CAP Joly Scalper EA User Guide (Input Parameters)

18 December 2017, 08:36
Mohammad Ali


1.0) Input Parameters of The EA

1. Lots Management

  • LotsType: Select any of lots management type .
  • EquityPercent: Lot is chosen automatically based on percentage of the equity.
  • FixedLots: Fixed Lots.
  • UseMarginPercent: Lot is chosen automatically based on percentage of the full margin value. example if you set 100% then EA open lots size based on 100% of free margin.
  • XBalance: Lot will increase base XBalance amount. Calculate is (Your Current Balance/XBalance * LotsizePerXBalance = Your current lots size).
  • LotsizePerXBalance: Lot size of XBalance. 

2. EA Configurations

  • TradeSignal: The trade signal represents the directional volatility needed to trade. Increase value for better performance and less trade.
  • Limit: Distance to reverse in points.
  • TakeProfit: TakeProfit (in points).
  • StopLoss: StopLoss (in points).
  • SmartStopLevel: if True, StopLoss will move every tick with profit. Example - You set stoploss at 30 points and your Buy trade Open at 1.19960 and stopLoss is 1.19930, if Price move 1 points at 1.19961, then stoploss move also 1 points at 1.19931
  • MaxDurationToCloseOrder: Value in Minute for expire active orders. 0- mean disable.
  • UseIndicator: Choose indicator type to filter signal. (By MA or Band)
  • IndicatorPeriod: Indicator Period (MA or Band).
  • ReverseSignal: if True, All signal will be reverse.
  • TradeOnlyNewCandle: if True, One trade will open only per candle.

3. Break Event Setting

  • Break Even On : Enable Break Event.
  • BreakEvent Start: profit (distance from entry price to current price, in points) when the break even is activated.
  • BreakEvent Stop: distance from entry price to which the stop loss is moved

4. Trailing Stop Setting

  • Trailing On : Enable Trailing Stop.
  • Trailing Stop (0 - disable): distance from entry price (in points) when the trailing stop is activated.
  • Trailing Step: Step (in points) of trailing stop.

6. Time Configurations

  • GMT Mode: Select any of GMT offset mode of the broker server time.
  • Auto GMT (not for tester!): Automatic GMT adjustment (recommended);
  • Manual GMT offset: Manual GMT correction, used for backtests..
  • OpenMinute: EA operation start minute.
  • Trade Open Time: Trade open time.
  • Trade End Time: Trade close time.
  • Friday End Time: Trade close time only for Friday.
  • MondayTrade to FridayTrade: True/False for weekly days of trade.

7. Filter News Time

  • Enable News Filter: If true, EA will not trade below following time (What you set in TimeFromTill inputs). This is basically for avoid open trade at super volatility news time (Like NON Farm Payroll, Interest rate
  • Non_Farm_Day: Set News days, it is Months of the day.  if you set value zero EA Auto Calculate only Non-Farm Day. Example your news date is 12-Dec-2017, So just put here Day of The Month 12 when your month December.
  • TimeFromTill: Time range to avoid open trade like "10:00 - 20:00". Format like  HH:MM - HH:MM. Don't change format, others format will not work.

7. Basic Configurations

  • Maximum Spread: Maximum spreads limit. 0- mean disable.
  • MaximumStopLevel - Maximum stop level. 0- mean disable.
  • CloseOrderOnSpread: Delete pending order if Spreads reach Max Spreads.
  • ECNBroker- If true, EA place order first then set StopLoss (Broker which not allow place order with StopLoss).
  • EmailAlert: Active email alert.
  • PushAlert: Active mobile alert.
  • Slippage: Maximum slippage value.
  • MagicNumber: Magic Number.
  • MagicNumber: Trade comment.

7. Equity Guardian

  • MaxLossPercent: Set loss in percentage. 0-mean disable.
  • MaxProfitPercent: Set Profit in percentage. 0-mean disable.
  • AfterMaxLossORProfit: What EA Do after MaxLoss or MaxProfit hit.

    • None: Nothing Do.
    • Push_EA_For_X_Minutes: EA will stop for (PushMinutes) after MaxLoss or MaxProfit hits.
    • Push_EA_Until_Restart: EA will stop till EA's remove from chart after MaxLoss or MaxProfit hits.

  • PushMinutes- Minutes for Push EA.
  • DailyMaxLossPercent: EA will stop trade Daily Loss reach this level. 
  • DailyMaxProfitPercent: EA will stop trade Daily Profit reach this level. 
  • HaltTradeBelowBalance: Ea stop if your current balance below this level.  0- mean disable.

7. Advanced Hedge

  • ActiveHedge: Active Loss Recovery mechanism. When active it will using hedge trade Instead of StopLoss. This tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart "back-and-forth" hedging mechanism.
    For Details understand how Loss recovery work, Read our Zone Recovery EA Introduction

  • HedgeGAP : Recovery GAPS.
  • HedgeProfit: Hedge profit in Currency. When you have both initial and hedge trade active, EA fellow this takeprofit.
  • MaxHedgeOrder: Max Hedge Order.
  • LotType: Hedge lots type.
  • MultipleLots: Multiple lot sizing (compared to last opened trade).
  • AddLots: Value of Add Lots. Example: EA want to open a sell hedge order then lots calculation will be (Total Buys Lots - Total Sell Lots = Result Lots+Add Lots).


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