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87 - 123 USD
Dear Experts, the goal is an EA that trades with Moving Average, vWap and/or Reverse Fractals and/or Stochastic Momentum Index. 1. Concept The idea of the trading system is as follows: market entries are performed when MA crossover, vWap Crossover, SMI and Fractals give Buy/Sell signals in the current trend direction. Trend given by Moving Average (MA1) and/or 2 MA Crossover (M2,M3) and/or vWap. 2. Trend Trend is
150 - 200 USD
I am looking for an experienced programmer to develop a new EA that is a modification of another EA. In summary, the EA works with an existing indicator, with martingale, DD Reduction and an option for Dynamic Distance of the martingale. More details will be shared to applicants. Price is negotiable with the developer. Kindly contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you
30 - 60 USD
I have a chrome bot extension which currently can only transact on a web broker, namely Bitcoinhero ( I wish, this bot can also work on the broker Olymptrade ( in the member area. After logging in, then the robot can make transactions. I will give the basic script to the selected coder. At the end of the job, you have to give the script a final extension and running well
100 - 200 USD
"Cash-is-King" -- built for trading on a Cash Account, where liquidity is not a problem, SWAP fees are offensive, and the trader is uncomfortable with short-selling. Optimized for non-margin trading and traditional buy-low-sell-high strategy (no short-selling at all). The EA will be usable with any Symbol one's broker allows. Parameterization must be simple, easy for the lay investor to understand and implement
45+ USD
I need a simple dashboard indicator that scans a selected number of candlesticks and displays the setups explained below with alerts: Input Variables: Number of candles to scan ….. Symbols to scan ….. TimeFrames to scan ….. SetUps to display 1. Bullish Only 2. Bearish Only 3. Both Moving Average Dashboard location ……. Alerts CONDITIONS: The conditions are attached. Note that; 1. For
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30 - 80 USD
مرحبًا ، لديّ مستشار خبير يعمل مع التحوط. أريد تعديله وإضافة بعض المزايا إليه. تعتمد الإستراتيجية على التحليل الفني ، ثم ترسم منطقة دفاع يدويًا يعمل عليها المستشار الخبير. يفضل أن يتكلم المطور اللغة العربية لي لسهولة التواصل
80+ USD
Dear sirs, I need an Ea for MT4 that make a lock for multi pairs / multi magics configured. The lock will be by three steps by position devaluation. It mas have a trailing stop, a fixed stop loss and a take profit. I need some alarms, journal line, window with lines and write in log. I need too, two sounds when open and/or close any position. The locker will monitorize all positions stated by magics and pairs and
30 - 80 USD
I have an indicator I had "created" last year to save and plot the spread (Ask price). The indicator is suppose to record the highest/lowest point of the Ask price every bar (5 minutes) and plot a symbol on the chart with the appropriate price point as a popup scroll over text box. The indicator has not been working proper for extended use and seems to glitch. I am not sure what the reason is but I have found two
30 - 150 USD
I need an MT5 programmer who can produce an EA that can ASCERTAIN the currencies which are very strong daily and currency which are very weak among 28 pair of currency USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD pairs. Example i do my market pair analysis myself to help me know which currencies are strong and which currency are weak and it takes me a lot of time sitting on the system. Let me explain more with EUR/GBP
30 - 80 USD
Hello, I have an expert advisor who works with hedging. I want to amend it and add some advantages to it. The strategy depends on technical analysis, then draws a defense zone manually, on which the expert advisor works. It is preferable that the developer speaks Arabic for me, for ease of communication
Additional features to existing indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi, hereby the job, I will upload the job details in the comments. It regards the stat indicator that need some extensions. Keep me posted! The following text is to fill 30 words
40+ USD
EA based on %R, Crossing of ma on %r with other lookback and different conditions to triger either buy or sell orders, wirh money management features, only buy orders bot as is for the crypto. Regular MQL code wich later will require on a second step/budget to be coded on python and conected via api through a vps server to Binance crypto trade platform. Budget is $40 wich is allready loaded into MQL platform
30 - 50 USD
I require an EA that will enter and exit the Futures market at preset times of the day. It needs to place and cancel buylimit orders with stoploss and profit targets based on tick price. It needs to be able to add contracts to an existing trade based on tick price. If possible I would like for it to be able to refer to futures markets as indicator for trade entry
30+ USD
Preciso de um programador que faça um painel atraente e intuitivo para um EA que possuo. Tenho codigo fonte total do EA. Apenas preciso de um painel mais apresentável pois o que tenho e muito simples. Um painel que tenha botão de boleta e outros recursos basicos
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100 - 200 USD
İyi bir yazılım geliştiricisi arıyorum. Bu bir kripto ticareti, Binance için bir arayüze sahip olacak bir al ve sat botu. Size stratejimden özel olarak anlatacağım. türkçe konuşan yazılımcı arkadaşlar varsa eğer daha iyi anlatabilirim
100 - 200 USD
I'm looking for a good software developer. this is a crypto trade.A buy and sell bot that will have a me interface for Binance. I will tell you privately about my strategy
30 - 40 USD
Hello, I have a MT4 EA and I need: 1) With only the .EX4 file to change the name that appears on the description of the order executed “comment” 2) add a Hedge Defender based on X% Drawdown with SL, BE, TS or a gradual Defender Grid. Thanks for your attention