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Guard SL TP

Each of us has a developed trading technique, and the key points of every technique are Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

This simple EA is designed to keep an eye on whether each item has required SL and TP.


  • minTP - minimum TP that we MUST set to any position,
  • minSL - minimum SL that we MUST set to any position,
  • suffix - if your broker adds a "tail" to the symbol / instrument,
  • WaitSec - the interval between the checks.

This handy tool is for EVERYONE!

How many times did the absent of SL or TP cause a change in your thought-out plan? So, you can forget about these situations!

For each item without any settings, you will get an alarm as long as you do not set your minimum assumed parameters SL and TP. Thanks to this, before you leave the computer, you will be sure that you stick to your trading plan, which is a very important element in Forex trading. Just copy the attached file to Experts folder and drag it on ANY chart.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.07 12:44 

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