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Price Tension Free

This EA learns from its own mistakes. Each unsuccessful trade is thoroughly analyzed and turned into a future success. The Expert Advisor uses the time efficiently working 24/7. When the market is closed, the trading robot is especially productive, as it analyzes its own mistakes and makes a better trading plan for the coming week. This has been achieved thanks to its self-learning intelligent system.

This is a free version of the product. Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/967

The differences from the full version:

  • Integral (trained, with experience) memory is provided only for one symbol: EURJPY.
  • Maximal power: 50%
  • Maximum concentration level during self-learning: 15.
  • No abstract money management. Trades minimum volume only.
  • No option to adjust the experience level, starting from which the EA is allowed to actively trade.
  • No advanced settings.

Price Tension Trading Strategy

The heart of the Trading Strategy is an algorithm that identifies the favorable moments, which are formed by the price tension relative to the normal state. The EA can modify the strategy itself to a certain degree for greater flexibility.

Stop orders start from 150 points. Position side may be changed without the need to wait for stop level activation.

Averaging and martingale are not used.

Main style: medium-term trading. However, sometimes the EA can change its trading style - the self-learning system is able to adapt its style to the market conditions.

Performs 5 trades per week on the average. The expected value is 150 points. Weak dependence on spread and ping.

Self-Learning Intelligent System

The system works like an autopilot with the only difference that it can develop and learn in new situations. The system learns both from committed and theoretical mistakes. Uses both trading results and its own virtual space where it can check its hypotheses and put them into practice in more secure manner.

Virtual learning is one of its main advantages, as the trading EA can analyze a deep history with a plenty of cases.

Requires at least 7 years of history data (minute bars)!

The more time the system spends on trading and learning, the more experienced it becomes. The system can learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I strongly recommend that you do not disable the Expert Advisor on weekends!



  • Power - power from 1% to 50%. *

In the Strategy Tester only

  • Starting date of the activity - initial date from which the EA is activated. Must be more than 3 years from the testing start date!*
  • Max. concentration level – maximum concentration level from 0 to 15. If > 0, then the EA will activate the deep self-training system.*

Trading Operations

  • Magic Number (should be unique for each EA!)- magic number for the positions. *
  • Additional comment for positions – comment to positions and orders. *
  • Spread Filter (0 = Off) - spread limit in points (specify as for quotes with 4 and 2 decimal places). *
  • Max Slippage – maximum price slippage for opening a position, in points (specify as for quotes with 4 and 2 decimal places). *
  • Max attempts of trading operation repeats – maximum attempts at a trade operation, for example, in case of requotes.
  • Max delay between attempts (milliseconds) – maximum the delay in milliseconds between repeated attempts.

Messages *

  • Alert? - show a dialog box.
  • Play sound? - play an audio file.
  • Send message to mail? - send an email.
  • Notification? - send push notifications.
  • The file name for play sound - sound file.
  • Email header - email header.
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Version 5.123 - 2017.02.28
1) Significantly modified the trading strategy. Now the Trading Strategy:
- 60% Amorphous.
- Modularly extendable.
- Has more flexibility.
- Has greater informational freedom.

2) Added an advanced system of the consumption of computing resources:
- Time dependence is minimized.
- CPU speed does not affect the learning process. CPU speed only affects the speed of learning. Therefore, it practically does not distort the learning process.
- Added the power setting (in the panel and in the settings). Now it is possible to adjust the load per core from 1% to 50% (100% in the Full version).

3) The Expert Advisor has become even smarter. Improved:
- Environment control.
- Self-diagnostics.
- Self-control.
- Self-development.
- Virtual space.
- Degradation is almost completely eliminated, due to a significant improvement of the adaptation system.
- Now the expert is able to evolve considerably deeper.
- More intelligent memory management.
- Added smart monitoring of historical data.
- The expert can come up with more diverse hypotheses. This led to the fact that the EA can change to different trading styles, for example: to scalping trading style.
- A deeper search for connections between hypotheses.

4) The concentration, depth and the concentration level accelerated and increased.

5) Added assimilation. The expert takes only the most important and useful information from the old memory.

6) Smart MM + RM (Money Management + Risk Management).
- Expert has a probabilistic assessment of its trading decisions, which affects the position volume.
- Expert learns to manage the capital and risk.
- Expert learns to set multiple take profits and manage them.
- Expert learns to control the position volume.
- Expert learns to manage a trailing stop.

7) Improved the graphical interface.
- Improvements in the design.
- Added progress bar.
- Adaptive panel.

8) Improved memory and working with the memory.

9) Fixed all critical errors.

10) Fixed serious errors which distorted the training.

11) Fixed all found errors, which affected the process of handling situations.

12) Fixed bugs in the trading module.

13) Improved the trading module.
- Modified trading functions.
- Removed the implementation of hedging (LOC mode), because this system has not met the expectations. Now, the EA trades only a netting position (for netting accounts), ignoring the magic number (for netting accounts).

ATTENTION: it is now allowed to use only one instance of the EA per symbol (trading instrument) on netting accounts. If it is necessary to run multiple instances of the EA on a single symbol, please use prefix symbols (special symbols, prefix/postfix, additional symbols with the prefix characters) or use a hedging account.

- Added support for hedging accounts. The positions are managed by the magic number.

14) The EA is now able to work with trading instruments that have prefixes (special symbols, prefix/postfix, additional symbols with the prefix characters).

15) PLEASE NOTE: the magic number of the EA has been changed. It is necessary to manually close all old positions before the first start of the updated version!!!

16) In the free version:
- Maximal power: 50%.
- Maximum concentration level: 15.
- No abstract money management. Only the minimum lot is traded.
- The minimum experience level required for online trading starts from 3000.
- No advanced settings.

17) Integral memory list:
- EURJPY (experience: 20430)

18) More information in the blog: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/688859
Version 4.3 - 2014.08.12
- More intelligent memory management
- Fixed some small bugs
- Improved configuration
- Faster concentration
- Improved experience of integral memory: EURJPY (experience: 2109)