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TickStorm is the result of a 6 months team research and integrates a new approach in the art of ticks analysis.

The EA operation algorithm uses retracements velocity to decide if there is a trading opportunity or not. These retracements are spotted by analyzing several ticks matrices on different periods of time and confronting them together in order to gain an edge over the market.

We developed new tools to efficiently detect any unusual activity and we created an original and adaptive closing process that kicks in as soon as a position is opened. It also integrates our proprietary "Neutralizer Mode" in case of an erratic market movement.

The code has been heavily optimized to deliver fast execution speed despite its complexity. Check the screenshots for 99.90% modeling quality backtest results with realistic spread!

Warning: Because TickStorm works like a tick surgeon, high-quality database should be used to correctly backtest it. Keep in mind that forward testing is the best way to reveal its true potential.

TickStorm has been designed to trade GBPUSD M1, GBPJPY M1 and EURUSD M1. Set files are provided (don't use default settings).

Requirements and recommendations

  1. It is recommended to use an ECN broker with low spreads and a VPS.
  2. Minimum deposit - 500 currency units (50 for cent account).
  3. Minimum leverage - 1:500.


  • Always On - if set to true, the EA works all the time.
  • Star Hour - if Always On is set to false, indicates the starting hour.
  • End Hour - if Always On is set to false, indicates the ending hour.
  • Spread Limit - max spread value allowed to initiate the first primary order.
  • Amplitude - define the sensitivity of the counter measures.
  • Iteration - numbers of up or down bars required before considering further analysis.
  • Tolerance - define the duration of the signal validity.
  • Reverse - if set to true, invert the decision process.
  • News Filter - this section is self-explanatory. For this to work, you must add this address to the allowed URLs under "Tools" → "Options" → "Expert Advisors": http://ec.forexprostools.com/.
  • Money Management - if true, uses AutoLot via Margin Percent to automatically calculate the lot size.
  • AutoLot via Margin Percent - see Money Management.
  • Manual Lot Size - define the lot size if Money Management is set to false.
  • SAR Parameter - indicator value.
  • ATR Period - indicator value.
  • ADX Threshold - parameter value.
  • Volatility - periods lookback.
  • Max Buy Position(s) - maximum number of primary Buy positions allowed.
  • Max Sell Position(s) - maximum number of primary Sell positions allowed.
  • Aux Buy Weight - define the sensitivity required to launch Buy counter-positions.
  • Aux Sell Weight - define the sensitivity required to launch Sell counter-positions.
  • Ultimate Buy Weight - define the sensitivity required to launch the last Buy counter-position.
  • Ultimate Sell Weight - define the sensitivity required to launch the last Sell counter-position.
  • Only One Batch - if set to true, the EA doesn't re-open positions before receiving another signal.
  • Both Directions - if set to true, the algorithm is allowed to open Buy AND Sell primary positions according to the signals analyzed.
  • All Locked - if set to true, the EA waits for maximum positions allowed to be opened before initiating counter-measures.
  • Waiting For Main Closing - if set to true, the EA doesn't use the ultimate positions while primary position(s) is(are) opened.
  • Another Entry Rule - if set to true, adjust the opening process of the main positions.
  • BreakEven Point - distance in pips required before moving the stop loss to BE.
  • Trailing Point - distance in pips required before trailing the order(s).
  • Take Profit - distance in pips for the take profit level.
  • Stop Loss - distance in pips for the stop loss level.
  • Retries - number of times the EA will try to open/modify an order.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage value allowed.
  • Send Mail - if set to true, an email will be sent when opening/modifying a position.
  • Owner's Name - define the name that will be used in the emails.
  • Order's Comment
  • Main BUY Magic Number - Buy positions unique Magic Number.
  • Main SELL Magic Number - Sell positions unique Magic Number.
  • Aux Magic Number - Auxiliary positions unique Magic Number.
  • Testing - true will speed up the backtest process.
Jean Fermigier
2017.12.23 19:48 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.11.27 16:46 

this robot destroyed a 2500 euro account in one week. opened one lot of EURUSD and just let it run in the wrong direction until the broker closed the positions due to unsufficent margin. seller does not respond anymore. be careful, SCAM ALERT!

2017.10.12 14:48 

I tested more than hundred robot without success .. before finally found a great robot TickStorm is awesome guys !! Price should be at 1k !

Thank you again ! My freedom is for soon very soon !

2017.09.29 07:40 

I am a newbie in the world of EA and i really appreciate the support and the help Edouard is giving in order to understand the use of TickStorm.

As Mr Jagger said earlier, this EA is selective about entry points, it opens trade safely after some requirements and does not open "in all directions", in my point of view this is a criteria of quality.

After a back test (with the help and explanations of Edouard on how to do it correctly), i took the 3 month rent and i am confident about the fact that this EA is going to pay for itself.

Thank you for the good job Edouard.

Robert Jagger
2017.09.26 14:38 

From time to time, I check the marketplace for promising new EAs.

Firstly, I look for EAs with detailed information in the Overview, with plausible results data, I where the Author is willing to help! Those EAs that pass this point, I then download and backtest.

Secondly, in backtesting, I want to see that I get similar results to the Author with the same setup and dates. I also check how the EA behaves on other date ranges (ones that the Author hasn't published!), with minor changes to the setup, and in different market conditions. I am looking for an EA that is not over-optimized and produces reasonable results in a wide range of Market conditions.

Thirdly, I consider the test results against the buy/rental price and ask: "Can this EA pay for itself?"

Tickstorm met these critria so I rented it for one month to do some real market forward testing.

The Author (Edouard) reached out to me to ask how things were going and quickly helped me to diagnose a problem on one account where trades were not being opened (broker stops too wide!).

Also, this EA is very selective about entry points, so you may not get trades straight away - is was about 2 days before I got my first trade on EURUSD. GBPUSD seems to trade more frequently.

It is early days to talk about long term results, but since September 8 I have green pips on EURUSD and GBPUSD, and since 1.4 was released on September 19 I also have green pips on GBPJPY. I do have a small number of trades open and in drawdown, but these seem reasonably under control compared to the profits already closed.

I have it trading on FXPro Instant (no commission - stops 10) and Alpari pro.ecn (stops 0) accounts. I do not get 100% the same trades on these accounts (I presume differences in spreads, etc.) but otherwise the EA seems consistent on the different account types.

Great support from Edouard and I am looking forward to the introduction of more trading pairs.

Version 1.7 - 2017.11.02
- Bug Fix of the email alert system.
Version 1.6 - 2017.10.10
- Order's comment is now available for modification (empty by default).
Version 1.5 - 2017.09.28
- An email alert function at the opening/modification of a position has been implemented (disabled by default).
Version 1.4 - 2017.09.19
- Some hardcoded parameters are now editable in order to support more pairs

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*** Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help ***