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The Expert operation is based on 16 kinds of combinations of signals.

Recommended currency pair EURUSD and timeframe M30. I personally recommend using only those pairs for which the night spread is not more than 3 points. The Expert worked and was tested with very very low balance.

For backtests use M1, M5, M15, M30, H1 and H4.


  • lots - Recommended lot with Deposit 1000 - 0.1, 0.2 
  • UseMM - Enabling Money Management
  • LotsRisk - The percentage of risk-free deposit in the CP
  • MaxLots - Maximum lot (with the MM, if the predetermined value is exceeded, the volume of the lot will not increase)
  • UseAutoGMToffset - Automatic calculation of GMT offset. Does not work in the tester
  • ManualGMToffset - Manually set GMT offset
  • startWorkTimeHour - Trading start hour
  • StartSessionMinute - Trading start minute
  • EndWorkTimeHour - Trading end hour
  • EndSessionMinute - Trading end minute
  • TradeMonday - Permission to trade on Monday (False when trade is not conducted)
  • TradeFriday - Permission to trade on Friday
  • TradeInStartMonth - Permission to trade from 1 to 4 of each month. If it is True, the trade will be conducted
  • TradeInEndMonth - Permission to trade from 26 to 31 of each month. If it is True, the trade will be conducted.
  • TakeProfit - Optimization Parameters (This option is not recommended to optimize)
  • StopLoss - Optimization parameters (This option is not recommended to optimize).
  • magicnumber - Magic Number for the position opened by the EA
  • MaximumTrades - Maximum number of orders
  • MaxSpread - Max spread for trade
  • Slippage - Slippage rates. Suggested values are 1-2, no more and no less
rahele masteri farahani
rahele masteri farahani 2015.07.01 18:31