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Clipper EA

Clipper EA is an automated expert advisor based on Relative Strength Index Indicator.

This robot works on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, and USDCAD respectively.

It is working by detecting trend flow on multiple time frames with RSI then awaiting reversal moment to open trades. It is also using grid and averaging to speed up recovery, but can be turned off by placing fixed stoploss or turning off averaging option.

Setting Parameters:
  • Expert Name - EA name and trades comment.
  • Magic Number - EA identification number to identify trades.
  • Symbol Suffix - Symbol suffix.
  • FixedLots - Fixed lot size.
  • AutoLots - true if you want to activate auto lot size calculation.
  • Auto Lot Risk - Risk calculation to calculate auto lot size.
  • Trailing Start - Distance to trigger trailing.
  • TakeProfit - Target profit
  • StopLoss - Stop loss. 
  • Slippage - Slippage.
  • CloseAll if BigTrend reverses - if true, then it closes all oposite orders against the big trend.
  • Use Averaging - Use averaging true/false.
  • MaxOrder - Maximum ongoing order including averaging.
  • GridTrigger
  • by Distance - Grid triggered by fixed distance.
  • by Indicator - Grid triggered by indicator with minimum grid size distance.
  • Averaging Grid - Distance to trigger averaging orders.
  • Averaging Lot Multiplier - Averaging martingale multiplier.
  • RSI Period - RSI period.
  • RSI upper level - RSI upper level.
  • RSI lower level - RSI lower level.
  • Weekly days - Set true if you want to trade on that day.
  • StartTime - Start time to seek entry trigger.
  • StopTime - End time to seek entry trigger.

  • Account leverage at least 1:500. 
  • 24/7 VPS hosting. 

VIRGIL MOLDOVAN 2020.01.14 15:16 

Expert Advisor is working with a good precision

Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon 2020.01.04 22:21 

1-4-2020 | Just purchased, backtest is amazing. But a forward test will be done before placing real money in. Will let you know how it does in a month.

1-7-2020 | So far so good https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Endless_Invest/endless-clipper-5k-demo/4140050

1-17-2020 | Those that are wondering i am running on 1 min time frame with the inputs that sigit has provided. I have run a backtest to the forward test for this past week and they are pretty close. Will follow up with more details at the end of the month. Going forward my plan is to make my website https:/endlessinvestments.com a place where people can go to understand more about EA's and how to back test. As i understand not a lot of people know much about them, but just want them to work... Will follow up at the end of the month with both backtest and forward test results of this EA. As of right now, this EA is a 5 Star EA because. We are still positive for the month, and back test is matching forward test.

tuyoshi 2019.12.06 15:20 

I left star 5 at the beginning

Leave star 1 now

The reason is that the operation is locked in M1

Version 2.35 2020.01.09
fix overlapping order
Version 2.34 2020.01.08
fix big trend info error
Version 2.32 2020.01.08
fix send order issues
Version 2.30 2020.01.08
fix time filter error
Version 2.28 2020.01.07
fix backtesting issues
Version 2.26 2020.01.07
fix backtesting issue
Version 2.23 2020.01.07
fix minor
Version 2.22 2020.01.07
minor bug fix
Version 2.21 2019.12.23
Fix Big Trend bug
Version 2.2 2019.12.22
- Add parameter "CloseAll if BigTren reverses" true/false.
- Add parameter "Use Averaging" true/false.
Version 2.1 2019.12.22
Fix averaging orders bug
Version 2.0 2019.12.07
Add Time Filter settings.
Version 1.91 2019.12.05
Add orders counter info to monitor orders count.
Version 1.9 2019.12.05
Fix send orders error
Version 1.8 2019.12.04
Now send orders not exactly at open bartime, but at any time within current bar, to handle requotes.
Version 1.5 2019.11.25
Add parameter "grid trigger by distance" and "grid trigger by indicator".
Version 1.3 2019.11.22
Add on chart "Close All" button.