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30 - 60 USD
hello i would integrate a license system of my existing mql4 expert advisor license file so it can be locked , what type of license system are available? i have the open source, please send me your quote and deadline
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30 - 300 USD
I have 5 EMA strategy works in BTC or ETH want to know if someone help me to make my strategy into the Master Robot If a Candle below 5 EMA we have to sell
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MQL4 Experts Forex
300+ USD
hello i need a software that copy across different platforms (see the image attached), is there any developer that can build it? please send your quote and deadline and also some example of your past works
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Adjustment of Previous Job - Cater for More Indicators (personal job)
100+ USD
Here is the old job: https://www.mql5.com/en/job/216425 Seeing how this can be adjusted: double iRsi( const double price, const double period, const int r, const int bars, const int instanceNo = 0 ) { //static int SIZE_RSI = -1; if (SIZE_RSI <= bars) { ArrayResize (workRsi, bars + 500 , 2000 ); SIZE_RSI = ArrayRange (workRsi, 0 ); } int z = instanceNo * 3 ;
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120+ USD
Creating a trading robot on mql4 for trading news mainly usd, eurozone, gdp and aud to open trades when 10 minutes after current news has been released( time frame to have an option to adjust) Open buy when actual is greater than previous news. Open sell when actual news is lower than previous news. Take profit 50 pips. To open a recovery trade when RSI 21 on daily chart goes in into oversold or overbought scenarios
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(3) MQL4 Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization
3 EMA EA MT5 (personal job)
30+ USD
Logic: 1st MA = (in this example, I use) 240 EMA High 2nd MA = 240 EMA Close 3rd MA = 240 EMA Low Trading rules: Higher EMA will place a Buy Stop order and also be the Stop Loss for a Sell order Lower EMA will place a Sell Stop order and also be the Stop Loss for a Buy order You will use a virtual pending order system so that the broker does not complain of too many pending order modifications
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75 - 100 USD
Project name: Webrequest Kill Switch Aim: The end user will have the ability to close all open trades or toggle the autotrading button from an external url Platform: MT4 Summary: There are two sub projects within this project: (i) Creation of a web form on an external url (ii) Expert advisor script which calls the Webrequest function to interact with (i)
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A change to the existing rules of the mt4 indicator (personal job)
50+ USD
the display of green and red arrows on different timeframes should be conditioned by the closure of candles on higher timeframes as follows: 1-minute (M1) chart : Green arrows should only be displayed if the most recent 15-minute (M15) candle closure is bullish. Red arrows should only be displayed if the most recent 15-minute (M15) candle closure is bearish. 5-minute (M5) chart : Green arrows should only be displayed
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(23) MQL4 Experts
50+ USD
I'm looking for a developer who can revise the attached EA to remain profitable, but it gets caught in long periods of accumulation. I'm open to any suggestions on how to stop the long trends trapping the EA into keeping on averaging in
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50 - 200 USD
Has anyone tried to create an EA based on the black scholes model? A) Is it even possible for metatrader5? B) What need to be added as input? C) Which other statistical and mathematical models could work and how? D) Do you have know-how in statistical and mathematical models? Would like to see some results
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(9) MQL5 Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ Python
40+ USD
I am looking for someone to develop an MT4 EA that will open and close positions following trend line breaks by a chosen Ichimoku line. More details will be provided to an interested developer. Thank you
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(4) MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
Looking for a skilled coder to help me build this MT5 EA: Create an MT5 EA that will execute Buy Order every 5 minute Green Candle (after closing price) and Sell Order every 5 minute Red Candle (after closing price). The EA should have a Dashboard UI where I can turn ON and OFF BUY and SELL Orders. When I turn on the EA for Buy Orders, the EA should execute BUY Orders at the close of every 5 minute green candle
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Trading rebort (personal job)
40 USD
Hello sir I want to program MT4 expert that only works on BTCUSD The idea of ​​the epert When placed on the chart, a buy or sell order is opend If the expert opens a buy order And the price went down 50 point open another buy order and every 50 point down open another buy order If the expert opens a Sell order And the price went up 50 point open another Sell order and every 50 point up open another sell order All
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EA to trade off volume profile breaks (personal job)
50+ USD
Need EA that will use my volume profile indicator and on each new day open if price is above or below the new value high or new value low of previous day profile will buy or sell and set TP (up to 3) to these profile levels (video covers all details of when to buy and sell and targets EA options Risk % Fixed lots SL in points TP option - can enable 1, 2 or 3 TPs If set more than 1 TP then partial close the position
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(15) MQL5 Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging
Want EA open hedge then wait for the price to take the direction of one of the two tradesto open anther positions (personal job)
30 - 55 USD
The method is open buy and sell together, then wait for the price to take the direction of one of the two trades, then wait for the price to move by a distance of X points to open new trade of same kind of the direction, then continue on The same way is done by opening other trades, and evry time EA open new trade move all SL to X% of distance of x points and continue on the same way until the price returns and
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(2) MQL4 Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging
Added settings (personal job)
30+ USD
hi Tais, could you please add to our latest robot one more condition for extra fees , : - Buy/sell , if (ema/tema) , (type/method of indicator) , period , above/below (ema/tema) , (type/method of indicator) (period) - in the last project in the new indicators the buy baove/sell below was by default, could you please make them an option to chose (buy/sell) (above/below) thanks
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MQL5 Experts Forex
30+ USD
I need ea to reverse my ea trades (orders / sl / tp) . or trade copier reversal btw mt5/mt5 I'll be glad if the work will be done on on two days or less
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
i want soeone to help me add a martingale to my expert adviser, that when a loosing trade loose the next lot calculated should double the old risk amount. it has two input, fixed amount per trade e.g $50 risk per trade and fixed lot size e.g 0.01 on every trade if i mark fixed amount = true and martingale true then when ever a trade loose and the old amount loose is 50$ it multiply by 2, so new risk is 100$ and if
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30 - 90 USD
I am looking for a skilled developer to assist me with a project involving the following tasks: Convert Pine Script to MQL4/MQL5: I have an existing script written in Pine Script that is already functioning well. I need it converted to MQL4 or MQL5 for use on MetaTrader. Licensing System Implementation: I require a system where I can sell my trading bot and manage access through licenses. This system should allow me
30 - 50 USD
I need an Asian Session range breakout EA which prints range box, SL & TP levels based on session range coeficient, it should print breakout arrows and fill boxes between tp levels.It should have a win/loss Ratio statistics based on take profit 1 and the EA should be protected with a licence.THIS EA should Not take automatic trades
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