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Forex EA ATS_MAXI is a grid indicator EA.

Its strategy is based on searching for the market reversal movements. This task is handled by the built-in indicator which does not require tuning and optimization. An order is opened upon detecting an overbought/oversold area or other signals forecasting the change of the current trend.

EA ATS_MAXI uses fixed order open levels with a predefined step forming an order grid. The EA analyzes the current market parameters and adjusts trading volumes and take profit levels according to the main trend direction. The order grid can be closed by a total profit or a certain drawdown and a strong opposing trend signal.


  • easy to set up and manage;
  • no need to analyze the Forex market;
  • no martingale;
  • no hedging;
  • no scalping;
  • auto definition of four and five-digit trade servers.

Trading Requirements

  • Trading terminal: MetaTrader 4.0.
  • Recommended currency pairs: main Forex pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, ...).
  • ТМ = M30.
  • Leverage: 1:100 and higher.
  • Account type: micro, mini or standard.
  • Minimum initial lot = 0.01.

Risk Management

Deposit Expected risk
up to 300 USD (300 Cent) high
from 300 USD (300 Cent) to 1 000 USD (1 000 Cent) medium
more than 1 000 USD (1 000 Cent) small

* Calculated when trading 1 symbol using the initial lot of 0.01.


  • "===Money management (ММ)===" - ММ control block;
  • FixedLots = 0.01 - fixed lot size (when auto lot is disabled);
  • "===On/off auto-lot===" - initial lot auto calculation control block;
  • MM_UseMoneyManagement = false - enable/disable initial lot auto calculation (disabled by default);
  • MM_Lot = 0.01 - initial lot per each MM_Deposit;
  • MM_Deposit = 1000.0 - for MM_Lot initial lot;
  • Steps = 8 - fixed step when opening new orders when building a grid;
  • MagicNumber = 898 - magic number to distinguish EA's own orders;
  • Slippage = 3 - slippage;
  • "===ATS_MAXI_v1.49===" - current EA version.


Yutish Govsky
2015.12.30 11:20 

So far, profitable and nice EA.

You just need to avoid trading while Events/News.

Abel Liu
2015.12.26 14:19 

My forward test account for this EA :-


Will update accordingly.

koenraad V
2015.11.21 17:46 

we shall see with this EA.

I don't like grid systems, but I am curious about this one.

Till now, it works fine.

In his signal, he has max 30% DD, with 0,01 lotsize and balance between 100 and 500 Euro.

So with a little money management, it could work.


As you could notice, this grid system could even not be controlled by Pavel.

His signals has been bursted. All subscibers went away.

Sergey Zhuravkov
2015.11.14 12:19 


MaxPips Max
2015.11.08 00:06 

if you value your money, do not rent.......

Fallet Willy
2015.10.15 23:23 

I am not satisfied

for a small account that EA takes a risk

2015.09.03 16:28   

Let's see how this one does:


Version 2.2 - 2015.11.03
Detected and fixed bug in program code.
Version 2.1 - 2015.11.02
1. Added capability to close a grid of orders using Trailing Stop based on the total profit (parameters are available in settings).
2. A limit on the number of orders in a grid.
3. Stop-trade revised (stop in currency removed, only in %% of deposit is available, works properly with any values, removed "unexpected" grid closure at a sharp price momentum).
4. EA coed optimized.
Version 1.51 - 2015.10.09
1. Optimized the EA code.
2. The default settings are identical to the ones of the EA working on the similarly-named signal.
Version 1.50 - 2015.08.24
Added the function which protects the deposit from loss in case of drawdown:

"---Close all trades at a loss (in percent)---";
MaxRisk = 50;
* all orders are closed when drawdown equal to "MaxRisk" percentage of the deposit is reached.

"---Close all trades at a loss (in the currency of the account)---";
MaxLoss = 1000;
* all orders are closed when drawdown equal to "MaxRisk" currency units is reached.