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PRICE LEVEL expert advisor (personal job)
30 - 70 USD
Hello Mr Pupkov. Mr Beknazarov told me I should ask you for a little job because he have to much to do at the moment. Do you want to help me creating a simple PRICE based ea with extensive money management? I asked for a public job and many coders wanted to do the job for me but all of them quit at the end of description. I THINK THEY ONLY WANT MY IDEA. Please help me sir. Best regards
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Experts Forex 1 hour ago
Finish and Bug Squash my indicators (personal job)
400+ USD
Help complete my forex indicators and fix bugs as necessary. Divergence and Currency Strength indicators and maybe my news indicator. ---------------------- 250 -get strengths chart displaying properly 100- show divergence indicator plot points with lines on two currencies at the same time on strengths chart. (right now just does one) 50- fix bugs on strengths chart and divergence indicator as needed.
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Indicators Other Statistics and mathematics JavaScript PHP HTML Forex Product Design Yesterday
30 - 100 USD
Hi! If you have experience to program EA and if you are interested don`t hesitate to apply! I use moving averages, 3 consecutive candle pattern, and the previous wick`s size as tp level. I tell you more in private after you applied. Thank you!
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Experts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Yesterday
AutoTrading Controller EA (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi Irek, Let's make the EA development as discussed via PM. I'll attach all info (again) @ step "work agreement". Best, Bernhard PS: I must use some more words to fulfill the requirements of "job description" here. Therefore I'm writing this postscript ;-). Hope that's enough text now...
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Experts Forex Yesterday
Monthly and Weekly Open Price lines (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
Hello Sasha, I trust that you are well. I was given your details by my friends recommendation based off previous jobs done for her.  I would like to find out if you can make an indicator for me and what would the cost be? The job is as follows: I would like to see the previous 6-12 months’ Monthly Open prices (pictures attached). 6 previous Opens is preferred but 12 would be good depending on the costThe Opens...
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Indicators Forex Stocks 2018.04.19
30 - 100 USD
i would like to run a script that will tell me how many times X happens over X periods. EXAMPLE- i would like to know how many times does the second 5 minute candle @london (opening) close higher than the first 5 min candle? so first 2 candles that have higher highs and higher lows over the past 30 days. this example is non-indicator based but simply a question that i need put into a %. the second part is indicator...
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Experts Scripts Collection of data on the internet Forex 2018.04.19
30+ USD
I need a coder to develop a custom strategy from four indicators  Buy and sell sell based on the conditions i highlighted the final has expiry and locking to account Find example of the condition for buy below
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2018.04.19
30+ USD
I am new in Forex. And I have not enough idea about, explain me how can i make a good profession in Forex.I have a real Account. Now i went invest in hare for earned Profit.
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Experts Forex 2018.04.18
30+ USD
Hi, I need someone to code a martingale strategy in  Oanda fxtrade api,  If you experience in Oanda Api please drop your comment. I don't want MT4 EA, just need to code fxtrade api.
2 Applications
Scripts Design Strategy modules Java JavaScript MySQL Python Forex 2018.04.18
40+ USD
I have a trend following daily pullback system that I would like to develop an EA for. I am looking for a experienced programmer that can get this done asap. System involves Looking at previous Month candle e.g. Up or Down Looking at previous Week candle e.g. Up or Down IF Month candle was DOWN and Week candle was DOWN Don't trade Mondays, but if that candle is UP, then trade the breakout to the DOWN side If no...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2018.04.18
100 - 1000 USD
If you've ever been on and click on a certain pair or stock it has a technical analysis section and it shows either a strong sell, sell, neutral, buy, strong buy. I want a long position when long and a short position when short and an exit trade if neutral l
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Experts Forex 2018.04.18
Simple breakout time box EA (personal job)
40+ USD
This is a box breakout strategy.   User inputs a start and end time and the EAcalculates the RANGE.  The EA opens a BUY when a candle AFTER theend time closes above the high of the EANGE and a SELL if a candle AFTER theend time closes below the low of the RANGE.  Attached is the complete description and requirements.
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2018.04.17
30 - 100 USD
1) Expert Advisor which allows me to edit Trailing stop orders 2) Opening a position in the opposite direction from the stop loss position 3) Capital management with parameter all loss of previous positions 4) Not execute any commands when spread is bigger than 2 PIPS (the adoption of PIPS will be determined by me each time) 5) Built on a MT4 and MT5 platforms
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Experts Strategy modules Forex 2018.04.17
30 - 150 USD
Hi, I am EA developer myself. So work with me will be easy. However dont have too much time and probably skills on indicators. There are full versions of renko indicators on the internet which works but does not support live ticks on offline renko charts. I am sure someone has a source code of Renko indicator(or can just pick up from the internet, have few of my own...), I just need to make it work with EA's. It...
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Indicators C++ C# Forex 2018.04.17
45+ USD
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2018.04.17
30+ USD
Scenario #1 Open price is between H3 & L3: For Long Trade: Wait for the price to go below L3 & then when it moves back above L3, BUY. Stop loss will be when pice moves below L4. Target #1 PP, Target #2 H3 For Short Trade: Wait for the price to go above H3 & then when the price moves back below H3, SELL. Stop loss will be when price moves above H4. Target #1 PP, Target #2 L3 Scenario #2 Open price is between H3...
4 Applications
Experts Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex 2018.04.16
100 - 150 USD
Main functions involved are: - use of Basic Moving Average and RSI formula - Positions Management - Stop Orders - Trailing Stop Orders The Full rules Protocole will be provided to you. Just code what is required by the Road Book.
37 Applications
Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2018.04.16
100+ USD
Hi guys,   What i needis this:   I need a smallexpert that auto triggers a breakeven when possible on the chart. For example: I place aSELL trade GBP/USD, SL 10 pips & TP 10 pips, now when it’s going my way I wanta bot that automaticly adjust it self from SL 10 pips to breakeven or adjustableto +1 pip or +2 pips and sofort up till 100 pips.   Now theimportant thing what it also needs to do is this: When...
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Experts Forex 2018.04.15
75 - 200 USD
I need someone to create an The Expert Advisor that finds price consolidation zones. When the price leaves this zone, it opens a position. It the position fails to be closed by a take profit and there was a crossing of the consolidation zone from the opposite side, the EA will open a locking position with an increased volume. The EA Will Trade 4 currencies. EUR/USD long only - locking position short, GBP/USD long...
15 Applications
Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex 2018.04.15
30 - 100 USD
I want trend following ea with price action and the ability to filter false signal and catch the big moves and avoiding trades against the trend and avoid ranging market
4 Applications
Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Futures Stocks 2018.04.15