If you want to try a free version for backtesting only, you can go to here . Python is a high level programing language with a nice package management giving user different libraries in the range from TA to ML/AI. Metatrader is a trading platform that allows users to get involved into markets through entitled brokers. Combining python with MT4 would give user an unprecedented convienance over the connec
GetFFEvents MT4 I tester capability
Hans Alexander Nolawon Djurberg
5 (2)
Want to get all events like Previous/Forecast/Actual values for each news to analyze/predict it? By this simple library you can do it easily,Just import/integrate the library into your system,then get all possible values for each news Even In Strategy Tester . Note: Please add the address " https://www.forexfactory.com/ " of news feed at your MT4 tab > Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > Check Allow web request for listed URL. Since the WebRequest() function can't be called from indicator based
Super Woodies CCI
Biswarup Banerjee
Super Woodies CCI Indicator - Enhance Your Trading Precision Step into the realm of precision trading with the "Super Woodies CCI Indicator" for MetaTrader 4. This advanced tool, inspired by Woodie's CCI, is designed to provide you with clear insights into market trends, enabling you to make well-informed trading decisions. Basic Details : Indicator Type : Super Woodies CCI Indicator Key Metrics : Real-time CCI (Commodity Channel Index) analysis for price trends. Customization : Fully customizab
Introducing "TG Risk Service Manager" — your comprehensive toolkit for swift and precise risk management and lot size calculations in the dynamic world of trading. Designed to streamline development processes and enhance trading strategies, this indispensable library equips developers with essential tools for optimizing risk assessment and trade profitability. Metatrader5 Version   | All Products | Contact Key Features: Efficient Lot Size Calculation : Harness the power of precise lot size com
Introducing "TG Trade Service Manager" — your all-in-one solution for seamless trade management in both MQL4 and MQL5 environments. With a focus on speed, reliability, and convenience, this powerful library simplifies the complexities of trade execution and management, empowering developers with a single interface for enhanced efficiency. Metatrader5 Version |  All Products  |  Contact Key Features: Unified Interface : TG Trade Service Manager" provides a unified interface for   MQL4   and  
This trailing stop application will helping trader to set the trailing stop value for many open positions, that apply a grid or martingale strategy as a solution. So if you apply a grid or martingale strategy (either using an EA or trading manually), and you don't have an application to set a trailing stop, then this application is the solution. For EAs with a single shot strategy, just use the FREE trailing stop application which I have also shared on this forum.

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