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The best results are achieved on ECN accounts.

The BladeProtect EA uses a uniquely designed scalper strategy.

Operating principle: the EA searches for overbought and oversold zones. Stop orders are opened in these zones.

If the price keeps moving, stop order follows the price.

Stop order transforms into market order if the price pulls back.

Trailing stop triggers if an order is in profit.

The EA's focus is on closing large amount with small profit (scalping). It uses a technique of moving unprofitable positions to breakeven.


  • TakeProfit_ - maximum profit per one trade
  • Lots_ - initial lot
  • MaxLot - maximum allowed lot (this parameter is necessary for decreasing possible drawdown)
  • LotExponent - lot of exponent (lot increase coefficient for additional orders)
  • MaxTradesBUY - maximum number of orders in the Buy series
  • MaxTradesSELL - maximum number of orders in the Sell series
  • PipStepBuy_ - step for placing Buy orders
  • PipStepSell_ - step for placing Sell orders
  • BuyProtect - Buy orders filter. It can have values from 1 to 50. The higher is the value, less often is the entry.
  • SellProtect - Sell orders filter. It can have values from 1 to 50. The higher is the value, less often is the entry.
  • Dist_ - distance from the price to place stop orders
Trailing Parameters.
  • UseTrailing - whether trailing stop should be used
  • TrailTP_ - minimum profit to move an order to breakeven
  • TrailDist_ - trailing distance
  • MN_Buy - magic numbers of the Buy series
  • MN_Sell - magic numbers of the Sell series
  • Info - whether to display service information when the EA is launched
Andrey Melnikov
Andrey Melnikov 2017.12.19 13:35   

Даже единица-это оценка. Так что 0. Арендовал на пробу 10 дней назад. Советник не работает ни на графике, ни в тестере. На запрос автор не отвечает. За 10 дней можно было бы и при больших личных проблемах найти время,чтобы ответить, и при поносе-гонорее. Удачного продвижения! Не советую !

Abel Liu
Abel Liu 2015.12.26 14:19 

My forward test account for this EA :-


Will update accordingly.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2015.12.16 14:46 

I have this and it worked fine slowly, but then it lost a lot. It was more like a Martingale effect doubling the lot size for about 5 or 6 times before it lost them and I stopped the EA. So, not my kind of EA. Maybe there is a way to remove the Martingale betting system, but then it made too little money back.

waynet 2015.10.28 12:19   

If you want to go BROKE then this is the system to use.

It will eventually get you...Don't waste your money, hedging systems like this are suicide.

It got me and it will get you.

If I could rate this system with -10 I would.

Horace Delapenha
Horace Delapenha 2015.10.21 18:51 

Purchased your product and I'm impressed very nice job, profitable EA.

Mikhail Korshunov
Mikhail Korshunov 2015.08.24 08:04 

Классный советник. Работает на реале.

Mike900 2015.08.13 16:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

myfxrobots.com 2015.07.17 17:00 

Very good EA! Real account results: http://myfxrobots.com/2015/07/bladeprotect-2/

Jurijs Toropovs
Jurijs Toropovs 2015.06.23 20:35 

Это моя вторая покупка Blade,версия Blade Protect работает более надежно ,конечно перед запуском на реал желательно потестить на демо счете ,подобрать лот к своему депозиту .Конечно сколько пользователей Блейда столько будет и разных сетов ,у кажлого своя тактика ,но главное он торгует в профит.Всем удачи и профита!

xanto11 2015.06.10 18:32 


Ilya Severskiy

A really good job

Very excellently EA

Anders Pilstrom
Anders Pilstrom 2015.05.27 20:42 

A stunning EA, very profitable.

Reducing Lot Exponent, it becomes DD lot less, and instead raise the lot size.

Very good ea

Version 1.9 2015.07.16
1. Added ability to set maximum allowed drawdown

- Limiting_drawdown = false; - whether to use limitation of allowed drawdown
- MM = 30; - drawdown size as %%, all open orders are closed when this drawdown is reached

2. Changed the order of testing for error 130.
3. Fixed revealed bugs of previous versions
Version 1.7 2015.06.19
Added an ability to set time of the EA operation.
TimeControl = true; - allow to use time control.
OpenHour = 8; - time BEFORE which new orders won't be placed
CloseHour = 15; - time AFTER which new orders won't be placed. The EA will manage orders opened before this time until they are closed. Additional orders of series will be placed if necessary.