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Trend Compound

Trend Compound is a trend indicator using a mix of 3 internal other indicators.

Please have a look at "how to test in the tester" at the bottom of this page before to test.

  • It's designed to be used by anyone, even the complete newbie in trading can use it.
  • Trend Compound does not repaint.
  • Indications are given from close to close.
  • Trend Compound can be used alone, no other indicators are required.

Trend Compound indicates

  • Where to open your trades.
  • When to close them.
  • The potential quantity of pips that can be caught

Trend Compound works

  • With any instrument like FX pairs, indexes, metals, futures or whatever...
  • At any timeframe.
  • With any broker.

Trend Compound Features

  • Direct on chart optimization.
  • The possibility to record the optimization to a file sorted by Broker, Timeframe and Instrument.
  • Tell you hom many time the optimization will last.
  • Shows you what to do on a separated window and also on chart

How to use Trend Compound

  • Just put it on your chart(s).
  • Choose your favorite colors.
  • Run the optimization then the best settings will be directly implemented.
  • And simply follow the arrows indications.


  • Trend Period: The period for the main trend indicator
  • Trend Step: The step to follow the trend and give the stop indication.
  • Range Filter: Sets the channel limit to filter ranging period
  • Show Optimize Button: Will display or not the on chart optimization button.
  • WriteOptimizationToFile: Will enable or not the optimization file writing; each name is unique; this allows you to keep a "library" of all your optimizations

How to test in the tester ?

  1. Select the period you want to test, for example from 1st January 2016 up to now.
  2. Start the test in each tick or open prices, Trend Compound will act exactly the same, don't care about the results as optimization is not done yet.
  3. Once the backtest is over, click the on chart optimization button and wait (the MT4 terminal will freeze during this time)
  4. When optimization is done, have a look at the results; you shall have positive daily pips, if not, change for a slower TimeFrame. Most of the time M15 and M30 works well but M1 also works well especially for EURUSD.
  5. Most reliable results are the one found over long periods, like 240 days (one trading year)
  6. The optimization time can last more or less according to you computer's speed and memory; averagely you can count one 1 Minute for 10 000 bars calculated.
Yun Su Kim
Yun Su Kim 2017.12.11 12:44 

It's my 1st review about the Product in this site. I like author's brilliant ideas in this indicator.

Version 1.2 2019.10.06
Bug correction for optimization in the tester. Is now working.