☑️US30: BUY is considered

☑️US30: BUY is considered

10 December 2021, 08:36
Viktar Varapayeu

➡️ At the moment, the index is trading in the balance of  35625$ - 35840$. Locally, the instrument is in a bullish trend , globally as well, but this bullish trend is not as strong as before. But this is not a reason to talk about an imminent reversal. To look for this very "reversal" downward means to catch a few more new highs (these are all losses). Therefore, now only BUY-positions are considered for the US30 index. It is assumed that in the near future the price would rise to the level of  36000$.

A BUY deal is displayed on the chart. There is, of course, the possibility that the price may go down to the lower boundary of the balance of  35625$ or even break it down and then return again. Therefore, as always, do not forget about Stop Loss and partial profit taking (and / or move to breakeven).

🔔 Proposed deal for this tool🔔:

🔵Entry Point - 35737
⛔️Stop Loss - 35580
✅Take Profit - 36068

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