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Harmonic ABCD Universal

The indicator displays harmonic ABCD patterns, as well as the market entry points, which allows the trader to make trading decisions quickly. Harmonic ABCD Universal is one of the few indicators that predict price movement by determining pivot points with a rather high probability long before the pivot itself. It supports sending notifications by email and also as alerts.

The indicator scans all possible combinations on the chart for the current moment, and also in history, with the help of specifically designed tracing algorithm. If a pattern is not formed yet, the indicator plots a possible (predicted) ABCD pattern. Once the price reaches the D vertex of the predicted pattern, it becomes fully formed. Thus, all the ABCD patterns, as well as their possible variants, that meet the parameters specified in the settings, will be highlighted.

Determination of the pivot points

The indicator displays the possible pivot points with the help of lines with labels: "Sell limit (Sell) [Start]" or "Buy limit (Buy) [Start]", long before the pivot itself. These levels are designed for placing limit orders, and they also serve as guides, if you don't use limit orders. In case the limit orders are not used, or the price simply didn't reach a limit order, an arrow appears right after the price reversal.

Trading Сonditions

Works on all instruments. Recommended time frames: М5 - H4.

How to Trade

Place the limit orders by the lines with "[Start]" labels, for both formed and not formed patterns. If the not formed pattern disappears, remove the pending order. Another option: place an instant execution order after a formed pattern appears, or once a signal arrow of a formed pattern appears. One of the order maintenance methods can be seen in the video below the description


  • n_bars – number of bars for the analysis, value of -1 - all bars (3000)
  • f_min_bc_lv – the minimum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci (0.618)
  • f_max_bc_lv – the maximum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci (0.786)
  • f_min_cd_lv – the minimum level of the pattern's D point, by Fibonacci (1.270)
  • f_max_cd_lv – the maximum level of the pattern's C point, by Fibonacci (1.618)
  • f_bc_cd_dev – acceptable deviation by Fibonacci for points C and D (0.05)
  • k_st – start and target levels ratio, relative to the f_min_bc_lv - f_max_bc_lv ratio (0.15)
  • k_sl_1 – stop loss coefficient, for method 1 (0.85 of the [Target-1] level)
  • k_t – number of bars to determine points С and D (3)
  • f_t2_lv – second target level (Fibonacci level of the entire movement of the AD pattern) (0.786)
  • k_sl_2 – stop loss coefficient, for method 2 (0.85 of the [Target-2] level)
  • arrow – display arrows (true)
  • alt_sign – alternative signal (false)
  • zz_depth (1), zz_dev (5), zz_backstep (35) – ZigZag settings
  • trace – enable/disable tracing (true)
  • tr_min_backstep – the minimum Backstep value of the ZigZag, for tracing (24)
  • tr_max_backstep – the maximum Backstep value of the ZigZag, for tracing (42)
  • tr_step_backstep – the step of the Backstep value of the ZigZag during tracing(3)
  • send_mail – send a notification by e-mail when a new pattern appears (true)
  • send_mail_prognoz – send a notification by e-mail when a not formed pattern appears (true)
  • send_mail_test – notification sending test after the indicator is launched (true)
  • alert – alert when a prediction or a pattern appears (true)

Attention! If the indicator slows down the terminal operation during testing or trading, then the n_bars parameter should be reduced to 1500 – 3000 bars. If you need to perform the analysis of all the historical data (n_bars: -1), but the indicator slows down the performance, then you should disable tracing (trace: false) or decrease the range (tr_min_backstep - tr_max_backstep) or increase the step (tr_step_backstep).

Test Mode

Attention! Due to the way the tester works, some of the indicator functions (such as the pattern selection and others) may work incorrectly! This features of the tester do not affect the demonstration of the indicator operation in general. When trading on a real or demo account the indicator works properly.

Nelson Belchior
2016.06.07 13:02 

I have to give 5 stars. Untill now, 100% accuracy. I use it on 15m timeframe.

Version 1.1 - 2017.03.03
Fixed the n_bars parameter change.