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The Stupidbot EA is a pivot point trading expert. The EA was developed by Memselftrade and RPTrade. With backtesting you can find the right settings for your trading style. The EA is not a gambler. It trades in a logical and clear way.

The trading is much more secure with higher timeframes. With lower timeframes the results will be more risky. We recommend H4 timeframe. But it is absolutely possible to trade with lower timeframes with the right settings.

How to optimize it correctly?

For standard optimization you can just optimize TP, SL, TS and Maximum percentage at risk. Then you should get good results. You also should select "Balance + min Drawdown" if you wanna have secure settings. But this depends on your trading style. Risky settings are possible too.

Tick "open prices only" and "fast algorithm". It's not a guessing EA. It makes clear trading decisions. On two and a half years with H4 time frame it makes not many trades. Another hint that the EA knows absolutely what it is doing.

TheHungerGames 2015.08.10 16:16 

Good Accuracy. Using it mostly on M15 and H1 since 2 months. Still profitable. Just 4 stars because just 3 trades in 2 months on H1 Timeframe. Still profitable, but i would like to make more trades on H1.