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50+ USD
Starting from scratch, I need a solution to develop my own crypto trading and exchange platform. This platform should compare prices across various exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, and Unocoin, as well as different cryptocurrencies. The solution must identify opportunities to buy on one platform and sell on another for a profit, transferring funds to my personal wallet instantly for security. The bot should
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Python Indicators Experts Python
40+ USD
Hello Guys! Few days ago I've found on some forum the source code of this indicator. It uses sequential type of entries (it counts from 1 to 9) and if the conditions are met it provides an arrow (signal) with alert. The problem is that, sometimes (for unknown for me reasons) it repaints arrow signal. Like on the picture: Signal 1 - everything is correct. The signal is created on 9th bar. Signal 2 - almost ok, signal
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(1) MQL4 Indicators
50+ USD
I am looking for a programmer to do EA trader. If you can understand what I want from the video i do and you can do it, contact me because you will be able to do what I want. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbHxbUQQqCkdpr0-pHfIh2b288LzYTV2/view?usp=sharing
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(3) MQL4 Indicators Experts
Over The Top (personal job)
70+ USD
Details of new EA One Supertrend Indicator One TSI indicator I will need the EA to use Candle Sticks. I will need to control when it trades (time of day trading) Multi-currency Sell Trade When the TSI crosses over into Overbought territory and then come back out it has X amount of candlesticks for a candlestick to touch the Supertrend. If it takes longer than X amount of candlesticks then the trade doesn't open. If
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(9) MQL5 Indicators Experts C++ MySQL
30 - 100 USD
I have an indicator i will like to view in form of dashboard across various timeframes, i also will like a push notifications alert feature that will appear on my mt4 mobile to keep track of my trading pairs
30 - 42 USD
Need a dashboard, which can monitor up to 30 selected pairs in selected time frames. It monitors AO, MACD and stochastic. In the cells of dashboard, if AO is positive in the relevant symbol/tf, it writes "UP". When one of AO is above 0 level AND Stochastic is in OS zone it writes "UPUP". When AO is above 0 and when stochastics is oversold minimum of two times,it will alert UPU2 if AO is negative below 0 in the
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(6) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Add alert for consectuive bars for volume indidcator (personal job)
80+ USD
Change the way this indicator alerts : 1. Ignore the moving average filter 2. Alert when consecutive bars of same colour appear. Example : If i choose 4 consecutive bars, then alert "4 consecutive (green or red) bars" 3. The alert needs to contain : Pair, TF, how many bars i have chosen and their colour. 4. If sell trade is in progress, do not alert for red bars. If buy trade is in progress, do not alert for green
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(13) MQL4 Indicators Experts
50+ USD
30 - 50 USD
Looking for custom strength indicators I can add to my EA. An indicator that can measure the strength of buyer and sellers. Please show me what you have, thank you
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(24) MQL4 Indicators Experts Forex
30 - 40 USD
I need an expert who can assist me in modifying an open source PineScript indicator code to add additional features. Only applicants with prove of work should apply for more discussion
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Other Indicators Scripts
30 - 40 USD
Hello i need an expert who can help me modify an open source PineScript indicator code to add additional features. ONLY EXPERT WITH PROVE OF WORK SHOULD CONTACT FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION ON THE PROJECT
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Python Indicators Scripts Python
30 - 40 USD
احتاج شخص عربي يتكلم ويفهم العربية حتى يسهل شرح المطلوب للمؤشر لدي مؤشر واكسبيرت خاص بي بحاجة إلى تعديل الكود المصدري لدي والفكرة تحتاج فعم من المبرمج باختصار اريد مبرمج عربي يفهم ويتكلم العربية حتى يسهل الشرح وفي نفس الوقت صاحب خبرة وتجربة ومتداول على منصة ميتا تريدر حتى يضفي تحسينات على المؤشر ويستطيع عمل الفكرة بكل سهولة وإعطاء النصائح إذا وجد خطأ
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MQL4 Indicators
Fibolazer-mt5 (personal job)
100+ USD
Based on an already created indicator that will be used for the Expert Advisor in the future. For any tools, steam should be used. Levels according to the instructions, for MT5
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Scripts
50 - 400 USD
Specification for Translating Pine Script Indicators to MQL5 Objective Translate multiple indicators written in Pine Script into MQL5. The translation should be implemented using an object-oriented and class-based approach. Additionally, the indicators should include some specific adjustments as detailed below. Requirements Object-Oriented Design Implement the indicators using an object-oriented paradigm in MQL5
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MQL5 Indicators Converting
Translate indicator from Pinesript into mql5 code (personal job)
100 - 200 USD
Hello, I see that you have already translated some indicators from Tradingview or their logic to MQL - as well as various topics from LuxAlgo or others. I need two indicators from Tradingview for order blocks and breaker blocks. I will gladly send you the Pinescript code for this. In addition, I need the possibility that these work multitameframe, similar to Luxalgo PriceAction concepts. It is important that the
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MQL5 Indicators
Job5i 12072024: Modification StochTriple (personal job)
30+ USD
The Indicator should work with standard symbols & non-standard symbols (symbols with prefix or suffix) like: USD\JPYFXF, USD\JPYm, USDJPYcc, etc. that is, the Indicator should use the currency pairs’ symbols on the chart. The Indicator should be able to work with Currency Pairs, Oil, Gold, Silver, Indices and CFDs or any financial instruments on MT5 Requests: - Source code providing - Clean coding (self explanatory)
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(61) MQL5 Indicators
30+ USD
Hello my friend There is a project I will send you the indicator code What is required is to issue three copies of the indicator Version 1 1, Delete the arrows and signals and keep only the red and blue lines and move them (red and blue line buffers) from the Colors section to the Settings section so that they appear as in the picture () Version 2 2, Go back to the first original cursor, move the arrows, signals, red
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(1) MQL5 Indicators
30 - 50 USD
I have a MetaTrader 4 indicator that I programmed to give arrow signals at entry and exit. What is required, is it possible to program the indicator to be better developed so that it gives a written purchase or sale, not just shares, and also gives the phrase (adjustment zone 1 and amendment 2) when the transaction is reversed, and finally, is it possible for the indicator to change the candles so that when the
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MQL4 Indicators Converting
30 - 47 USD
In summary 1) The bot will only take Firm Buy and Firm Sell Signals . 2) The bot will use the SL and TP based on the indicator . 3) the risk to reward is 2:1 but when the price reaches 1:1 set SL to Breakeven 4) the bot will take Firm Buy and Firm sell after the candle closes with a firm buy or firm sell 5) make sure to give an option for number of contracts to be traded . 6) Bot will close all the trades EOD
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Other Indicators Other Strategy modules C#
30 - 200 USD
I want my own bot for trading, an effective bot that I do not want to lose, and if it has artificial intelligence, it will be better for trading on a platform
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MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex