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تحديد المواقع الخاصة بك. وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف وصف...؟ سيؤدي وصفه إلى حد ما. تذكر: من تذكر: من الأفضل أن تنفق ثلاثين دقيقة لإعداد نص جيد من لانقاص ساعات وأيام لحل سوء الفهم بعد إبرام الاتفاق أو عند قبول نتائج تنفيذ الأوامر. فمن الأفضل أن تنفق ثلاثين دقيقة لإعداد نص جيد من أن تفقد ساعات وأيام لحل سوء الفهم...
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Consultation Statistics and mathematics 2018.02.18
30 - 100 USD
Give me an indicator or E.A. that: Does not repaint-So it can be price action based or anything.Makes 10 pips minimum Works on any asset-currencies, commodities etcHigh win to loss ratio.Trades From M30 upward...I don't want to state the way in which you should do it, Just give me something that works.Sure Pips...Should be able to test...with a set period for expiry of the product if satisfied we move forwardNext...
2 Applications
Consultation Strategy optimization 2018.02.18
500+ USD
Simple HFT algorithm, research on API-es and arbitrage soft got slow MQL code need to be restructed and completed with fast languages tier strategy wavelets, renkobars, trailing, SAR be connected
5 Applications
Experts Consultation Strategy modules C++ Java Python Forex Data mining 2018.02.14
Memory optimization in MTF and multi symbol indicator MT5 (personal job)
30+ USD
I have done 2 different MTF and multi symbol scanner indicators. The MA crossover indicator consumes MUCH more memory than the other Pennants and triangles indicator despite the fact that they basically are doing the same thing. The only major difference is that the MA crossover scanner uses 3 handles and used iMA in combination with CopyBuffer. Maybe that could be done in another way. My question to you is if you...
1 Application
Indicators Consultation 2018.02.09
Create a EA to restrict trading within an account (personal job)
60 - 80 USD
Hi Team. I am looking to seek and EA programmer that can create a EA to carry out the following trading restrictions: 1) Limit open trades to just one at a time and CLOSE ALL TRADES if an attempt is made to open a second trade...(use FIFO protocol for closing orders) 2) Modify stop loss to 15 pips from entry price if no stop loss or larger stop is used. Otherwise allow trail stops to lock in profit or limit loss...
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Experts Consultation 2018.02.02
50+ USD
Hello, I have an EA I made but I am not the best coder and I am new to forex I would like someone to run tests and optimize my strategy with my EA to get the most profits with as little risk as possible. Thanks - Cory
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Experts Consultation 2018.01.27
50+ USD
Hello, I want to learn how to make my own auto trading bots that auto buy and sell percentages or basic lots based on certain indicators. for example teach em how to create in metatrader 5 Auto buy when MFI indicator reaches 100 on an m30 timeframe and set a t/p at 5 pip and s/l at 5 pip with 1% lots Willing to pay and be patient. Thanks
5 Applications
Experts Consultation 2018.01.26
30+ USD
hi all, i need the code for determining the historical open/high/low/close price of a bar by it's time. the time is an extern input field. for example, on the 60 minute chart, if the time right now is 1700 hours, i would need the o/h/l/c price for the bar of time 1900 hrs for the previous day.
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Experts Consultation 2018.01.22