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Virtue Multi Lot

"Virtue" is a fully automated Long term Expert Advisor. It calculates market condition itself and decides to enter a position. This is the main position. After that position, it adds some small lots for scalping. You can select how many orders will be open extra. It depends on your account margin and risk managment.

"Virtue" needs patience that is the why its name Virtue. Patience is a virtue. You must be patient to make some Money. You have to be wait it find optimal conditions get an order. it will be enough to just install it on the platform. Not needed to much parameters to optimize. Expert optimized for most of currencies. First Download demo and test it for your broker.


  • Expert optimized most of currencies
  • It is recommended use low spread broker and  high volatile pairs to make best results.
  • It can adjust parameters for 4Digits or 5Digits brokers itself.


  • Expert is using different magic numbers. For correct expert advisor operations, choose basic numbers both long and short orders properly. If you use with other experts in the same platform you need to chose different basic magic numbers. Expert uses different magic numbers with basic magic number's last two digits. Such as 200100,200101,200102.....,200115. You should be use at least 6 digits basic magic numbers.


  • MagicBasicL         Basic Magic number for Long orders.
  • MagicBasicS         Basic Magic number for Short orders.
  • Lotsl                    Lot amount for main orders.
  • Lotsm                  Lot amount for small orders.
  • Max Trades Buy    How many small buy orders do you want?
  • Max Trades Sell    How many small sell orders do you want?

 (*) Wait for other parameters to Professional usage. Write your comments for your needed.

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