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ATR Channels

ATR Channel is an indicator.

It shows us ATR ( depends on selected period ) Line on main chart.

It also draw 3 up ATR channels (ATRu) and 3 down ATR channels (ATRd) on the same window.

All they helps you to trade with a ATR indicator.

There are 6 extern inputs;

  • PeriodsATR   : You can change ATR Period default is 13.
  • MA_Periods   : Use for draw ATR channels MA periods. Default is 34.
  • MA_Type       : You can change MA_method here. Default is Linear weighted.
  • Mult_Factor1 : It is for first up and down channel.
  • Mult_Factor2 : It is for second up and down channel.
  • Mult_Factor3 : It is for third up and down channel.

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