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It checks conditions to delete Sell Limit/Stop order.

virtual bool  CheckDeleteOrderShort()

Return Value

true - trade operation has been executed, otherwise - false.


1. It checks the order expiration time.

2. It checks conditions to delete the Sell Limit/Stop order (CheckCloseShort(...) method of Signal class object) and deletes the order if one of the conditions is satisfied (DeleteOrderShort() method).


//| Check for delete short limit/stop order                          |
//| INPUT:  no.                                                      |
//| OUTPUT: true-if trade operation processed, false otherwise.      |
//| REMARK: no.                                                      |
bool CExpert::CheckDeleteOrderShort()
   double price;
//--- check the possibility of deleting the short order
   if(m_expiration!=0 && TimeCurrent()>m_expiration)
//--- return without operations

Updated: 2016.06.02