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30 - 60 USD
Hello there , i need an indicator that comes from some data ( from binance,com or ... ) that should be appear on Tradingview as an indicator. if you could do it , let me know to share more info
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Python Indicators Consultation Python
Programmatically update volume field in one click trading (personal job)
30+ USD
Can the 0.06 be changed programatically? I'd like a script that demonstrates such if possible. thanks for your consideration... pls let me know if you think you can do it/ have done it even better ;-)
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MQL5 Scripts Consultation
100 - 150 USD
Introduction Objective I have developed a strategy concept that runs in MQL5 Hedging Mode, based on a concept of HOLDINGS (see below). I now require a programmer to change this concept into working code. The code needs to be easily read by me (I am not a programmer but have taught myself MQL5). I have some ideas on how this could be implemented via a new Class but am open to the Programmer determining the best
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MQL5 Experts Consultation
Consultations around steps to put into practice DLL --> filter from the NN dll previously worked on (personal job)
90+ USD
Consultation discussions (up to 3 hours) about putting into place the DLL model which was done previously. Previously the DLL indicator was created, using some other scripts and programs. But I do not yet understand the detail of how to make that myself if needed. Another job will follow
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MQL5 Consultation
50+ USD
i need some quick questions answered, I've read up on the mql5 articles on how to pass an array through a dll.. buts its not working, and also if someone could do a csv file write and read script as well
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MQL5 Libraries Consultation C++
100 - 200 USD
I'm looking for a couple of people with extensive experience back testing Expert advisors. I have had a EA coded which has various variables and I want to find various profitable presets to run. Id like to find a profitable data set for XAUUSD, XTIUSD, NAS100, EURUSD, GBPUSD etc across a variety of time frames. This is a ongoing role. Ideally you can run multiple instances of mt4 at any one point of time to conduct
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MQL4 Experts Consultation
30+ USD
I am looking for someone to design a tradi g robot for Crash300, synthetic indicies. The bot should be able to trade 24/7 with auto stop loss and take profit. It must be able to trade both price action and catch spikes at the same time
40 - 100 USD
Hello I would like to know how can I get an EA working only with H1 time frame. in other words I want that the EA opens, closes or modifies values only at the biginning of one hour. See attached file. Thank-you
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MQL4 Experts Consultation
100 - 300 USD
I'm been trading forex for about 15 years and want to move forward in the area of alerts and robo trading but frankly I'm so far behind on technology and short of free time that I need help with the most basic of things. I need consultation setting up the trading account integration with MQL4 or 5. Also need help with robots. Basically I need a tutor who knows his/her stuff
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MQL5 Experts Consultation Forex
300+ USD
I want to purchase a solution to read messages from Telegram, and I am looking for someone who can code it using only native MQL5, without using any dependencies or DLL. The functions needs to do the following Activities: a. The First Function needs use login credentials and a contact or group to read from as parameters, then read the latest messages from that contact or group and return the content of only 1 of the
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MQL5 Integration Consultation
30+ USD
Hi iam using blessing EA,its a free public EA.i have optimised it and also use as semi-automatic ,it opens limit order as a next order but sometimes it doesnt place any limit order thats why i have to check it after 1 or 2 hrs..need help to check for any problems