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Hello, I need a piece of MQL4 code that calculates the Masaniello progression. It's enought that the function return the correct money amount, not the size. I need the .mq4 file, so it's important that the code will be clear and easy to understand (comments will be welcome). Applicants can write me which solutions thay want to use.
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Consultation Yesterday
50+ USD
Hi, I'm looking for programmer who know to code quite "complex" order management. Here some description. Will send the procedures through this ticket after application. 1. Switch/Option to Run this EA on 4 decimals or 5 decimals 2. Entry will based on simple signal. Candle Break MA. 3. Will place Pending Order Buy and Sell; based on ratio. a. Pending Order Stops OR Limits will be automatically placed after...
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Experts Consultation Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging 2018.04.24
50+ USD
I want some one to convert following script into java . This is for squeeze Indicator I need proper test case so i can verify results . You can use data from Trading view as well
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Indicators Consultation Java 2018.04.17
30 - 50 USD
Hi i am looking for MT5 EA to integrate Bittrex chart refreshed every 5-10-20 second. need the code for EA too , want to start it ASAP. if this order goes right, need to implement binance , polonix and kucoin after the task is completed. Thanks.
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Experts Consultation 2018.04.11
50 - 100 USD
Hi, is any Expert can make a Static SuperDom (Trading Ladder) like Ninja Trader has it (You can down load Ninja trader for free Demo and see how Static SuperDom works. They have 2 SuperDoms, one is Dynamic SuperDom and Other is Static SuperDom). I need Static SuperDom combine for MT5 and MT4, so I could use for both MT5 and MT4. MT5 has same as Dynamic SuperDom the price ladder is jumping up and down with price...
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Experts Consultation 2018.04.05
30 - 100 USD
I would like advice and consultation on marketing my profitable EAS.I trade live accounts using EAS .We have all the software ready for trading and trade copiers.We may improve our trade copiers. What is the best solution for what we want to achieve.Where do we hire internet marketers? What is best solution to protect our EAS and proprietary information?Trade copier?Other solution? The following is our...
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Consultation 2018.04.03
30 - 100 USD
Hi. I am using a trade signal but facing issue of lot size. I want to adjust the lot size without using any EA lot multiplier. I dont want having one original position along with a copy trade of that. I simply want to control my lot size from signal and the whole system should be compatible with VPS. Please contact me if anyone can do it.
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