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Trump Ace

A universal Expert Advisor: Multi-currency, CFD, Metals. Designed for scalpers, intraday traders, and investors. The Expert Advisor works on all timeframes without losing its profitability. Entry signals are produced by the fiji_bb_alert indicator.

The indicator has flexible settings. This indicator has been specifically selected. This allows any trader to configure specific trading style.


  • It provides separate buttons to start and stop the EA.
  • You can find various new things due to different customization options.
  • Support for 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  • Does not use pending orders, does not use the grid of orders, averaging can be disabled.
  • Can trade during important news releases.
  • 100% automated trading.
  • A reliable money management system.
  • Suitable for large and small deposits.
  • Spread does not matter. An order is opened by a signal generated by the indicator.
  • The high level of the test results match. Checkpoints - Every tick and real trading.


  1. Download the fiji_bb_alert indicator. Attach it to a chart. Watch, choose and experiment with signal settings on different timeframes.
  2. After that set these parameters in the EA. Add trading settings and run the EA test in the strategy tester.
  3. Every trading instrument has its specifics. Caution is advised. Manage risk and work with volumes as per your deposit.
  4. The EA can be configured to use any trading style. Please consider the main market direction.

For Customers

Settings: "moderate version 2016" to trade EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, AUDCAD on the TF М5-15-30-60.

This shows its universal character, shows that there was no parameter fittings, since markets differ.

Signal monitoring to watch the EA with different settings https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/238745

If you experience problems configuring the EA. PM/email author for setting recommendation, taking into account your risk preferences.

Main Parameters of the EA

  • Magic - unique order ID
  • Lots – initial order volume
  • MaxLots – maximum lot size traded by the EA
  • Multiplier – lot multiplier to increase the volume of following orders
  • StopLoss – stop loss in points
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points
  • Distance – minimum distance between orders
  • Start_Hour – EA operation start (МТ4 terminal time)
  • End_Hour – EA operation end (MT4 terminal time)
  • UseBreakEvenStopLoss – enable/disable money management (to close all open orders)
  • UseBreakEvenTakeProfit – enable/disable money management (to close all open orders)
  • BreakEvenStopLoss – stop loss level as % of the account equity
  • BreakEvenTakeProfit – take profit level as % of the account equity
  • Use_other_orders – enable/disable work with manual orders
  • Use_opposite_signal – consider opposite signal
  • Use_Moving_Average – a combination of MAs for trend following trading
  • Slippage – maximum allowable slippage
  • Use_Lock – opening two orders in different directions
  • Protection – when averaging, sets an opposite order at the specified value n>
  • Protection_koef – a ratio for calculating the volume of an opposite order
  • Minimum profit – minimum profit to close all orders

fiji_bb_alert _input_parameters

  • bb_timeframe – timeframe in minutes
  • eintBandsPeriod – averaging period for indicator calculation
  • edblBandsDev - Number of standard deviations from the main line
  • eintMAMode - method of averaging 0 - Simple averaging, 1 - Exponential averaging
  • eintMAPrice - price used for calculation
  • eintMAShift - shift of the indicator relative to the price chart.
  • eintBarsBack – interval between the current and the previous bar, their values are used for signal formation
  • SIGNAL_BAR – determines the interval of signals
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