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DI MA Strategy

The product is based on Moving Average indicator and implements a trend following strategy. The Expert Advisor makes decision on placing market orders (buy or sell) according to an incoming signal based on the indicator. Fine tuning allows optimizing parameters for any currency pair, as well as individually define market entry and exit points.

The product is fully automated and able to perform deals without user's intervention. 


Key Features:

  • Profitable positions are kept running for as long as necessary;
  • Stop (take profit and stop loss) levels are calculated automatically. However, it is recommended to place a stop loss level for security reasons. That may be helpful, for example, in case of a long-term Internet connection failure.
  • Placed order logs are created automatically and saved to csv2 file. Saved files are divided according to the various criteria;
  • Built-in handler of the errors occurring when orders are opened and closed (for example, in case of the market high volatility);
  • Making corrections in orders' opening and closing conditions in case of flat;
  • A deal volume is determined automatically according to the specified risk;
  • The parameters have been optimized for USDJPY Н1 by default;
  • The Expert Advisor has its own customizable trailing stop;
  • Ability to display buy/sell signal for manual trading.

Additional Features:

  • The product works on 4 and 5 digit quotes;
  • The trading robot does not depend on the currency pair, spread and chart period;
  • No martingale;

Attention: Optimize the Expert Advisor parameters on the selected currency pair and timeframe before launching it. I also recommend that you first use the product on a demo account or select the minimum lot size.

Input List:

  • TP - order take profit. This parameter does not matter if the automatic TP calculation is selected
  • AutoTP - automatic ТР calculation
  • SL - loss-making position close level. The level is an additional security measure
  • Slippage - slippage level. The parameter is used in case of the high volatility level
  • Comment - order comment
  • Lot - lot size. The parameter is used if the automatic lot size calculation is disabled
  • AutoLotSize - automatic lot size calculation
  • RiskPercent - used percentage value of the free deposit funds
  • Trailing - setting a trailing stop
  • Trailing Signal - deviation (in points) for setting a trailing stop
  • Trailing Level - trailing stop level
  • Trailing ColorLine - trailing stop line color
  • Method MA - МА calculation method
  • Period MA 1 - МА 1 period
  • Period MA 2 - МА 2 period
  • Shift MA 1 - МА 1 shift
  • Shift MA 2 - МА 2 shift
  • OpenRisk MA - order opening delay
  • CloseRisk MA - order closing delay
  • ShowSignal - show buy/sell signal
  • ColorSignal - signal arrow color
  • Magic - order magic number
  • ColorOrder - opened order color number
  • StopLineColor - order close level line color
  • Logging - order logging
Ili dili
Ili dili 2019.02.14 18:32 

Dream... Dream... Dream...

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 14:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ashton Robbins
Ashton Robbins 2017.08.29 13:10 

You had better nurse these signals into being otherwise you'll be bankrupted. The AutoLot function is deadly ensure set to false or else.Tried the strategy tester on multiple pairs, struggled to break even. The system has no problems entering a trade usually in the direction after the crossover, even after a 1000 pips

Vadim Strelkov
Vadim Strelkov 2014.05.13 14:15 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.60 2014.02.27
- Added display of the stop line with profit/loss amount in deposit currency.
- Fixed the error of displaying the line of order stop.
- Optimized code.
- Fixed several errors.
Version 1.50 2014.02.21
- Revamped and improved handler of errors of placing and closing orders.
- Additional parameters of signal displaying. "LineSignal" - size of signal arrows.
- "ColorSignal" - signal color, divided into two parts: color for buy and sell orders.
- Additional parameters for Moving average. "ApplyTo" - values for MA calculation МА.
- Remade and optimized the algorithm of automatic lot (more precise determination).
- Added user guide (see Comments section).