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YPY EA Serena PRO – is an innovative multi-currency trading robot, which uses an adaptive scalping strategy in a calm market and performs automatic trading with real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Unlike most scalping systems, this EA maintains the viability over the entire available tick history with an increased spread.

This EA is being constantly adjusted by the developer for short-term trading on the current market (over latest 36 trade months) through regular updates.

The "PRO" version of the YPY EA Serena PRO robot is recommended for multi-currency trading with the following instruments: GBPUSD (М15), EURCHF (M15), EURGBP(M15), EURJPY (M15), AUDJPY (M15), USDCAD (M15), USDJPY (М15).

This is a new product which is distributed temporarily free until it confirms stable positive results of trading on the developer's signal monitoring.

Key Features

  1. Fully automated trading
  2. Optimization is not required
  3. Easy to use, no needless settings
  4. Protective real stop loss and take profit levels

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • AutoMM - system for automatic calculation of lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.
    • High - high risk
    • Medium - medium risk
    • Low - low risk
    • Minimum - minimum risk
    • OFF - disables the automatic money management system and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using the Lot parameter
  • Lot – fixed trading lot size (maximum value is 0.1)
  • MinLeverage – minimum leverage size required for opening new orders
  • MinMarginLevel – minimum margin level of the account as a percentage, which is required for opening new orders
  • Slippage – maximum allowed slippage when opening orders
  • GMTOffset - users are required to enter the actual shift of the trade server relative to GMT in hours
  • MaxDrawdown – maximum total equity drawdown of all orders in the deposit currency. When this drawdown is reached, all orders on all instruments are closed (trading will be resumed on the next trading day)


  1. Testing, determining risks and instruments used for each new version of the EA is up to the user. It is recommended to check out the EA operation in the strategy tester of the terminal and on a demo account.
  2. The developer adapts the EA to short-term trading until the next update. Due to this, it is recommended to regularly follow the EA updates and always use the latest version. To update, it is sufficient to download the latest version of the EA and attach it to the chart instead of the older version. All previously opened orders will be maintained by the new version accordingly.
  3. The EA should be attached to charts of each traded instrument individually.
  4. The product does not comply with FIFO.
  5. Requirements for the trading conditions:
    • Any broker and any account type (recommended: DMA, ECN, STP, NDD)
    • Recommended leverage is 1:100 and higher
    • Recommended deposit is $500 (cents for cent accounts) for trading 0.01 micro lot


IPA Investments LTD specializes in innovations of software in the sphere of trading both for own requirements and for implementation of tasks of corporate clients.

Andrey Yakovlev
2017.04.15 12:57 

I use innovative multi-currency trading robot YPY EA Serena with special enterprise license "ELITE"



Pier Gaetano Novara
2017.04.14 12:59 

testing on 3 real accounts different broker

from 4 to 14 April 2017 on 3 different real ECN account result -283.4 pips

2017.04.12 14:43 

Very Good!

2017.04.07 07:00 

Real Account Used for two weeks I would say bad lose lose lose

2017.03.25 21:23   


Andrey Udovik
2017.03.23 16:05 


2017.03.20 13:49 

hello,Thank you for your work, I am now testing this EA, but I found that when your signal has an order, it did not open the order, I would like to ask how I set

2017.03.17 11:44 

Really good, we hope to maintain this quality, the most important thing an EA is to keep low the DD compared to profit.

Firdaus Salim
2017.03.07 12:57 

A great product which doesn't cost a dime!!

1) EA is constantly being updated and improved.

2) Wide diversification of tradeable currency pairs

3) Verified profitable real monitoring account.

4) Developer seemed very dedicated and provide worthwhile support.

5) Based on my market research of EA products sold here, the value of this EA should cost at least $500.


Pavel Korotaev
2017.03.02 05:02 

Прошло немного времени, и я могу уже дать более менее объективный отзыв.

Советник отличный! Но есть одно НО.

Разработчик выпускает первую версию, и она очень хорошая.

Затем, разработчик начинает улучшать и еще сильнее оптимизировать последующие версии.

В итоге идет переоптимизация, делается упор на более свежие данные, и советник начинает "гоняться за собственным хвостом, как собака".

Результаты от этого оказываются порой не лучше, а хуже. Частое подстраивание под рынок не даёт лучших результатов. Длительный срок использования советника даст мне точную картину, но пока я имею такое мнение.

Возьмем вчерашнюю ситуацию, переход с 28 февраля на 1ое марта 2017 года. Я понимаю, что были сильные новости. И правильные трейдеры отключают советники в это время! (Разработчик в этот день не торговал, и отключил советник)

Мы же - ТЕСТИРУЕМ советник. И обязаны изучить все аспекты работы, так как такие движения бывают и без всяких видимых причин, по крайней мере для нас, простых смертных. Тем более бактесты показанные разработчиком за ~10 лет, уже учитывали все новости. И не забываем, бактесты предоставлены только к версии 1.0! Версии 2.5 и 3.3 это уже совсем другое :-) И риски необходимо пересчитывать постоянно (развесовку инструментов, а не просто выбор High, Medium, Low) от версии к версии, так как мы не знаем, что было изменено.


