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Tidal Trader

Tidal Trader is a fully automated Expert Advisor. Default settings are ready to use and fully optimized for EURUSD. Tidal Trader looks for low volatility overbought and oversold levels, and capitalizes on the predictability of market corrections. Take-profit and stop-loss levels are calculated completely independently of each other, using different indicators. Trades are only opened on a trade signal, if the take-profit and stop-loss levels would meet your minimum acceptable profit/loss ratio. The money management system calculates risk from your free margin, minimizing your risk of ruin, and maximizing the trading power of your capital.

One of the key features of Tidal Trader is the ability to block trading during expected periods of volatility. A few periods which have already been identified by Tidal Trader are the close of the Sydney session, close of the Tokyo session, midday during the London session, and the last half of the New York session. These periods are all blocked by default, but they can be altered to suit your taste. Tidal Trader works on any account balance, any pair (only EURUSD optimized at launch), any account type, any leverage level, and is not spread sensitive. Tidal Trader only functions on H1 charts.

Recommendations: Use default settings to trade EURUSD, on H1 chart. Change risk setting to suit your trading style, recommended risk is <40 for capital preservation and up to 80 for extreme growth. Use a starting balance of $200+. Use a low spread broker to maximize profits, and change max spread settings to a few points higher than your broker's usual spread (this is to protect you from spread fluctuations due to unforeseen market events). Use leverage of at least 1:100.

Watch the 'Comments' section for future optimization files, and live trading links! Please PM me any questions and I will try to respond ASAP! :-)

Description of Settings


  • Lot Size: If Auto Lot Size is turned off, this is the lotsize that will be used (if within broker's min and max lotsize, otherwise, broker's min or max is used).
  • Auto Lot Size: If Yes, Tidal Trader automatically chooses lot size based on risk.
  • Risk %: Choose any number from 1-100. 20 risk means each trade risks 2.0% of your free margin, 85 risk means each trade risks 8.5% of free margin.
  • Max Spread: Tidal Trader will not trade if the current spread (pips) exceeds this number.
  • Max Volatility: Tidal Trader will not trade if ATR volatility calculation exceeds this number. (Best to leave 18 or higher).
  • Minimum Profit/Loss Ratio: If profit/loss does not meet or exceed this ratio, signal is discarded. (SL and TP are NOT defined by this value, only compared).
  • Max Orders: The max number of orders that can be open at any given time.

INDICATOR SETTINGS (do not adjust unless for optimization)

  • Bands Period: Bollinger Bands period used for signals.
  • Trade Signal: Deviation required to open a new trade.
  • TP Target: Deviation target for take-profit.
  • SL Multiplier: Multiplier factor used to determine SL.


  • Magic Number: Identifies EA trades.
  • Order Comment: Comment attached to each trade.
  • ECN Broker: Select 'Yes' if unsure. Select 'No' only if you are certain your broker is not ECN.
  • Slippage: Max slippage. Trades will be cancelled if open price slips by this many points from time of trade signal.
  • Screen Print: If 'Yes', EA details will be printed on the chart. (Recommended to turn on for forward testing and live trading, turn off for back testing)


  • Weekend Trade?: If 'No', EA will not trade after 1500hrs on Friday, and will not trade for 15 minutes after market opens on Monday. This minimizes the chance but doesn't guarantee that trades won't be open over the weekend. Also avoids weekend volatility. If 'Yes', this is disabled.
  • Use Schedule?: If 'Yes', EA will stop trading during periods defined below. If 'No', this is disabled.
  • Standby Periods: Set start hour/minute and end hour/minute of periods to disable trading. Start times are assigned (:00 seconds) and end times are assigned (:59 seconds). Set hours/minutes to 0 for unused periods.
Matthew Todorovski
2016.08.16 15:33 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Audrey Versace
2016.04.22 08:02 

Ce robot ne vaut pas grand chose, il ouvre juste une opération ( perdante ) tout les 8 jours..

2015.10.17 16:02 

So, after I used this EA for some time and obviously the publisher disappeared for some unknown reasons (I hope everything is okay with him) I have to rate this EA as a waste of money. There is no more Support for this EA, no questions will be answered, just forget it. That's very dissapointing since initially I had a very good Impression of Ian and his ideas. Again, I do not know what happened, but as it is now this is unacceptable and unprofessional....

Lingxiang Zhang
2015.07.22 20:59 

change my comments:maybe this ea still need improvement..........................

2015.07.17 18:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Bogdan Cristian Mavrodin
2015.03.18 06:31 

thanks for the update! great product

Version 2.1 - 2015.04.02
Now, the EA prints to the journal the exact price, at which the signal occurred. Users can now see their slippage and if there were order execution errors with their broker.

Compiled custom indicator into the EA to ensure all users have the same indicator functions.
Version 2.0 - 2015.03.30
Added a second strategy!
The original strategy is now known as Strategy 1, and the new strategy is Strategy 2. Users have the option of using both or turning either off. All trades are managed with the same magic number.

What is the new strategy? Tidal Trader is all about trading the corrections of overbought and oversold levels. The second strategy looks for rapid price deviation at the end of an exhausted trend. These trades use a smaller SL and TP, so in turn will use larger lot sizes than the main strategy. The same profit:loss ratio technique will be applied.

Also, optimized code to allow faster backtesting!
Version 1.5 - 2015.03.24
New default settings, optimized with reversal, breakeven + trail options.

Small fix for brokers that use Hour Offset. Offset now functions as intended! No change for any brokers with Offset=0. Thank you to goodexp for finding this issue.

The Screen Display has also been modified to confirm to users that their Offset is correct!
Version 1.4 - 2015.03.17
Modified position management strategies to decrease risk!
-Trades now close if EA receives a reverse signal, and new positions are opened on the reversal.
-Added option to have trades move to breakeven. BreakEven Target parameter is the % distance towards take-profit that EA will move SL to breakeven.
-Added option to have SL trail as positions become more profitable, until they reach breakeven.
=These features greatly reduce total risk, as your SL is kept as tight as possible while still giving positions room to move.

-Fixed the way weekend trading works, now blocks from 15:15 on Friday to market close. No block on Monday.

-Added a new parameter to adjust for timezones. If your broker server is GMT+3 in summer and GMT+2 in winter, then leave Offset to 0. If you are 2 hours behind (GMT+1) or maybe 5 hours ahead (GMT+8), just make that your Offset value (in this example, -2 or 5), and leave all the standby periods as is.

New optimization was conducted to adjust for these changes. To take advantage of these presets, make sure to click 'reset' in your EA Properties window (F7) and then pick your Risk and Max Spread.

Enjoy! Ask any questions :-)