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EA Colibri

Fully automatic scalper EA. Trades are opened based on two indicators. The news filter is built-in.

It is recommended to perform optimization for your broker and account type. Optimize only the settings of the indicator.

Minimum deposit is 1000 USD or cents per 0.01 lot per 1 pair.

It works around the clock, VPS is recommended.

Recommended timeframe is M15.

A live monitoring of the Colibri can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ildarvin/seller


  • Lots - initial lot
  • Fix lot on/off - auto lot on/off
  • Start balance - deposit amount for lot calculation.
  • Take Profit - take profit in points
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points from the first order
  • Stop Loss for News - work on the news time
  • Magic Number - number for the EA to recognize its own positions
  • New Cycle - when enabled, the EA works non-stop, otherwise, the EA does not open new orders after a series of trades (enable/disable)
  • Max available spread - spread filter
  • Indicator Shift - setting of the first indicator (1 to 6)
  • Stoch K - Stochastic setting
  • Stoch D - Stochastic setting
  • Slow - Stochastic setting
  • Grid step - step between orders
  • Multiplier - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders
  • Max Open Lot - maximum lot size the EA is allowed to open
  • Orders Total - maximum number of orders the EA is allowed to open
  • Grid Take Profit - take profit of the grid series
  • Overlap Order - enable/disable covering loss-making orders by the last one
  • Overlap order number - order, from which the coverage by the last order starts working
  • Overlap percent - profit percentage for order coverage
  • Trailing Start - profit in points to activate trailing stop
  • Trailing Step - trailing stop distance
  • Start Trade - trade start hour
  • End Trade - trade end
  • Friday deals close - closing of the deal at the end of Friday. The transaction is closed without a grid.
  • Imp1DRAW, Imp2DRAW, Imp3DRAW - display news on the chart (enable/disable);
  • Pause before a high importance news - suspend the EA operation before important news in minutes;
  • Pause after a high importance news - suspend the EA operation after important news in minutes;
  • Pause before a medium importance news - suspend the EA operation before medium importance news in minutes;
  • Pause after a medium importance news - suspend the EA operation after medium importance news in minutes;
  • Pause before a low importance news - suspend the EA operation before low importance news in minutes;
  • Pause after a low importance news - suspend the EA operation after low importance news in minutes.

In order to activate the News Stop Trading function, enable Allow WebRequest and add “http://ec.forexprostools.com”, "https://www.dailyfx.com", "http://time.is/UTC" into the URL list for WebRequest. To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add http://ec.forexprostools.com, https://www.dailyfx.com, http://time.is/UTC and click OK. The EA takes news from the specified websites.

2018.01.16 12:17 

At the moment it looks like a fantastic ea! The programmer is good

2017.12.13 08:23 

Good work !!!

Low Drawdown.

Thanks Mr Ildar.

Jean Fermigier
2017.12.08 02:14 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Milan Turis
2017.10.21 09:23 

Continue on the development of EA's potential

Andrea Porubska
2017.10.20 15:55 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

David Diez
2017.10.07 20:42 

Many other experts don't work as expected, this does.


· Avoid unaffordable ranges among trending currecies like GBP or JPY.

· Always keep an eye on high impact news such as interest rates decisions.

2017.08.15 15:20 

This developer is really listening to improve his EA, bravo !

Not perfect yet. But it may become one day.

2017.08.10 01:56 

nice ea ,alought some week loss,but total profit>loss.at least worth this price.new version seem to reduce dd very much.and every new version have some improve.i special apprective this.and continue this please.

2017.07.10 23:52 

I have to say: this EA is tremendous! I would write more in this review but I have way too much to talk about. However, may I direct you to an honest review of this EA? http://kingljus.com/ea-colibri-review/

Eduardo Linares
2017.06.29 22:51 

Great EA, small but steady profit every day. I prefer to stay with 0.01 lots on a $1000 account and run several pairs at the same time. This way DD is controlled so far and profit increased.

Edward Gallop
2017.06.20 02:58 

I have been using Colibri for over a month. I have it on two accounts with IC Markets using a VPS in New York. Colibri has performed well and most of the time has low drawdown and clips away at trades 24 hours a day. One account is set at fixed lot 0.03 (first week was 0.02) and has made over $400 since the start of the month (starting balance $1,000). The other account is on a fixed lot of 0.02, starting balance $1,000, and has made over $300 profit. Only once, for about two days, the first account hit a drawdown of 25%. Now drawdowns never cause the account to go below the original balance and most days they sit on drawdowns of about 5%-7% ($50-$80). I'm very happy. At the end of the month I will probably withdraw most of my original deposit and trade on the profits only. Colibri is a steady earner and has repaid the purchase price many times over.

Qin Zhao
2017.06.17 10:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Piotr Sigurski
2017.06.13 03:25 

Got big DD on CAD. This is just like any other bot. It will keep adding lots until you blow the account or win. I mean i don't hate it or anything. But its nothing special. GL to all.

Paolo Ronchetti
2017.05.30 23:14 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.05.30 11:46 

сетка с умножением без правильного манименеджмента опасная вещь

2017.05.10 16:52 

I rate this ea for 5 stars it's because the entry method is quite precise, the martingale averaging method is good and it's profitable. I've bought the ea today and manged to recover the ea cost. Tumbs Up !!!.

Ntaloangel2011 Makhubela
2017.05.06 19:33 

Very good EA, author offer swift response to questions.

Kevin Loehr
2017.05.04 23:27 

Very nice EA !!


Luc Levesque
2017.05.04 17:51 

Hello Ildar,

I rented your EA for one month. Works very fine

May I suggest to set SL and TP based on ATR ratio instead of fixed points?

It could make the settings better suited to each pair.

Thank you

Spiros Galiatsatos
2017.05.03 18:34 

Good entries!

Miki L
2017.04.29 10:53 

Shows satisfactory results!

Vladimir Lutikov
2017.04.29 10:00 

Интересный советник.

Gary Johnson
2017.04.29 02:20 

I don't often leave reviews but I felt compelled this time because is EA is really good!! One of the best I've ever used.

Ashraf Yassin
2017.04.28 19:43 

nice and great ea with win = lose + win more than lose

Version 6.1 - 2017.11.03
Fixed lot multiplication.
Version 6.0 - 2017.10.19
Added stop-loss on the news.
Version 5.1 - 2017.08.15
Bug fixes.
Version 5.0 - 2017.08.04
Added: opening grid trades based on the indicator signal, stopping the opening of trades on Friday at a specified time and closing trades in a different time.
Version 4.0 - 2017.06.30
Added the increase in grid spacing for N number of orders. Bug fix.
Version 3.0 - 2017.06.01
Fixed minor bugs. Added time to close trades and to stop the EA on Friday.
Version 2.0 - 2017.05.19
Added autolot, work on time, closing the deal on Friday evening. Added the news filter.