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50 - 75 USD
I am needing an indicator that will alert me of a specific condition. The condition is as follows: When the candlestick closes above or below a given MA within a specific Pip range. For example, when the candlestick closes 8 Pips above MA, I need the alert. If it closes 12 Pips above, I do not need the alert
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MQL5 Indicators Forex
70 - 90 USD
We require A Profitable MT5 deriv Binery BOT which can be workable on all binery pairs. If anyone have then DM, Deal will be done after back testing results in strategy tester.Thank you
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GEO PAYBACK Expert Advisor (personal job)
35+ USD
Hey Cai, I have another job for you. I hope you can help me to create this new EA. Attachments are the indicators required and the specification of the strategy needing to code this EA. Thank you, Richard
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(13) MQL4 Experts Forex
30 - 200 USD
I consider that it's crucial to clearly and thoroughly define the requirements. Here comes a preliminary insight into the steps and considerations that can assist in programming the trading robot. 1. Introduction It is a price based idea backed up by mathematics and money management following a martingale logic. Strategy shall be used on major fx pairs and liquid futures. 2. Description of Trading Strategy Change of
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30+ USD
I need a way (does not really matter how) to place trades via code (programmatically) but the trade must show as placed manually not by expert advisor in any programming language
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30+ USD
Hello everyone I have a MT4 indicator that i would like to convert to MT5 is there anyone that can assist me with this. we can talk about payment depend how everything goes
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(3) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex
100 - 200 USD
I need an experienced programmer to fine-tune the bot I started programming, it is a fairly simple bot where 2 counter positions are opened simultaneously on 2 instruments based on the SMA calculation
30 - 35 USD
Hello .Am in need of a programmer for MT5 that can help me to convert mt5 paid version indicator to mt5 expert advisor. kindly bid for this project is it Is what you can do for me .thanks
60 - 125 USD
Welcome! This project is for an EA based on two indicators. This is a prototype with very few rules. More indicators and rules will be added as needed in additional projects. 1) Fixed Lot Trade Size 2) Trade ONLY in the direction of the longer term trend 3) Open trades based on a pullback and reversal into the long term trend 4) Exit trades on an indication of market weakness 5) Allow for a fixed TP and SL I'm
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(25) MQL4 Experts Forex Strategy optimization
30 - 100 USD
Hi, I have a composite indicator. It generates arrows on the graph. I need to do an EA. Trade entries according to the indicator arrows. Basic features of EA. For example: TP, SL, TrailingStop, etc. Thanks for the responses
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MQL4 Experts Forex
45+ USD
I am looking for coder to combine two indicators. I would like to have added an arrow and pop up alert when two indicators meet and only then. The base indicator is Nice value chart with overbought and oversold levels. Other one has a rsi tma bands signal alert on live/open candle but no arrows unfortunately. So please tie the arrows to the alerts and make them no repaint, no backpaint, no vanish ones. Tying arrows
30 - 60 USD
I need a cloud based hosted copy trader like tradersconnect and many other ones out there for my personal use. So I don’t need all the fancy designs of the website. Rather I just need the basic functions where I can connect my MT4/MT5 account as a signal provider and my clients can enter their MT4/MT5 accounts to copy my trades automatically without needing any installing of EA or VPS for them. Please don’t apply if
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(1) MQL5 Integration Forex
50 - 100 USD
The conditions are as follows: 1. The bot will start automatically at 8am EST and enters trades from 8am EST to 3pm EST from Monday to Friday only. 2. Bot will enters a long positive at x lot at 8am in the morning, the stoploss and profit taken must be set at 1 point above and below purchase price 2.a If profit taken hits, a new long position starts with x lot immediately, with the same set of stoploss and
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35+ USD
3 types of indicators are required to be coded into an EA, they includes, CHAO, ISTOCHKOMPOSTER and FIBO PIVOT...They are to work together to enable ALERT/PUSH NOTIFICATIONS without trades and at the same time alert and also take BUY/SELL orders when set to TRUE. THE PROGRAMMER SHOULD BE DETAILED IN CODING AND AND READING THROUGH THE SET RULES DURING CODING...IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE PROGRAMMER HAS EXPERIENCE AND HAS
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(3) MQL5 Experts Forex
30 - 35 USD
I am looking for someone who can develop an Indicator/scanner which will scan all 28 pairs from one chart and give alert on the notification window If you can do it bid and let discuss Thanks
30+ USD
I'm a developer, I need to know the format for send data from Meta Trader to Discord, else include files like telegram., the main aim is to communicate with discord if someone help me for this solution it's helpful
30 - 50 USD
Basically it uses 3 time frames ... when stochastic rsi d crosses below k on the higher time fame I want to go to the next lower time frame and see if stochastic rsi goes above 70 and then comes down and crosses below 30 .. after this we have to go one more timeframe down and see if rsi 5 period goes above 70 between this all action I want stochastic rsi d should be below k so when this happens I want to get notified
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Other Indicators Other Forex Stocks
100 - 200 USD
Create an MT4 EA that will be attached to a Chart and will provide an ability to invoke a utility to analyze history of transactions on pressing Start button. Given a Forex History of transactions calculate a set of statistics. You will need to find the historical values of Forex pairs. See the attached detailed requirements and the format of an input Excel file containing the history of transactions. I am open to
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400 - 600 USD
The strategy involves identifying several different "zones" on the 5 minute chart. These are order blocks prior to fair value gap, inverse fair value gaps, William's Fractals plus one more. I want to be able to select whether or not to use each of these different zones, based on the current trend - the current trend is based on a simple Williams trailing stop. So for example an inverse FVG can be used to open a trade
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30 - 35 USD
Am in need of an experience MT4 developer that can create an EA Can an EA be created to interpret pop-up alert messages and execute trades based on them? If yes kindly bid for this project and let discuss