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Happy Robot

This trend strategy is based on several indicators and the noise filtering system. It uses very accurate trade entries, therefore entries are very selective (three-six trades per month, can be more or less depending on the market). It trades only when a signal of large and medium trend movements is received.

Happy Robot is a serious tool for serious traders, it's not a "demo toy" that can trade only in the strategy tester.

Now settings for two currency pairs GBPUSD and USDCAD are available.

The set files for these pairs are available on the Comments tab.

EA configuration is rather complicated and time consuming, it should be done for each pair separately.

The Expert Advisor works only on terminals build 600 and above.

Setup and trading on 5-digit quotes.

Later I will add settings for 4-digit quotes, they will be available on the Comments tab.

About Balance

The ratio of balance to the trade size in this strategy (and in general in all strategies) is very important. Many traders have to leave the market because of greed, gambling and lack of discipline!

Recommended Ratio:

Set. Light
Set. Medium
Set. Hard

About Parameters

If you still want to get all your settings, you are welcome! You will certainly succeed, but before using the EA on a live account, make sure to demo test is for not less than a month.

Description of the Settings:

Settting Description
--- Set Open Zone ---
Setting the signal search zone
Rsi Channel:
The border of the Rsi channel
Cci Channel:
The border of the Cci channel
Scaling Coef:
Noise smoothing coefficient
--- Base Settings ---

Take Profit:
Take Profit in pips/points.
If 0, then it is not used.
Trailing Stop:
Trailing stop size
in pips/points.
If 0, then it is not used.
TRail Only Profit Zone:
Use trailing only in
the positive zone or
trailing can start in
the negative zone.
Stop Loss:
Stop Loss in pips/points.
If 0, then it is not used.
My Lot:
Начальный лот
A unique magic number
of the EA's orders.
--- Martingale and Series ---

Lot Factor:
The ratio for lot calculation.
Series Order Step:
Step in points/pips between the orders
Max Orders In Series:
The number of orders that can
be open at the same time
--- Set RSI ---

Rsi Period:
The RSI indicator period
Rsi Applied:
Data used for the indicator
--- Set CCI ---

Cci Period:
The period of CCI
Cci Applied: Data used for the indicator

Real account monitoring


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