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PendingGrid Panel

The analyzer panel allows traders to add the pending order grid (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop) quickly and efficiently.



  • stop mode - select stop setting mode
    • every order - stop levels are set for each order separately
    • position as - common stop levels for all orders
  • order type - select pending order type
    • Buy Limit
    • Sell Limit
    • Buy Stop
    • Sell Stop
  • magic - set a magic number for open orders if necessary.

If position as mode is enabled, stop levels are corrected for all orders, including market ones.

You can quickly add/delete pending order levels as well as add/modify stop levels by a mouse click.

A mouse click with a preliminary short hit on: Ctrl - adds a new pending order, "up arrow" - adds/modifies upper stop level, "down arrow" - adds/modifies lower stop level.

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Version 1.10 2015.01.22
Added ability to display a brief trade report in a separate window by successively pressing:
Ctrl+1 — for the current symbol;
Ctrl+2 — for all symbols;
Ctrl+3 — for all symbols, except the current one.

Fixed errors.