1) Счет на котором всегда была последняя (свежая) версия: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/257151

2) Счет на котором стоит версия 1.0 и до сих пор установлена и работает: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/260983

Сугубо моё личное мнение, мне нравится работа старой версии 1.0 ! И не очень нравится как работают последние версии.

Последние версии стали достаточно агрессивно добавлять позиции, против движения.

Да и по закону Парето : «20 % усилий дают 80 % результата, а остальные 80 % усилий — лишь 20 % результата»

Поэтому повторюсь, нет смысла заниматься переоптимизацией и тратить на это дополнительно 80% усилий.

Достаточно это делать раз в год.

Vladimir Masurski
2017.03.01 07:33 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Carlos Moreno
2017.03.01 07:04 

The EA trades very seldom. I asked about the strategy and logic the EA uses in order to understand why, when and how the EA operates, but the author won't tell. Developers don't disclose their secrets, was his answer. I'm not asking for the source code, but the author should be transparent on providing information about the EA's modus operandi. How it works, it's a mystery. Try at your own risk.

Maksym Mudrakov
2017.02.09 08:42 

Доверяю автору, у него все продукты достойны внимания!

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.07 19:11 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Deon Loubser
2017.01.26 05:09 

Uncomplicated EA that shows constant profit. Good work!

Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.01.22 11:03 

Отличный советник!

Danil Belogradov
2017.01.16 16:20 

С начала года 15 сделок, 13+, 2-. Дженерики и азии отдыхают) С 15.01 увеличил лот. Советником очень доволен, рекомендую!

Version 6.0 - 2017.04.18
Performed global update of all strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.
Version 5.0 - 2017.03.27
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.

Now the EA outputs the statistics on execution of each order for closing and opening positions to the log (spread: xxx pips | slippage: xxx pips | speed execution: xxx msec).
With this data, users will be able to analyze in detail the conditions under which the EA generated an order and how it was actually executed by the broker.
Version 4.0 - 2017.03.13
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.

An additional analyzer block has been implemented. It provides users with the ability to see the execution quality of the broker.
This will allow users to manually:
1. Evaluate and compare the actual quality of the trading at different brokers (trading servers).
2. Understand the reasons behind the differences in results of trading at different brokers (trading servers).

The analyzer block outputs the following information to the EA panel:
1. Spread size (current|maximum|average)
2. Speed of requests for order opening and closing execution by the trading server in milliseconds (latest|average)
3. Statistics on slippage in the number of operations (opening and closing, excluding the SL or TP triggers)
It shows the data on the number of operations with negative slippage, the number of operations with positive slippage, the total number of operations.
4. Statistics on slippage in the slippage amounts (opening and closing, excluding the SL or TP triggers)
It shows the data on the total amount of negative slippages, the total amounts of positive slippages, the final result of slippages (the sum of positive and negative slippages), the average slippage size.
The more positive slippages you see from your broker, the better it is for your trading.
If you always see only negative slippages, then it is a considerable reason to try trading at a different broker with market execution.

The slippage statistics is only to be considered on accounts with market execution (recommended account types: DMA, ECN, STP, NDD, etc)

We have also implemented a module for integration with a future version of the Check Your Broker analyzer (planned to be distributed for free after the update). This will allow users to perform a more detailed analysis, including viewing statistics on slippages when the SL or TP triggers.

Added new parameter: TradeMode= Trade/Pausetrade/Stoptrade
Trade – trading mode
Pausetrade – when this mode is enabled, the trading complex continues maintaining existing orders without looking for new entry points in order to progressively complete the trading on the account.
Stoptrade – when this mode is enabled, the trading complex immediately completes the trading by closing all of its orders.

Now the EA always opens a maximum of one order per instrument and does not open additional orders in the second half of the day on Friday.
Version 3.4 - 2017.03.07
Now, a maximum of one order per instrument is opened.
All users, who prefer calm trading or who are not familiar with the product, are recommended to use the minimum risk AutoMM=Minimum.
A global update of the strategies is to be released soon.
Version 3.3 - 2017.02.28
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
Version 2.5 - 2017.02.20
Modernized automated money management system AutoMM.
Added support for additional account currencies.
Now the AutoMM system supports the following account currencies:
If quotes for the user's account currency are not available in the terminal, the currency is considered unknown and the AutoMM system will use a fixed rate 1USD=100 account currency units.
Version 2.4 - 2017.02.09
Performed global update of all strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.
Version 2.0 - 2017.01.16
Added the automatic money management system:
High - high risk
Medium - medium risk
Low - low risk
Minimum - minimum risk
OFF - disables the automatic money management system and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using the Lot parameter
This system automatically calculates the lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.

Each user must validate the calculation of the automatic lot size by testing in the strategy tester and/or using a demo account with the trading conditions of your broker.
The risk value (AutoMM parameter) or lot size (Lot parameter) set manually are also to be defined by each user individually by analyzing the maximum drawdown on different segments of the trading history.
Version 1.1 - 2016.12.29
The EA has been adjusted to meet broker's conditions